Before October, a total of 1325 fires in Nanjing caused by the death of 13 people-rosstallanma

Before October, Nanjing total of 1325 fires caused 13 people were killed in November 8th, modern express reporter learned from the Nanjing fire brigade was informed that in 2016 1 to October, 1325 fires occurred in the city, killed 13 people, injured 4 people, the direct property loss of more than 1260 yuan, not larger and more fire accidents. Compared with the same period in 2015, decreased by 4.2%, respectively, 40%, 88.89%, 15.91%. From the fire place, residents of the housing home fire fire first. Now enter the winter, is a fire prone period, the fire department to remind the general public, attention must be paid to the common safety problems in daily life, in order to avoid trouble". Analysis of residents of the housing has become the most fire places it is reported that this year the fire, the fire from the fire place, houses a total of 566, accounting for 42.71% of the total number of fire; secondly, the public place fire since 272, accounting for 20.52% of the total number of fire; fire vehicles 171, accounting for 13% of the total plant, the fire site; 81 fires, although the fire accounted for only 6.11% of the total, but caused direct property loss of the total loss of the number of 22.56%, indirect loss and social influence and caused great. Compared with the same period in 2015, a slight increase in vehicle fire, the rest of the various places of fire has declined slightly. From the analysis of the fire accident, 12 people died in the fire occurred in the community, residents home. Four aspects of data need to focus on prevention of the modern express reporter learned that the current community fire safety hazards has become the key to risk vigilance and prevention, which mainly includes four aspects: 1. Electrical: since this year, 41.5% of the total amount of electric fire fire, overload, electrical failure, short circuit and so on are the causes of electrical fires. 2. Gas: such incidents are increasing year by year, 25 cases have occurred this year, resulting in more than 50 people were injured. 3. Electric bicycle: this year, 21 electric bicycle fire accidents, direct economic losses of nearly one million yuan. The main reason for the quality of electric bicycles, improper use of users, unauthorized modification and illegal charging. 4. Rental housing: this year, the city’s rental housing fire occurred nearly a hundred, of which 3 dead fire, causing 4 deaths. Rental housing, especially the group of rental fire hazards, more common violations of fire electricity use. Do not be reminded of the chaos of electrical wiring in the winter is a fire prone period, the fire department to remind the general public, do not pull the chaos of electrical wiring, timely replacement of old lines and equipment. At the same time, pay attention to the safety of gas, before and after the use of the valve must be checked, switches, the use of time to close the habit. In addition, the use of electric vehicles in the process, do not arbitrarily replace the original car equipped with lead-acid batteries into lithium batteries, or the use of non original charger and charging equipment fast charging. (South Xuan Wang Rui)相关的主题文章:

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