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Internet-and-Business-Online Have you noticed? Everyone is a social media expert. Granted everyone is social by nature, but an expert? I don’t think so. How do you sort out the opportunity? Start with the premise that 90 percent of what you hear is wrong. Then look for the truth about how to really make it work. Effective social networking goes beyond registering for MySpace, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Social networking requires participation and valuable contribution to the .munity. Here are the secrets of maximizing your social networking. Listening Getting into the conversation starts with listening to your .munity. Take some time to research your target audience–people you want in your .munity. Here are a couple of my favorite techniques: * Use Google’s Blog Search to find blogs and .mentary associated with your business * Set-up Google alerts to email you tips on new content related to your marketplace * Use Twitter Search to monitor .munity related conversation in real-time Not only will listening tune you into your target audience–it will reveal opportunity. Participating Note, the first word is social networking is "social." That means that people expect connections in their network to participate. They are looking for a conversation. Getting the most out of your social networking means giving your .munity what they want. These are techniques I use: * Ask questions. Want a big crowd? Ask for advice. * Answer questions. This demonstrates expertise and adds value. * Link to great resources. Linking gives to the .munity and builds goodwill. * Share good content. I good proportion you should share your own content. Participating shows a genuine interest in the .munity, building your credibility and reputation–important to powering a successful social network. Audience Building Once engaged in your social network, it is time to build your own audience. Your audience should be folks that follow you and are influenced by you. You want to be a leader in your social network to get the biggest return. This of course requires trust and reputation. Each is built over time and based mainly on useful and valuable participation. Join the conversation, help people, and be willing to learn and your audience will grow. However, one powerful suggestions–focus on conversations and interactions that have keyword clues. This will help attract an appropriate audience. Also, every social network has a search tool–this is how most audiences get built, like websites it takes a little smart SEO. Mobilizing As you build your audience don’t be shy to get them doing something. Folks love to support a cause or be a part of a .munity effort. Most will happily get involved. So, start mobilizing your audience early. This creates a real powerhouse as your audience grows–giving you the opportunity to tackle really big campaigns. Are you now convinced that social .working is more than a seizure inducing MySpace page, a college reunion FaceBook .work, or a java fueled blasting of what your ate for dinner? Social .working is about–listening, participating, and mobilizing. Get yours started today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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