Also can not think of killing! spoiler alert! Tang Yan Luo Jin Jinxiu Weiyang the protagonist

Also can not think of killing!   spoiler alert! Tang Yan Luo Jin "Jinxiu Weiyang" the protagonist – Fujian exposure outcome of the whole channel — original title: "Jinxiu Weiyang" ending what is Li Changle? Poisoning themselves face scratched disfigured, then framed Weiyang poison Jiang old woman was not successful, Weiyang certificate to poison her grandmother, was the last dog scratching mask, Weiyang took the opportunity to say this is the monster Li Changle is posing as her sister Jiang killed granny, was finally died by inches. Because she poisoned disfigured things besides family outsiders do not know. "Beautiful lady" Weiyang big Chi Lee Weiyang concubine soft cloud. It is understood that the end is dead soft cloud system. So to how the dead soft cloud, then to know about it. All cloud soft is "beautiful Weiyang" in the figures, she is the concubine Li weiyang. Chi cloud home soft hand heavily is like treasure care grow up. All cloud soft adult married Li Xiaoran, and he gave birth to a son and a daughter. Li Minfeng, son, daughter, Li Changle. All the soft cloud carefully planted offspring, make children become a long country figure. Is Li Changle, is the capital of the lady more attachment smart appearance yanyaqunfang. "Beautiful" Weiyang Chi cloud soft their is a deep spiritual figure, everyone praised her and hope. But the first female Li Weiyang back, Li Weiyang is no longer like before facing cloud soft Chi force back no trickery. Who is the daughter of Prince cloud soft fancy took a fancy to Lee weiyang. Who will not cloud soft since CCTV as a deep hatred. In the original novel, who originally wanted to use cloud soft Weiyang to Li Changle as a stepping stone, did not expect the rebirth after Weiyang became Li Changle’s last stumbling block, crazy, mortality. Although the plot of the drama compared to the novel, there are a lot of changes, but it is certain that the outcome is soft Chi cloud consequences, not what good end. (commissioning editor Yao Luying and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章:

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