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Aaron Kwok worked until 2018! Fang Yuan’s "king of woman" is still a public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Aaron Kwok Xiong Dailin with the wealthy boyfriend Guo song married; Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo Athena Chu Paul Wong three month marriage, a family of three happy end of last month, Norika Fujiwara married marry kabuki actors have been abandoned by King Aaron Kwok, women now have obtained happiness, but he still got the red net. Four kings Andy Lau repeatedly transferred a second child, Jacky Cheung has been promoted to National Father, dawn and Galie Lai got married and divorced, but Aaron Kwok has not entered the marriage. Aaron Kwok and Fang Yuan in December 2015, Aaron Kwok changed the attitude, micro-blog announced generous and netizen Fang Yuan fell in love, although his party was friends Yuan Xiang, although two people repeatedly transferred but always part company each going his own way, Aaron Kwok and his girlfriend said "very good feelings". For the wedding event, recently there is news that Aaron Kwok and his girlfriend Fang Yuan will be married in 2017, did not think Aaron Kwok strongly denies said: "not really, gossip, I myself have been good low-key, if there is good news to tell you must be. I did not think so much, I hope you do not expect too much, mainly because they have a lot of work plans, has been to 2018. We hope that the feelings of things to give more space, work oriented today, I hope you understand." The work is already in 2018. So it seems that when Mrs. king "Fang Yuan" is a long way to go. Aaron Kwok Fang Yuan problem, this year 51 year old Aaron Kwok why still don’t want to get married? 1. Too busy, no time to get married in recent years, Aaron Kwok will concentrate on the film, each year at least three to five films, and attended the activities of large and small and play racing, daily work is scheduled to be full of files, no time to marry, but busy work should not be a reason not to ah, because Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung no less than his leisure, but they also get married and have children. 2. Eight year old brother has not married, so he doesn’t worry Aaron Kwok with a brother eight years his senior still single, so he is not in a hurry to get married, Aaron Kwok earlier in an interview said: their marriage was brother, even if we can guess, Aaron Kwok’s subconscious in, he felt his still young, can play with it, so it is not necessary to be premature marriage. 3. Can not find the right person always listen to many older youth, not their own do not want to get married, but has not found the right person. Did Aaron Kwok although experienced several affair, and the longest period lasted for seven years, is still not willing to find him and keep the bald man? 4. Just want to talk about love do not want to marry Aaron Kwok who has a very public affair, to name his girlfriend was a dozen more, and his feelings are often rarely neutral, love did not go far, love has been close, but is not to mention the "marriage" two words, so whether we can guess Aaron Kwok may just want to love, do not want to get married, when)相关的主题文章:

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