Baidu and beauty group Robin Li’s house and the joys and sorrows of the Wang Xing ca4111

Baidu and beauty group: Robin Li’s house and the joys and sorrows of Wang Robin Li and Wang Xing in the previous several major cases, "the wolf" story often staged, rumor often come true seems to have become the default rules of the Internet industry. The past two days, Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway into the United States Mission renewed rumors, the news broke the news that the transaction has been completed 80%, near the end, with the cash investment + business into the way, Baidu control stake, Wang Xing will take over the business. However, then Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway claims that the news is a rumor, and the United States is not to comment on the group. But this time, most people choose "the ballad letter". A person close to the United States Mission told Phoenix Science and technology, the news should be eight or nine from the ten, with the rhythm of the United States and the overall pace of the merger of the public comment. Robin Li’s home if the news is true, from the disclosure of the news, Baidu eventually only control part of the equity, which also means to abandon its buy and takeaway business, turned into a financial investor. You know, in June last year, Baidu Nuomi’s conference, Robin Li personally for its platform and announced an additional 20 billion investment in the next three years. Robin Li was the heart of the O2O market expectations, from 20 billion this figure is evident. In the second half of 2015, Baidu Nuomi began to force. At that time, there are a number of friends have told reporters that the same buy content, glutinous rice is much cheaper than other platforms. However, through the observation of the group purchase market can be found, whether in the early years of the "thousand group war", or in recent years the feudal rule, blindly through price promotions are not a permanent solution to the competition, even the rich and powerful Baidu, too. According to a person close to Baidu insiders told reporters that in group purchase and takeaway business, Baidu has invested huge funds, but the money seems to be a boondoggle, the market performance is not as expected. Especially after the accident with the U.S. group and the public comment, glutinous rice market ranking rose to second in the industry is automatic, but in competition with the first U.S. group comments, rice pressures facing more severe than before. What’s more, the 2016 Baidu is not good. From Baidu post bar to the incident led to a series of chain reaction, so that the public is not only a question of some of Baidu’s business, but also greatly reduced the credibility of the Baidu brand. Many things happened in the past six months, but also let Robin Li began to reflect on. In an interview with the media, Robin Li has repeatedly said that Baidu’s work and sin are in him, to start thinking about the beginning of Baidu. The day before, at the Baidu World Conference, Robin Li declared that artificial intelligence is Baidu brain, Baidu’s future direction will focus on the development of artificial intelligence, including finance and the field of unmanned vehicles. This also means that Robin Li has no intention or no time to worry about Baidu’s O2O business. Some media reports said that in Baidu internal, Robin Li ignored business will eventually be marginalized, and Baidu Nuomi may be in such an embarrassing situation. Baidu Nuomi if the United States has been struggling with the review of the group, it is difficult to profit, and now there are too many new Baidu business to do, coupled with the adjustment of advertising revenue this year, a sharp decline in the contraction of marginalized workers相关的主题文章:

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