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A woman with a swelling confinement don’t brush touch bleeding teeth loose 追踪309

A woman with a swelling confinement don’t brush touch a loose tooth bleeding within three years and had two children, but during the month are not brushing, Yongtai Wu mouth recently out of the question. In addition to bad breath, her mouth gums also grow a small swelling, suction, mouthwash, brushing teeth, bite…… A touch of bleeding. When she spoke, lips with the blood, very scary. The doctor said she was suffering from pregnancy gingivitis and chronic periodontitis. Ms. Wu, 33 years old this year, her "three years have two", last month to Fujian provincial stomatological hospital, when the second child after 3 months of lactation. Hospital periodontal Keyou Xiao Qing doctor examined her, found her full mouth gum long more swelling swelling, redness, most touched on the bleeding, she had a lot of bad breath, tooth stone covered on the surface of teeth, the teeth are slightly loose. Ms. Wu said she felt before pregnancy, teeth and gums hey, confinement, she according to the traditional method, the whole month Baotou slattern, not brushing. The first of the month after her gums have been swollen bleeding, pregnant with a second child in the late, gum is swollen bag is, when her second child after confinement still don’t brush your teeth, symptoms. Experiments show that 10 days or so do not brush your teeth, gum inflammation." You Xiaoqing, women in pregnancy, increased hormone levels, chronic inflammation may aggravate the original gum, the gum swelling or epulo change. If coupled with long teeth, composed of food residue and shedding of epithelial cells and bacteria in the dental plaque, will brazenly reproduce rapidly, and gathered in the local, the inflammation and other oral diseases aggravated. Pregnancy gingivitis epulis is benign, but easily bleeding, as big as beans up to serious, purulent pain, cause tooth loosening prolonged pressure, serious, I’m afraid will fall off. You Xiaoqing to Wu and formulate scaling, graded regular periodontal treatment plan is expected to be standardized, the cure for a month, and then observed for a month. You Xiaoqing said, according to the condition, some pregnancy gingivitis patients need surgical excision epulis. You Xiaoqing reminded, warm water brushing in the morning and evening meal, also during the month after application by using the common toothbrush, mouthwash, brushing time should be 3 minutes or so. The changes in hormone levels of women during the month of soft tissue in the mouth is more sensitive, gentle brushing time. (reporter Zhu Danhua) (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章:

A kind of mysterious food spread around the rivers and lakes, how to eat authentic taste – Sohu eat wegener肉芽肿

A lakes spread magical food, how to eat authentic taste of food and drink is a Sohu into the winter cold hands and feet often cough you should eat the food yiqibuxue patch of Wenxian County tiegun but the winter season is white and delicate delicious noodles and sweet medicinal value do you really can eat authentic Wenxian County tiegun we do so we can also yam as a tonic medicine and Wenxian County tiegun is renowned at home and abroad it can Ganping Gushen spleen diarrhea sweating can reduce blood sugar of Yifeizhike beauty that how tiegun is pure today will take you to uncover the mystery of it is Qin Hongkai Wenxian County Huaiyao "with the" Eleventh generation more than and 200 years ago, his family is selling Huaiyao started with this year’s Qin’s family planted more than and 100 acres of tiegun according to him " After is the best time to dig yam yam in this amylase into sugar sweet taste loessial soil tiegun rotation for eight years just dug yam still had sticky mud tiegun good said the mystery is in the soil inside the loessial soil hardness and high viscosity inside containing minerals tiegun in growth when the great resistance shape is not regular crooked but nutritious yam washed short and fine eye was also heavily absorbed in loessial soil nutrients and minerals on the surface to form a mass of a group of red meat is so called rust solid tiegun has also become Jiaozuo Wenxian County landmark specialty tiegun the skin is very thin slices after see also great sticky white SAP glowing slightly sweet taste of the feast full of features made of yam Steamed Yam – yam wash With the skin on the steaming pot directly can ensure maximum loss of nutrition white tinged with some yellow flesh and delicate mouth to eat inside the starch content is very high after taste some sweet very nourishing health dipped in honey sugar add some sweet – yam juice – tiegun yam powder after drying can be made by boiling water can mix color slightly yellow taste Vujacic is not particularly sweet nor greasy often drink can also be fit and healthy aging – Honey yam – oil in wok and stir fry add honey sugar has peeled cut yam section into the fried coke crisp peanuts on the table before you spread a hand the white sesame glutinous sweet taste very soft entrance face popular cool mushroom and kids – yam cake – vine under the back yam bean is also delicious cleaned mix Above and sugar yam cake and do not say it invigorating the spleen and stomach digestive function is only fragrant glutinous rice taste on the lap of countless from time to time to bite the powder surface Xiangxiang yam beans and a bite to eat did not stop the yam pork fat and the tonic yam spareribs stewed together again put coriander can not only improve the yen value also increase fresh fragrant and sweet yam ribs have been integrated into the soup to drink the stomach smooth mellow incense body warm beauty often edible can enhance immunity at at at "double eleven" limited welfare powder authentic Wenxian County loessial soil tiegun hot sale from November 10th to November 11th 2 17:00!相关的主题文章:

