After 80 network female anchor propaganda narcotics but at the same time their radio drug traffickin-aizi

After the 80 female network anchor propaganda but also in their own radio station drug trafficking network radio anchor anti drug, privately engaged in drug trafficking. 80 young female anchor yunmou for selling marijuana, LSD hallucinogens, suspected of drug trafficking, this morning in Changping court for trial. Cloud is a DJ, the rest of the work, she also operates a network of their own radio, as a female anchor station. Radio is the main content of the recommended music, while promoting some anti drug content. But as a propaganda anti drug anchor, but at the same time selling drugs. Due to the operation of the radio, cloud has some fans, and has a dedicated micro signal used to chat with fans to share their own dynamic. From April to May this year, the cloud of a fan named Lee contacted the cloud, said the two time to buy tea". "Tea is hemp leaf, because it looks like tea, so we call it." Yun Mou said. Talk about a good price, the cloud of marijuana sent by mail to lee. Yang is a cloud contact from WeChat, micro-blog to a two LSD hallucinogen ergot amine. Yang said, cloud said LSD will not be addicted, after taking it will feel very relaxed, very happy, when their work pressure is relatively large, would like to try. Because Lee and friends after the drug was arrested, and soon, the drug yunmou also arrested by the police. As early as 2014, yunmou had for the crime of drug trafficking by the Chaoyang Court sentenced to detention for four months, this is the second time she was indicted for drug trafficking. Changping District procuratorate that the defendant yunmou to profit for the purpose, has two times to others of drug trafficking, drug trafficking crime should be held criminally responsible. This morning, a court in Changping court trial. On the court, she quickly answered the question is crisp. Trafficking in drugs on their own behavior, a cloud pleaded guilty. But she said that after her attitude towards marijuana is neutral, marijuana is the three category of drugs, compared to heroin, the chemical drugs, the human body injury is the smallest." LSD for this hallucinogen, her attitude seemed indifferent. "LSD is just a short time since Dr. Hoffman was refined, and it should not be a drug." Talking about these issues, yunmou answer fluently, apparently very understanding on drugs. But according to the "criminal law" provisions of other drugs including opium, heroin, methamphetamine can, morphine, marijuana, cocaine, and under the control of the country make people addicted to narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. But yunmou sold two is composed of national spirit ergot amine drug list of drugs, reporters search through the network radio yunmou operation, the station name contains "pilot", according to yunmou said marijuana users are claiming to be a pilot. Radio has a total of more than and 300 programs, the broadcast rate of more than 37 times, there are thousands of fans, which in the network platform has been considered a more well-known platform. And her name micro-blog, but also with the drugs have some connection. Radio and drug related programs, the cloud will be marked with a green heart-shaped pattern, almost every few days, the cloud will release a topic of drug programs. Among them, both away from drugs, do not crime, the theme, there are a number of drugs involved in the identification of true and false,.相关的主题文章:

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