And just fried meat, sweet tooth – and Sohu-face gossip

And just fried meat, sweet tooth – like beans and Sohu? Love to eat meat? All love? Then so what, come today let a woman chowhound meet the two tastes that way, peas and meat is yes overbearing beef in the fresh peas beans absorb the nutrition and taste of beef on a bite, beef and bean meat tender, fragrant after just want to say: this dish I contracted for 1 pounds of beef and half a catty peas ingredients salt oil red pepper (chopped) amount of green onion marinade sauce 120ml, 40g 20g 20g wine, brown sugar, corn starch, ginger, salt, 10g (chopped). Mix the concrete steps of the marinade bowl, cut in the bowl of beef, pickled, ready. Remove the peas on both sides of the hard muscle, large hot pot oil, oil heat, add peas, stir fry Microsoft, containing the backup. The big pot heat oil, carefully into the beef, do not stir fry, sprinkle with chopped green onion and cook for 1 minutes, then stir fry until the meat turns brown, add spare peas fried, salted, dish. Finally sprinkle some red pepper, can be served with rice. So delicious beef, stop me, I’ll get another one! The workshop, Ree Drummond map, delicacy相关的主题文章:

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