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As long as a finger, the phone can also be a hitherto unknown pleasure – Sohu is the time that science and technology are more or less bad finger friends used several smart watches, in addition to time, you can also view the mobile phone information, answering the call, really cool. But the second for a period of time after the discovery, the smart watch phone way is this.. It’s terrible to pick up the phone and do radio gymnastics.. However, today the second discovered a mysterious black & Sgnl problem ~ one finger can solve the call volume, and not on those watches, Sgnl just a watchband.. The amazing thing is, as long as you put on the watchband, the finger to touch the ears, you can direct the phone to listen to music. It’s so cool ~ when riding a bike to the phone suddenly, no longer need to panic looking for mobile phones.. Press the button on the Sgnl.. Put your finger on your ear and you can answer the phone.. Although small, that in this case, use the Bluetooth headset more secure, but Sgnl not feel more cool.. Sgnl is Samsung’s internal incubator Innovation Lab Creative Lab R & D, mainly through bone conduction technology to transmit voice signals.. Sgnl receives a signal from a mobile phone via Bluetooth, the BCU (Body Conduction Unit, the body conduction part) will produce vibration, which is transmitted through the fingers to the ear.. This is a purely physical shock, so there is no harm to the body. When the finger is held in the ear, the vibration will resonate in the closed ear cavity, amplifying the sound that we can hear. Sgnl bone conduction design, so that we can hear the contents of the phone in a variety of noisy places.. We can protect our privacy, the content will not be heard by others. A finger, you can travel all over the world, let the second more surprise, Sgnl watch strap can be matched with the majority of the market watch, including the traditional watch, as well as a variety of smart watches. (as long as the width can watch strap pairing in 18-24mm.) Of course, can also be used directly as a smart bracelet to use. In addition to the most common answer the phone, mobile phone with App, Sgnl can measure the movement data of the common bracelet, health function and ~ Sgnl standby time in a week or so, you can call 4 hours continuously, can meet the daily needs of poor friends. In the second view, Sgnl has many shortcomings, for example, only the phone can not call, and the sound quality is not particularly good conductive fingers.. However, ~相关的主题文章:

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