Adhere to the road of China unswervingly push forward the reform of supply side-acbel

Adhere to the Chinese road unswervingly promote the supply side reform – Sohu comments on September 24th, a comprehensive deepening of reform leading group set up a full 1000 days. 1000 day and night, in order to Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee under the leadership of Chinese reforms to tackle tough, successful. Adhere to China characteristic socialist road confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, cultural confidence, unswervingly adhere to the party’s basic line, continue to push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party in the Chinese conference, historical conclusion of general secretary Xi Jinping profoundly expounded the Chinese socialism must insist for a long time, never falter the. To achieve the goal of two years of struggle to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, we must be firm, "the four self-confidence", unswervingly take the road to China, unswervingly promote reform and opening up. As everyone knows, China past economic development has long relied on the "three carriages", i.e., consumption, investment and exports, the three carriage is also called the demand side, and maintained two digit growth rate of GDP. With China’s economic growth slowed down gradually into the "new normal", the contradiction between supply and demand has also undergone tremendous changes, the demand side structure is becoming more and more rich and diverse, and began to rapid service, high-end and personalized upgrade, and the supply side development is seriously lagging behind, the lack of vitality, the traditional mode is difficult to effectively meet the new demands, so it is inevitable to bring the problems such as industry overcapacity, the market excessive inventory and high debt level of the tax burden of enterprises. In view of this, on November 10, 2015, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the eleventh meeting of the central financial work leading group is pointed out: "in the moderate expansion of aggregate demand at the same time, efforts to strengthen the supply side structural reform, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, enhance the power of sustained economic growth, promote the realization of the overall level of social productivity jumped Chinese." In January 26, 2016, chaired the Twelfth Meeting of the central financial work leading group, he again stressed: "in the moderate expansion of aggregate demand at the same time, to production, to inventory, to leverage, to reduce cost, make a short board, to strengthen the quality of supply from the production area, reduce the invalid supply, expand the effective supply, improve the supply structure and adaptability to improve the flexibility of TFP, which makes the supply system adapt to the changes in demand structure." In order to effectively resolve the contradiction between supply and demand, straighten out the relationship between supply and demand, promote several labor supply and land, capital and innovation side elements re allocation, following the end of last year the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward for the first time after the requirements of supply side reform in March 5, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report to the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress also said to strengthen the supply side: "structural reform, enhance the sustainable growth momentum. The outstanding contradictions and problems solved in key areas, speed up the get rid of institutional obstacles to structural reforms to improve the supply side of the supply system of quality and efficiency, to further stimulate the market vitality and social creativity." Practice has proved that the reform and opening up is the source of vitality of China’s development and progress, is our party and the people of the great step相关的主题文章:

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