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[bashanyushui] to look at the big Buddhist temple in Tongnan " eight Zhang Jinxian; " Tourism – Sohu bodhi tree, the mirror is, had no one, where the dust! The Buddha, as a common Chinese characters, from people from Fred, ideographic people, said not clear, there is no " the meaning of justice ". The word "Buddha" means that you can’t see clearly and want to see clearly. Since three thousand years ago, now in Nepal the Kapilavastu Prince Gautama · Siddartha founded Buddhism, Buddhism has gradually become one of the three major religions in the world. Buddhism in the "Buddha", meaning "sleep", Buddhist practicing Buddhism aims to find the truth of life and the universe, eventually reach beyond death, cut off all the troubles, so as to achieve true liberation. I’m not a Buddhist, but love to go to the temple to walk, see, pat those grand atmosphere building, beautiful decoration of Buddha and the surrounding environment. The solemn… In mid March this year, Chongqing Tongnan to shoot rape when went to the famous "Tongnan Temple" around. "The big Buddha Temple was built in the Tang Xiantong period (860-873 years), the beginning of a" set out ", also known as the" South Temple ", and later because of the Song Dynasty in the mountains cutting a Buddha Temple, was renamed the" Temple ", the Ming Dynasty in the statue covering seven heavy flying Pavilion as shelter is still intact. Is the car to go to the day, in the "Tongnan" Chengdu Chongqing high-speed intersection Road westbound, about one kilometer to the temple". The weather is very bad, in the early morning rain, although no rain gear, but the visibility is poor. Here is the tickets, we just go early, did not buy tickets directly into, but along the way there have been several local "selling incense" old women entanglement, make people very unhappy…… "Temple" is the national key cultural relics protection units, with a heavy culture the statue of a large background, Mo Yan decorated Buddha, is a rare treasure in stone statues. "Buddha" is 18.43 meters high, 4.3 meters long, 2.74 meters long ears, known as " eight Zhang Jinxian, people call " " Golden Buddha ", is the first big Buddha in China, the world’s seventh Buddha, was in and outside experts known as the "crown of the buddha". There are " look tall to Leshan, look fine to Tongnan ". Look, is this statue of Buddha, gold " " day to early, there is no "good" to worship, it is now the Buddha Shakya Muni Buddha, but I think this Buddha is looking more and more like that "when the Republic of China the most hard bones" Mr. Lu Xun. The Buddha is the Buddha temple outside, also known as Daxiangge, was built for the five canopies, as with glass cover, glorious and resplendent, is China’s earliest use of ancient building glazed tile roof, after generations of maintenance, the Ming Dynasty into seven eaves. So tall buildings, all transfer beams, purlins, columns, Fang place, is said not to use a iron nail. The bad light, in the hall outside a few,.相关的主题文章:

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