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After natural childbirth lying asleep or half lying? Do you have to treasure the mother – infant Sohu mentioned in bed, we know that the common position is supine, lateral and prone, half lying and lying at random. So which one is the most suitable for postpartum mother? Today, of course, we are mainly aimed at natural childbirth mother oh. After natural birth mother exhausted, postpartum rest is really important, because my mother needs strength, also need to shift the internal organs during pregnancy, the diaphragm down to a normal position, and the position should also facilitate discharge of lochia. Tina today to tell you that the position is the most suitable mother after natural childbirth and the benefits of this position. Today’s view mainly comes from the great Chinese medicine. Since ancient times, the ancient Chinese scholars in the basic idea: postpartum bed, only to close, let not sleeping. Although we always advocate scientific confinement, but this does not mean that our ancestors are wrong, not scientific. The valuable experience handed down by doctors in the past is also worthy of our attention and respect. So, why do Chinese doctors have such a proposal? The first delivery is completed, the mother not immediately go to sleep, should first sit awhile, deep breathing, eyes closed. Deep breathing can not only stimulate the cerebral cortex, but also provide us with plenty of oxygen. The purpose of doing this is to eliminate the tension after childbirth, mental stability. Sit for a while, the mother can choose half lying behind the mat, bedding, vertical foot bent legs. This position can not only help the blood downstream but also conducive to lochia discharge, can also make the internal organs to return to normal position under the action of gravity. But the mother in Fowler, can not be idle Oh, can do such a group exercise half lying at the same time, the mother can also do with uterine massage techniques are: 1 palm slowly roll from the heart to the umbilicus, and then stay in the navel clockwise massage, when about 1 minutes. 2 then from the navel to roll under the belly, then stop small abdominal massage clockwise, when about 1 minutes. 3 repeat this 5 times. 3 times a day. This enables the congestion in the uterus and lochia excreted as soon as possible, to alleviate postpartum abdominal pain at the same time, also can promote uterine contraction, which is conducive to uterine restoration. What time can lie? In fact, if the mother can insist, as far as possible in the first week after selection of semi supine, but not completely was half lying, you can adjust the inclined slope bed, choose the most comfortable position is good. Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: good maternal infant (mhtina)] in Himalaya FM dragonfly FM litchi FM search for "senior maternal and child care teacher Tina" free to listen to public lecture. Disclaimer: This article is for a better pregnancy baby senior maternal and child care teacher Tina original article, if necessary please contact the authorized or micro signal infringement.相关的主题文章:

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