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Advertising We get the word "blog" from .bining web and log; and a blog is essentially an online version of a journal that allows you to write down or display your thoughts, ideas, opinions, basically anything that .es to mind. All blogs are different with most of the design choices left up to you, the designer. There are a number of different blogging sites now and most are so user-friendly that you don’t have to know any .puter programming. Even .plex on-site features can be added by the first time user. The initial thing that we will need to do in order to start our making money marketing online business is to set up a free account with blogger. Open a new window (do not close this or else you will lose these instructions on making money online). Now type in blogger.. into the address bar at the top of the page. You can also type it into the search area but if you do that you may have to click on the link that .es up in the search engine results page (these search engine results pages are abbreviated as SERPS). Setting up your free accounts so that you can start making money online now. In order to set up your free blogger account you will need your name, your email, your address etc. Here I would suggest creating a free email account at either Gmail.. or Yahoo.. to use as your making money blogging email. You are probably more than a little bit concerned about your private information so here is the best way to handle that from my experience: For your blogger account you should use your actual real information. If you fabricate your personal data for this then the money that you earn will be sent to your fake address and fake name. I’ll explain how you will be making money with blogger later but please know this for now: you want google (blogger) to know where to mail your check and who to make it out to. Now, for your email account that you will be using you can create one that uses fake information. Why? Because if you are going to be in the make money online business then you are going to be getting a lot, and I mean a lot of email. Most all of this email that you will be getting will be junk that people are wanting to sell to you and you certainly don’t want these types of people to know your real name or address or phone number. So here is our main points for blogger for beginners: Go to blogger.. and register for an account When it .es to putting your personal data in the various things that you will be registering for, a simple rule of thumb is to ask yourself this question: Is this person going to be sending me money or trying get money from me? If the answer is the first option then by all means make sure they have your correct address and name so you will get your online money, but if the answer is the second option (trying to get money from you) then please please use a special email and pen name for that. Remember to have fun and you will make money. See our website for dozens of more insightful tips on blogging for money . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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