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Home-and-Family A Jack Russell puppy can be a perfectly family pet if you understand it well. It has unique personality traits, which makes this breed ideal for some lifestyles. In other words, this pet is not suitable for all types of families. Before buying and taking home a Jack Russell, be sure to spend more time getting to know this amazing animal. The Jack Russell is an energetic animal with a strong instinct to lead. So it’s behavior when in a group is predictable – it wants to be the leader. As the owner of the pet, you don’t want your pet to be leading you. Instead, you need to be the leader and you have to assert your position before your pet starts to take over all control from you. Socializing a pup to the family is an important aspect of dog training. When it’s young, it doesn’t have many bad habits, and it’s easier to influence its behavior. The way to show that you are leader is by being firm with the pet when you find it doing something that it’s not supposed to do. For instance, when taking your Jack Russell out for walks, you will find that it has the tendency to pull at the leash, and it is always rushing ahead (perhaps to chase some other small animal). Don’t let it continue this unruly behavior. Keep the leash firm, and gently tug it back so that the pet eventually walks by your side on a loose leash. If you don’t do this, the pet assumes that it is leading and starts doing whatever it wants (like getting into fights with other dogs), and that creates problems for you. Fortunately, the Jack Russell is very intelligent and picks up lessons very quickly. .pared to other terriers, many owners have .mented that they find it easier to train a Jack Russell. Further research reveals that this dog is indeed slightly more intelligent than other terriers. Due to its high energy levels, this animal needs lots of exercise. It terms of maintenance, exercise is a core element. Don’t get this breed as a pet if you cannot fork out time to ac.pany the pet on daily exercise sessions. Neglect makes the animal very unhappy, for it needs an outlet for all that energy. An unhappy animal never makes a good pet. It may bark unnecessarily just to try and attract some attention. But if you do have the time, and if you are in need of .panionship, the Jack Russell can be the ideal candidate. In return for your time and attention, it will give you back lots of love and like all dogs, be.e a loyal friend. You may also be surprised at how protective this little animal can be over its owner. As it has a dominant personality, it tends to be protective over the members of its own social group. So invest the time to make your pet happy, and you will be the proud owner of a cute and adorable loyal animal friend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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