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Self-Improvement Life moves on each day of the week, things alter: babies are born, people pass away, others are made jobless, others win the lottery, someone fresh moves in next door, your favourite store on the main street shuts, a different shopping and entertainment area is built on some neighboring wasteland. Life moves on. There’s nothing we can do about it. But the thing we can achieve is move with the changes. Take advantage of life. Live it. Nobody really wants to live in the past where nothing changes. You know you must to move on even if it’s imposed on you. So why not be ahead of the game and live life to the full. Are you willing? Are you set to take your life to a higher level? A level where you can take advantage of whatever the world is offering you and you can take charge of wherever your life is headed? If you’ve answered yes, that’s terrific as you are putting yourself on a route towards a better, more fulfilled exciting life. Make Conscious Decisions Sounds simple but making conscious decisions as opposed to drifting with the current is not as simple as it seems. Every day you reach thousands of decisions. Some decisions you don’t even think about, others you make intuitively, a few you decide on impulse but you NEED to be aware that certain decisions can affect the remainder of your life. What you need to fix is to THINK and set the rational part of your brain into action more. Make certain to you allow yourself space to think and come to the suitable decisions. You can pay attention to the advice of others but you are in control of your own life and you have to come to the ultimate decisions. If you have constantly been shy you can revolutionize that by making the decision to change and to make yourself feel self-confident. If you are plump you can make a decision to dine healthily wherever feasible, you can make a conscious decision each occasion you are offered an unhealthy option to say no an seek a healthy alternative. Life is about choices, it’s about decisions. Our life is the product of the decisions we’ve taken so far. "Choices are the hinges of destiny" Attributed to both Edwin Markham and Pythagoras. What Do You Really Want From Life? Sounds impressive doesn’t it? But of course you are here just the once (for argument’s sake) and it’s up to you to decide what kind of life you would like and more importantly what are you planning to do about it. What do you really desire, what do you perceive as being successful? Is it meeting the ideal partner, making lots of money, being a surfer all day, being a doctor, being a fantastic dad or mom? A sensible start is to take a sheet of paper and write down all the things you would like to make you a success in your eyes. This will provide you your goals, that when you have achieved them you would feel successful. Now you need to think about them and how you will accomplish them, chunk them into manageable steps eg if you aim to write a best seller, you can start with chunking this goal into manageable targets of writing a page a day. By the end of a year you would come up with a 365 page manuscript. Look at every one of your goals and start by chunking them down and giving yourself time deadlines. You immediately have a strategy to obtain whatever you would like in life. Each week look at how you are doing and amend and adjust it if needed. Don’t be too tough on yourself but remember it"s your life only you can live it. "It is never too late to be who you might have been." George Eliot Think Positively and Expect good Results Sounds a bit old hat doesn’t it. You may perhaps squander all your life wishing you could catch sight of a polar bear in the North Pole but if you don’t save the money and get a ticket you are never going to go! It’s no good looking back on your life once you are 90 saying if only I’d set that company up".. if only I’d taken that job.. if only I’d been kinder to..If only… Hindsight is marvellous if only we could take advantage of it while we come to the decisions. We are normally much wiser following the event. Learning from experience gives you the confidence to try unusual things. To achieve your outcome or goal you need to think about how you are planning to get there. Your mind needs to be receptive and flexible to all opportunities. Don’t be too rigid you need to adapt to all the possibilities around you. Be committed to your goals and targets, expect to achieve success but at all times be aware of opportunities that are open to you, be receptive and flexible to the options that life is presenting to you. "It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action." Al Batt Writer and Speaker Trust yourself Some call it a gut feeling, others call it intuition. Some notable inventions and ideas turn up when you are not even thinking about it. Some even come in your sleep. The mind is a fabulous tool, millions of times better than any computer. We simply need to trust it more. These notable ideas come from when the mind is in a relaxed state and is not under pressure and has space to dedicating itself to creative and productive reflection. Now you are getting your goals and thoughts under control; you are making conscious decisions; you have identified whatever you would like in life; you are receptive to fresh opportunities and are expecting success; now maybe one of the hardest things is you need to have trust and gain confidence in yourself. It’s simple to blame others and circumstances for things not going well in your life but you need to take responsibility for whatever’s gone on in the past. Don’t try to over analyse whatever’s happened in the past, simply know it’s happened and let your mind be free for all impending decisions. It’s right now time to trust yourself to take responsibility and direction for your life so that you can develop your full capability and be the person you would like to be. This article was written by Dee Brady the creator of .secretsocialskills.. where you can find more information personal goal setting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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