7 students hit the teacher for leave refused-acbel

7 students hit the teacher only for students in the office, refused to leave the siege assault teacher video screenshot. Because do not agree with the students in school, National Day on the eve of the teacher was 7 students in the school office within the siege. During the national day, this video caused a lot of attention on the network. Sichuan online reporter confirmed 6, this thing happened in Deyang, Sichuan trade school, the specific time is September 29th. The teacher refused to leave students hit recently, a video circulated on the Internet, a school in the office attacked and beat the teacher. In the video, several young people in the office, a man surrounded by constantly loudly questioning, one of the young men in 1 minutes at least for the man hands pushing 7 times. According to a number of insiders, the incident occurred in Sichuan trade school, the school is located in Deyang. 6 afternoon, Sichuan online reporter from the school responsible person confirmed the matter. According to the person in charge of the event’s leading Zhang, is this year through the independent enrollment into the school a year of technical secondary school, studying graphic design professional, for the new Guanghan. 29, the students want to leave school ahead of national day. Taking into account shortly after the school, and is about to put a long holiday, the teacher refused to ask for leave. In the leave after being refused, Zhang immediately looking for 6 other students to the teacher’s office, "get it". The time of the incident, there are 3 students responsible for the video, the remaining 4 people in the office and the teacher "theory", which Zhang and another student hands pushing the teacher. School students will be 7 alarm alarm discouraging school after the incident, police arrived at the scene processing. Since several parties are under the age of 16, was home to parents. School official said the incident involved the teacher did not start the whole process. The spread of the video on the Internet did not see the teacher hands-on. Until the 6 day, the school initially determined, give treatment to seven students out of the event, in particular the results to be announced after the National Day holiday to work.相关的主题文章:

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