Baron Chen talk about love the man firm can not touch his girlfriend bestie!

Baron Chen talk about love: the man firm can not touch his girlfriend bestie! Baron Chen Tencent entertainment mango TV reality show "the golden Bachelor" in October 1st to launch soon. The day before, in a section of the official video interview program, as the hero in the incarnation of Baron Chen "emotion experts", sharp interpretation in love, "love in a woman needs a whip, whip woman more coarse man is obedient, man can not let the girls" a series of verse netizens sympathy, also talked about the topic of love and money bestie resonate. Baron Chen sharp: men love girlfriend bestie firm can not touch "a person is good, but two people may be more beautiful". In the golden bachelor, Baron Chen talks about his understanding of love. As the golden Bachelor in the pursuit of the 25 goddesses of the hero, Baron Chen said, in fact, she does not know how to get along with girls in life, female friends are few. The girlfriend bestie, Baron Chen that "bestie is in addition to the family of female friends who had the strongest influence, or even destroy your feelings", so his girlfriend will please bestie, including gifts etc.. But if the girlfriend bestie is interested in himself, Baron Chen immediately retorted "absolutely not! She feels interesting to you face to the stench "in you, and that this is a man of character, must not touch the girlfriend bestie, Chaozheng three lead users point of praise, called emotional experts. Date overhead is ready after the financial power to the woman is when talking about the same as money box in love, Baron Chen also has his own opinion. Date the boys bill or has been the focus of many AA debate, Baron Chen said that although the now popular idea of AA, but the boys in the date of pay is a rehearsal for the future of marriage, "anyway, after you get married or have to pay, and to support the family, raising children spend more, so we can advance the date of practice" do not follow the routine play, answer again hit the hi point users have a message, "Baron Chen is absolutely a good man", "on the show date is to find the right people, praise", "that Baron Chen gave me a dozen". At the same time for the marriage of financial problems, Baron Chen also said that women should grasp the financial power "you every month to thirty thousand boys and three hundred thousand of the cost, man’s performance is certainly not the same as the" sharp point of view once again aroused discussion. It is reported that this Saturday at 12 a.m., "the golden Bachelor" in mango TV premiere, Baron Chen program which will have beyond all expectations gold sentence, has become the focus of attention of the users.相关的主题文章:

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