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In Germany a street named "Jackie Chan Street" has become tourist attractions – Sohu Jackie Chan entertainment entertainment Sohu screenshot micro-blog news 29, Jackie Chan drying out a well-known German director Florian in Germany and named his name signs photo in micro-blog. In the picture, director Florian happy standing in the road sign, is the German spelling of the name of Jackie Chan signs. Micro-blog users have a call: "good, I was proud of the GE!" Jackie Chan micro-blog wrote "well-known German director Florian sent this photo to me, one of the oldest brewery near, I work in Germany at the time, there was dropped by the station, in this place, they put the street with my name, has now become a tourist spot." The news came out, users also expressed their joy, message Jackie Chan: after all, you have handed over to the people of the world!" For the name of the street, Jackie Chan himself wrote in the text: "so I really thank them for their support, good move!" At the same time, big brother Jackie Chan also interact with the fans on micro-blog, he said: "the next time I go to stand here to take a photo, to the German fans friends, to see who we first, ha ha!" Netizens also respond to this, interactive message. The netizen said: "go to Germany, will go to the photo and street signs!" There are friends ridicule, said: do not have it, it is certainly the first big brother Jackie Chan, after all, big brother money ah!"相关的主题文章:

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