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Health Awareness to the different factors that produces stress could help you to prevent it. Though we usually perceive stress as a kind of physical or mental pressure, probably we can define stress management clearly, as it is- but it really is not. Most experts describe Stress Management as the awareness to the factors that leads to stress and how can we safely deprive it from our body system. Through this, majority of the professionals use this technique to help us recognize and manage different types of tensions or stress. Moreover, we can also define it as information gathering or by having knowledge about it, conditioning a lifestyle change or ourselves where it only allows the minimal occurrence to be able to recognize stress positively. Stress, a common term we hear most of the time involving active individuals but all of us need to discover, what is stress actually? Well, stress is told be a certain response or reaction of the nervous system from a certain stimulus in the body. Our nervous systems reaction simply indicates what our body should execute when a certain event or unpredictable situations manifest. Take for an example, when a person is frightened, shocked or alarmed or when someone feels nervous the body immediately produces or secrets adrenaline chemicals, which give us a rush feeling and shutting down some of our pain receptors at the same time. Due to some studies, experts identify few problems with stress response and it is not only the physical aspect of the human system but it also triggers on psychological matters. Take for an instance, you feel uneasy because of your work, deadlines, schedules, anxious about the result of an exam, unpaid bills and rents or any nervous anticipation of any event may trigger this what you call stress response. Because of this frequent stress experiences, the body system functions become more unstable or worst, thus leading to some malfunctions to some normal routines of the body like digesting foods, defense mechanisms function, blood flow and more. Like we had discussed early on, we can define stress management as a method or technique used to reduce stress and/or help those individuals how to manage certain situations or events that often induces in stress. Since stress greatly affects our feelings and emotions and the cause of this is becoming more profuse, the definition of stress becomes so broad, but of course, all of these aim to relieve stress and helps us live a healthy lifestyle. Overall, stress managements definition falls into three categories: action-oriented stress management, emotional-oriented stress management, as well as acceptance-oriented stress management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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