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Beckham had been victoria secret underwear industry Oscar appointed the big guest lead: Secret stage in Vitoria as the annual show, people in this effort but playfully leverage, even Beckham and Kanye was the Bra of the Oscar platform, today we have today Laibayi CY eight Victoria Secret on the stage to help the guests to play. Beckham on Victoria Secret – Oscar appointed the underwear industry big guests Rihanna, Bibb, Perry, JT, Kanye, Mars brother, even Beckham, these celebrities have appeared on the same stage. Not a Grammy, not MTV, but the underwear industry Oscar – Vitoria’s Secret T taiwan. In those years go on the Victoria Secret T show guests, you must have that today we have 818 players, who had boarded the stage? In 2016, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd 2016 three Lady Gaga Victoria’s Secret performing at 2016 annual show announced this year show three groups of performers, they are: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd. The latter two have been played before, and Lady Gaga is the first appearance. In 2015, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd Selena-Gomez in 2015 2015 show guests to help the guests to play is Selena-Gomez and The-Weeknd, the original plan of the Rihanna problem because the publicity records cancelled the show, but also There was no parallel in history. 2015: The-Weeknd Hozier, Ed guest Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor-Swift 2014 2014 show guest: guest performers: Taylor-Swift 2014 Hozier 2014: guest performers performers: Ed-Sheeran 2014 show guests: Ariana-Grande 2014 Taylor-Swift second times aboard the Victoria Secret stage, and this is the first time the Victoria Secret Show "run away" New York, choose to do the show in London, so the British singer Ed-Sheeran has become to help the guests to play. Fall out boy, Taylor Swift, Neon Jungle 2013 performers: Taylor-Swift 2013: Taylor-Swift Taylor-Swift 2013 show guests first on the Victoria Secret stage, a diamond miniskirt sexy, in addition to Taylor outside the big show singing guests and Fall out boy, Neo.相关的主题文章:

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