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A Quanzhou man toothpick swallow doctor unexpectedly to buy condoms in bad news network November 3rd, goes to swallow a toothpick, the doctor for help. If the doctor took the condom to help problem-solving, you will not be confused? Yesterday, a hospital in Quanzhou, deputy director of the Department of Gastroenterology physician restore the scene at that time. It happened on the morning of October 24th. The weekend playing mahjong is a joy, the public Mr. Shen an inattentive, even the belly swallowed a toothpick! 7 cm long, and two sharp toothpick swallowed, think about all that terrible. Mr. Shen waited two days also can not natural toothpick excreted, until October 24th, before he found the doctor, said his stomach pain. Mr. Shen’s case was quickly identified with the help of gastroscope. The doctor said, Mr. Shen will swallow the toothpick to the body of the stomach, the stomach is also a middle position. The meat is thick, the toothpick stuck is not good. In fact if the toothpick move down, not necessarily better. Because the gut is thin, much more likely to go down the camber, intestinal injury. But if you do not first to deal with toothpicks removed, thin toothpicks may fall because of not live clip, after stenosis of the esophagus and throat, can also cause damage, accidentally have to stir up a lot of trouble. Fortunately, Dr. Xu experienced, he immediately thought of a way to please the presence of colleagues to help nearby convenience store to buy condoms. Use a condom in gastroscope head end, using foreign body forceps tip will hold a toothpick, toothpick into the condom. That is to say, the toothpick in the bag, take out the process that ran out what cause. The process is painful to listen to others. But Xu said, should not hurt it. Mr. Shen played anesthesia was asleep at the time, the whole process of 5 minutes on the end. When the digestion physician for 20 years, Xu Pengfei saw a lot of foreign body ingestion, what the child swallowed the belly of the stationery, toys; eat fish, eat poultry accidentally swallow it; and the suspect swallowed the keys, rings, scissors, screw what, it should be as. Dr. Xu remind you: do not feel lucky to swallow foreign bodies, foreign bodies cut the organ, the matter is even greater. The best way, there is only one, that is, rapid medical treatment. (Hoi reporter Wu Yuefang Tian meters)相关的主题文章:

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