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"Aunt Betty" on the first day of fruitless maritime search and rescue Guo Sichuan has lost over 11 days – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Ma Bangjie) in November 5, the Guo Chuan team in Hawaii for the "aunt Betty" fishing boat 3 midnight local time at sea, after a day of search and rescue, can not find the lost more than 11 Guo Chuan day. "Aunt Betty", in addition to search and rescue Guo Sichuan, will also be relevant to water recycling in the free floating state of "China Qingdao?". There are 7 sailors on board, including the French sailors who flew to Hawaii from and Tahiti. According to Guo Chuan team general manager Liu Lingling introduced, local time on the morning of 4, she was accompanied by the Consulate General in Losangeles on behalf of Qingdao City, China coordination team visited the US Coast Guard maritime rescue center in Hawaii. The two sides are nearly three hours of communication, search and rescue center for Hendrickson and Guo Sichuan in the rescue work of the relevant personnel introduces the entire rescue process, reference chart, data and photographs of the scene, the scope of the search and rescue sketch data makes a detailed explanation, from a professional point of view to clarify the reason to stop the search and rescue. Liu Lingling said that after listening to each other’s representatives on behalf of the Chinese side, agreed to respect the decision of the U.S. Coast Guard Hawaii maritime search and rescue center to suspend the search and rescue operations, and expressed their gratitude for their efforts. France’s top weather navigation navigation expert team of Sichuan Guo G? Doummar told Xinhua News Agency reporters, "American search and rescue team has been very professional". Search and rescue personnel received the news of the United States lost contact with the United States immediately dispatched aircraft and ships to carry out search and rescue. They are expected to fall into the water after the water has reached 48 hours to stop the search and rescue. As of press time reporter, Guo lost contact has more than 11 days.相关的主题文章:

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