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A female teacher in the United States China robbers was shot in the head shot and dying – Beijing China overseas network on 13 September, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that from Xi’an, now living in a small town in the South Chinese southern summer music in the United States (South End) 33 year old Chinese Chinese female teacher Guo Ruijuan (Ruijuan Guo, Euphie English) local time, 9 night 11:30, in the neighborhood of East Park Avenue and 100 street, was hiding in the dark of the robber at her head shot, covered in blood was sent to the nearby Carolina Medical Center (CMC) in the rescue, the current injury, need to rely on life support for their parents to sign from Chinese to see the last one. The local Chinese news, said the robber stunned by the brutal means, expect Guo Ruijuan to escape unscathed, and set up a fund for her help, her medical bills and their parents in the United States Chinese costs, such as summer music school in the school Chinese China immediately launched fundraising, has raised more than $thirty thousand in donations. Guo Ruijuan’s friend (Lizzie Xu) is also a Chinese teacher. She said that Mr. Guo Ruijuan was a kind man. She is in North Carolina southern summer music city primary school (Kensington Elementary School in – Waxhaw NC) China cultural immersion courses. Once she had asked her boyfriend Nathan (Nathan) not to kill the spider on the corner, asking him to send it to the outdoors. Xu Mingjiao said, Guo Ruijuan has been married with her boyfriend, her friends are expected to be able to quickly become her bride, set up a happy family. Local English TV media (WBTV and WCNC) and so on have focused on the case. Local police asked insiders to provide clues to solve the case. Kensington primary school was a robber shot Guo Ruijuan released news on Facebook, and ask the school teachers and students in the Monday class, Guo favorite wearing purple clothes and carrying the sun flower school, to express the love and support of Guo Ruijuan. (Wang Zhengxian)相关的主题文章:

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