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After the winter, whether the Internet phone book myth? The Sohu of science and technology in 2016 is coming to an end, but the smart mobile phone manufacturers is mixed. OPPO and vivo is undoubtedly the biggest winner in this year’s mobile phone market, especially in IDC, IHS and other sales data released by Q3, OPPO and vivo for the first time in the market share of the first and second positions. This signal is to stimulate the direction of public opinion, a time in the industry there has been a lot of bad mouthing the Internet mobile phone voice, had been pampered altar "Internet mode", seems to have completely lost the line channels". For millet as the representative of the Internet phone, 2016 is more like a winter, at least in the first three quarters is so. Then, down the altar of Internet mobile phone is able to re book the myth? Maybe we should try to understand the Internet mobile phone mobile phone on the Internet, a lot of people more or less under the influence of cognitive millet, that it is difficult to slip when sales of millet, mouthing the Internet mobile phone has become almost a political right. But as the glory of the Internet mobile phone brand, but already out of a different way and millet. Before the 2016 double war, the glory of President Zhao Ming accepted the media interview, bluntly, a lot of people understand the Internet phone wrong. Indeed, the birth of the glory and millet brand glory in A new force suddenly rises. not unrelated, even beginning to follow the popular Internet Pricing Model, by way of electricity supplier can greatly reduce operating costs, and get the line is 20% lower than the price difference, let consumers through online channels to understand the product configuration parameters and other information, and then through the excellent the quality of products to seize the user. But when the domestic mobile phone market price war is more intense, the glory chose to follow the customer demand, and draw a line with "profit at the expense of hardware by software services to make money" mode. It turns out that the choice of glory is not wrong. During last year’s double 11 glory, with sales of 1 billion 123 million yuan won the Tmall mobile phone sales in the first category, sales of mobile phone category is only breaking 1 billion brand. At the same time, the glory of 11 Yao category total sales of overseas RMB 100 million. During the 618 Shopping Festival this year, 5X won the glory smooth play of Suning 1000-1500 yuan mobile phone sales champion, Jingdong 1000-1499 yuan mobile phone sales and Jingdong from list Top 10 runner up. Glory V8 won the Jingdong 2500-2999 yuan price segment mobile phone sales evaluation over a thousand, the highest degree of praise single product double champion. Glory and honor 7I respectively won the 7 yuan price segment 1500-1999 mobile phone sales of second and third, glory play 5A topped the first new single product sales TOP3…… The record certainly points to another fact: the Internet and electricity supplier channels did not lose the glory of the imagination, channel capacity and product strength should not be underestimated. The decline of the so-called Internet mode, only the stock replacement reaction times, low natural channel upgrade triggered by the "abdication". 11 on the eve of the glory miracle or will be s again相关的主题文章:

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