9.13 ask the new piece of information open new content first look punyu

9.13 "ask" the new piece of information content first look new beta 7.5 CGWR score | asked the novice card booking area in September 13th "said:" the new piece of information is about to summon wind and call for rain hot beta, new system, new gameplay, new activity is about to break the shackles of strong strikes, this new piece of information for each game player to bring a new feel of the game. Open a period of extraordinary journey cultivation! Today, let us first look at "asked a new piece of information" summon wind and call for rain splendid content. Asked "official" asked "Sina micro-blog shock beta new piece of information, public participation, the new" weather system "stunning debut" asked "the new piece of information" summon wind and call for rain will shock beta, "new" weather system "change Zhongzhou battle pattern. Under natural circumstances, each district randomly selected a line every 30 minutes a weather map will be changed into an abnormal weather state, and brush out a number of related NPC. Game player can also be used to change the weather, "summon wind and call for rain." every time the abnormal weather lasts 30 minutes. Amidst the winds of change, Zhongzhou phone again. New wonderful, waiting for you to experience! The new "weather system" Dongfu challenges, new gaming experience, you know "asked" the new piece of information "summon wind and call for rain will shock beta," new "Dongfu challenge" activities hot strikes. After the event opens, the system will be announced to the corresponding map into the game player through the exploration Dongfu announcement, a total of three caves challenge stages, each stage of the task is different, the difficulty is increased gradually. A successful challenge will get rich experience, practice value and magic Daoxing, Taoism and other rich rewards! New gameplay, bringing new game fun! The new "Dongfu challenge" blockbuster debut, the new "hour system" shock line "asked" the new piece of information, "the upcoming blockbuster beta, summon wind and call for rain" new "hour system" will be on-line shock. The ancient people of the day into twelve hours, according to the corresponding changes in the game time, each time corresponding to different images, various tasks associated with the game system. In addition, according to the different phases of the corresponding phase and the zodiac, you can carry out related tasks. The new system also added "fortune hour hour" content, different for different tasks can refresh. Players through the completion of the task, you can get the mall props, points, generous numerical rewards. The new "hour system" "asked" the new piece of information will shock beta, massive new content opening of Zhongzhou competitive new era, generous welfare portrait run, animal prizes waiting for you to come. All wonderful, as in "asked:" summon wind and call for rain! Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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