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Baby Runfei dry cured fruit soup – lips foaming, sore throat – maternal diet Sohu welcome to bee dad kitchen, today we recommend Recipes: Walnut soup of tremella lotus root starch, suitable for more than 1 years old baby food, for dry cough, sore throat, mouth parched and tongue scorched, dry lips baby, with lungs, dry cured therapeutic effect. The nutritional value and efficacy of walnut soup: tremella lotus root starch in late autumn, a lot of people, dry cough, sore throat, mouth parched and tongue scorched dry lips or mouth lit phenomenon. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the best season to keep the lung and eliminating dryness. Because the air is dry, easy irritability, should eat some, Qingxin Runzao food, such as chicken, pig, tremella, sesame, honey, Soybean Milk, lotus root, coix seed, walnut, peanut, spinach, pear, duck’s egg. The recipe ingredients of lotus root contains rich iron ingredients; walnut has the role of the blood, which is the best partner, is especially good for the treatment of anemia. Tremella rock sugar and collocation, can promote blood circulation, can increase the curative effect of recipe. Walnut drinking soup can effectively tremella lotus root starch, lungs, dry cured. The recipes require prepared ingredients: tremella, walnut, sesame, lotus root starch, sugar now make walnut soup: tremella lotus root starch first, ready to work [1] take Tremella 30 minutes early, with warm water soak, tremella bubble after the Yellow roots removed, torn into small pieces, spare [; 2] walnut cut fine, after cleaning or in standby. Bee dad tip: if the baby is eating walnuts, sesame, can put into the mortar, pounded at the end, this baby is conducive to digestion and absorption; [3] powder in a bowl. Add the right amount of warm water, stir, spare; bee dad tip: 1:1 is the lotus root starch and water ratio, make out after the concentration of milk and similar. The second step, boil the soup [1] put walnuts, sugar, milk white fungus into the pot, add water, food and water ratio of 1:3, the fire to boil, simmer for 30 minutes; [2] after 30 minutes, the handle of the lotus root starch into the milk pot, one-sided, while stirring with chopsticks about 1 minutes, then remove from heat, sprinkle a little sesame, walnut soup made of tremella lotus root starch.相关的主题文章:

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