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A small fishing village called "rat hole" – Sohu travel – the southern part of the United Kingdom in the south of the nineteen corner of the corner of the southwest corner of the United Kingdom to turn a corner, it is 3:30 in the afternoon. My wife and I said: "where to play?" Wife immediately began to search on the Google map, a Kung Fu answer out. She said: "in less than 10 miles of the sea, there is a small village called mousehole, go take a look at it?" Anyway, there is nothing to do, where the wife said to go. After the daughter-in-law said: "there is a mouse hole mousehole." I’ll take it immediately and say, "well, we’ll have dinner in the rat hole!" To my surprise, leading to hair may be less than 10 miles of road, turned out to be a narrow two-way lane, narrow to both sides of the rear view mirror can be blown to the roadside grass. I would like to think that the degree of civilization of a country to what extent can we have such a two-way Lane Lane? I can tell my friends that the only thing I can drive on such a path is two words". A friend may ask, how to do the opposite car? In such a roadside general every 2-30 meters, there will be a parking on the roadside, meet the opposite to the car, who parking near distance, who retreated to wait inside, just let the car drove over to others, the other, must be waved thanks. On this path, I almost made 10 cars, many British people are rolling down the window to express my gratitude, I use the word "warm" to express my feelings, it should be appropriate! Finally got into the rat hole. The sign on the parking lot, parking for one hour and 1 pounds, 3 pounds a day parking, my wife said: "pay 3 pounds, we’re here to stay." See the beginning of mousehole fishing village, and did not let us what kind of surprise, in the sea around twenty minutes, we’re in a wooden chair and sat down. After adding some energy to turn to the small village, its special place began to slowly show. The following photos are a part of me in the small village to shoot, this is a small village built a mountain, all the way to the village to narrow almost to the wrong car at the corner; many old houses, can be found in the British heritage of the red telephone booth and the mailbox for nearly 200 years; small village. The history of the life of the villagers from disaster was recorded in the sea on the monument; and every family front behind the flowers, almost at a loss for both of us shocked; the most impressive is the sea, clear to I don’t know what word to describe. Because we had been in the village for about 5 hours, and of course, there were a lot of stories. Walking in the street when the small fishing village of mousehole, occasionally I find a top up two pillars of the house, feel very strange, daughter-in-law went to found a real plaque hanging on the wall. The woman is cautious! My wife told me that this is an old house in Fourteenth Century, dating back more than 700 years of history. In July 23, 1595, the Spanish army hit the small village, the village all the other house burned down, leaving the house. In the front of the house, my wife!相关的主题文章:

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