Beijing automobile bj20 official listing price of 9.68-13.98 million (video)-douke

Beijing automobile BJ20 officially listed price of 9.68-13.98 million yuan in Beijing automobile BJ20 listed on the conference site in late September 10, 2016, Beijing’s new compact SUV BJ20 officially listed, the launch of the new car equipped with 1.5T power of six models, the price range of 9.68-13.98 million. BJ20 is a new product to pay tribute to the classic BJ212, inherited the hard design of Beijing brand, but the overall shape is more younger, more biased city driving. Beijing automobile BJ20 official guidance issued in August this year, Beiqi own brand just took five years to complete the millions of sales by leaps and bounds, become the fastest speed independent brand in this performance. Although compared with the Saab brand and prestige, the flagship of hardcore off-road vehicle niche market in Beijing brand sales contribution rate is much smaller, but according to the vice president of Beiqi shares (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Cai Jianjun, BJ80 and BJ40 are hard to find a car in their respective market segments. This time after the listing of BJ20, Beijing, BJ80 brand will have BJ40L, BJ40 and BJ20 four products, different from the same big brother BJ80 and BJ40, the civil market BJ20 more emphasis on younger, so also bear the amount of walking task, Beiqi for the car developed for monthly sales target of 5000 units. According to BAIC planning, BJ20 in the brand and the product image will be directly on the Jeep freedom man (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), in the sales level is on the breeze X7. Beijing automobile BJ20 listed on the conference site Beijing BJ20 listed on the conference site Beijing BJ20 Tibet line "long journey" by collection as a compact SUV, the length and width of Beijing BJ20 high were 445118451675 (1700) mm, wheelbase 2670mm. The appearance of BJ20, the overall shape of Hale, retained the five hole front grille brand family of Beijing. Headlamps using split design, the shape of the classic "BJ212" type round lamp, the top is a group of LED daytime driving lights. Beijing automobile BJ20 Beijing BJ20 Beijing BJ20 new tail of a strong sense of hierarchy, taillight shape with a high degree of recognition, a large area of silver trim and rear bumper smooth convergence of two bilateral square embedded tailpipe to rear look full of strength. Beijing automotive BJ20 Beijing (BJ) 20 in the interior design is more prominent sense of movement, the central console soft material coverage and imitation carbon fiber trim board have left a deep impression. In addition, 10.1 inches large screen features integrated mobile Internet, Wi-Fi and intelligent voice system, very complete. Beijing automotive BJ20 Beijing automotive BJ20 configuration, BJ20 is equipped with leather seats, panoramic sunroof, dual area independent air conditioning, seat ventilation and heating comfort configuration. Security configuration, the new car with reversing radar, 360 degree panoramic parking, auxiliary, ESP vehicle stability system, tire pressure monitoring and other functions. Beijing car BJ20.相关的主题文章:

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