[best] the restaurant back to the lake water pestle, burning passion and Sohu ca1805

[best] the restaurant back to the lake water pestle, burning passion and Qiandao Lake – Sohu is now Hangzhou City area, Hangzhou is the back garden, remember last December Hangzhou haze storm PM2.5 straight Biao more than 300 of the time, when the mother’s heart is very fear, when the surrounding Qiandao Lake is actually a. A non red warning area, only PM2.5 only 68. So we always like to go to Qiandao Lake, even if it’s just a weekend…… G20 summit approaching, Hangzhou is now the air quality is excellent, really hope that this is not only because of a meeting in a hurry. Another reason to Qiandao Lake, because everything — hungry belly too love Qiandao Lake fish soup. Every time I go to Qiandao Lake to eat big fish. A summer weekend at random, invite a few households better than family, and of ~ this time, our local friend’s recommendation, the evening went to a store in the water "". Shuidui, Han old agricultural implements, a hydraulic rice husking tool. This newly opened theme restaurant, from the name to the decoration are the main style of nostalgia. The red brick walls, hats, clothing, in the courtyard of the bridges, stone mortar, shop waitress with blue and white surplice sweater, a waiter with black and red side double breasted shirt, make people feel the real into the once years, from the boss to the waiter to feel real Kang sincere. The little girl in the atrium swings, so a bell like laughter in the hall…… The dishes are very unique, mark the past story. In the last century, because of the huge gap between the rich and the poor, the people’s livelihood has brought peace and harmony to the people, let us miss, it is a red world outlook and a simple belief. Yingbin Road, the sweet taste of the walnut seeds per table seating will be the first donation of. Shuidui tea fragrant, go and stir fried pork tea oil, tea flavor into the meat, very crisp. Lichen scrambled eggs, authentic farmhouse dishes. Copper pots clam, with mushroom and clam with boiled clam meat, very satisfied, it is also very delicious soup, day to eat fish head soup, especially at night the two pepper big fish taste is not the same, did not expect to end up the scene so domineering, delicious, everyone around the table out of the mobile phone mhmm PO sun circle of friends. Qiandao Lake organic fish head is the most important feature of a little soil fishy, especially meat fresh, double pepper with cooking, make meat special flavor, match hand appearance, smooth. The main course is naturally invincible. Spicy lamb on the table has been kids took a few blocks, so it looks less, this small sheep is to eat hot, especially crispy, watching a bunch of red pepper, but in fact the spicy taste is just perfect. The old vinegar braised chicken, is the exclusive secret private y相关的主题文章:

China Insurance Regulatory Commission double notice to build a straitjacket universal insurance ambi 乃々果花

