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The baby bottle 7 bottles of daily necessities is the misunderstanding of the baby, the best products are sometimes help appease the baby mom. Although every day with the bottle, but not all are being used correctly, the following 7 major errors, you may accidentally fall into. A misunderstanding: was born with a bottle of some mothers may be just after the production of milk shortage, worried about the baby nutrition is not enough, so early for the baby bottle. Newborn baby bottle to the nipple and nipple confusion, so more conducive to breastfeeding. General until mother to work, you have to use a bottle with a bottle of milk to give TA better. Myth two: the habit of sleeping with a bottle to some babies crying before going to bed, eating a bottle to sleep. There is great harm this habit on the development of children’s teeth, baby bottles containing milk dress has long time, it is equal to the small teeth long time soaking in acid solution, may induce "bottle caries in the future". If the baby has formed the bad habit, the mother must immediately try to help the baby to get rid of. Before going to bed to give the baby a clean, do not get any sweet pacifier or small toys. Myth three: suck empty bottles sometimes baby has finished eating milk, or used to bite the bottle, this time the mother to help remove. Suction bottle is easy for the baby to swallow a lot of air, which caused by paroxysmal intestinal cramps and abdominal pain, in medicine called "swallowing gas". Myth four: the bottle used to wash the next day some mothers may be very tired, the baby after eating milk in the evening, directly on the side of the bottle, do not wash. You know, the baby’s immune system is relatively weak, can not deal with the breeding of bacteria on the bottle, so use one to wash one, accumulate in the disinfection can be. Tip: wash bottles do not need to use the cleaning agent in addition, can put the nipple over with nipple brush cleaning. If the milk stains, first with hot water bubbles, such as milk stains become soft after the nipple brush clean. Misunderstanding five: some mother is used only in the use of disinfection and sterilization in the bottle immediately after cleaning the baby after eating a milk, but milk before a simple. In fact, a good bottle of milk in the next time before the use of this period will also breed bacteria, so before use should also be sterilized bottles. Myth six: a bottle used for a long time in order to save some mothers may, just replace the nipple without changing the bottle, the bottle is not bad as long as it’s been. In fact, the bottle is lifetime, pay attention to the use of the term in the replacement of the nipple nipple. Tips: more than 1-2 spare emergency bottle is necessary. Recommended six months for a bottle, pacifier for a 3 month. Myth seven: just look at the appearance of a lot of young mothers are Yan Yan, but we should pay attention to the choice of baby items, only the color is not enough. There are many types of bottles on the market, some of the colorful bottles look more attractive, but this type of bottle may contain lead paint, harmful to the baby.相关的主题文章:

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