China Insurance Regulatory Commission double notice to build a straitjacket: universal insurance ambitions end of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Li Zhihong Beijing reported boots finally landed. In September 6th, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued "on the strengthening of personal insurance products supervision work notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice", "on the 1) to further improve the life insurance actuarial system related issues notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice", 2) specification, adjust and optimize the life insurance product development, design and sales. In fact, the industry for the introduction of these two is not an accident. In recent years, part of both risk and financial functions to meet the needs of the community, and has a stable income, high transparency, misleading sales and other characteristics, has been sustained and rapid development. However, individual insurance business structure is single, asset liability mismatch risk exposure. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter combing through the two notice that the intention of the policy is through a substantial increase in the risk level of protection of universal insurance and other personal insurance products, to further strengthen the insurance risk protection function, prevent the alienation of personal insurance products for short-term financial products simple behavior. Moreover, regulators consider market affordability, a good grasp of the regulatory policy discretion, to avoid "slam the brakes" or "across the board", and by strengthening the guidance of market, clearly the market is expected to promote the whole industry gradually adjusted, maintain the overall stability of the market. It is worth mentioning that the provisions of the two notice, does not meet the requirements of all the sale of insurance products in April 1, 2017, is expected in the short duration of product scale next year will decline significantly. Universal insurance put straitjacket in the two notice, many explicit short duration operations, the intention is self-evident. For example, for short duration requirements than the proposed business accounted for the proportion, from January 1, 2019 onwards, the annual premium income scale insurance company related products accounted for the proportion of the total size of the premium income shall not exceed 50%; since January 1, 2020, the proportion of not more than 40%; since January 1, 2021, the proportion of not more than 30%. A small insurance company chief actuary told twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter, "in the" notice "on the basis of the short duration of the relevant matters in the norms of life insurance products on the further increase of the corresponding proportion of business restrictions, giving the market to clear expectations, guide of insurance companies to gradually adjust the business structure, to avoid the brakes form, cash flow risk." At the same time, specify the scope of the investment linked insurance products into short duration product requirements, loan ratio shall not be higher than the cash value or the account value of 80%, a separate evaluation of additional universal insurance and additional investment linked insurance products, and the insurance company may not be life insurance, pension insurance, nursing insurance designed in short duration products, these products adhere to the risk protection and long-term savings property. The aforementioned small and medium-sized insurance company chief actuary also said, this is to prevent insurance companies through the investment theory相关的主题文章:

Chengdu government center to disable Note7 Response for some staff – Sohu news mmhouse

Chengdu government center to disable Note7? Response: for some staff – Sohu news in recent days, Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone security concerns due to widespread public concern. Today (September 26th) afternoon, the media to "Chengdu Government Affairs Service Center: office area to prohibit the use of the Samsung Note7" title, reported that the Chengdu municipal government affairs service center official micro-blog issued a notice prohibiting the use of Note7 in Chengdu service center. Chengdu Service Center Planning Director Mr. Xu responded, Chengdu service center is the new media operations center, responsible for the operation of the official service account, and can not be simply equated with the Chengdu government affairs service center, and the provisions only for service center 9 staff. According to media reports, the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government Affairs Service Center official micro-blog @ Chengdu service this morning issued a notice of Note7 disable. This is the "notice" on the prohibition of writes in the office area using Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone, "due to the presence of charge or charge after the fire risk, and the municipal government administrative center in the work of the masses and staff to ensure the work of the masses is numerous, and the staff of the personal and property safety, is now banned in Chengdu Service Center Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone." Two specific provisions, the staff will be prohibited to carry mobile phone use in the office area or office area, and asked the staff to strengthen the operation of self access center periphery area charging seat inspections, such as found in the work of the masses in charge here, should be timely to persuade. The micro-blog will soon be forwarded @ Chengdu Youth League, and commented, if the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 small partners, we must pay attention to safety oh! Samsung Galaxy Note useful around, remember to remind oh 7!" Notification content. Source: @ Chengdu service Aurora notice, the notice printed on a piece of the Chengdu Municipal People’s government affairs service center red paper, inscribed as Chengdu service center. In the face of friends asked whether this is the first national government has announced a ban on the use of building under the jurisdiction of the Samsung Note 7, Xiao Bian specifically explains: "this is the Chengdu service center of Kazakhstan, not municipal government administrative center." Then Chengdu service operations center planning director Xu confirmed that this notice is issued by the Chengdu service operations center, but Chengdu service operations center is not a government agency. "We are the new media operations center, Chengdu city belongs to the official service account, in micro-blog, WeChat, Alipay, APP, above all, mainly to do government services, life services," says Mr xu. He also issued a notice to the aurora, the reason that is written in this paper, but the provisions only for internal staff, a total of 9 people, people want to take us no way, but will remind them of ", and the center is currently not colleagues using Note 7 mobile phone, but some people are willing to buy, the requirement is hope" preventive".相关的主题文章: