Beijing – VIDEO – food around the people gathered in Jiangxi, Xinyu tongue rush-yuanjiao

Beijing – VIDEO – around the delicacy gathered in Jiangxi Xinyu people tongue "big time" around the delicacy gathered in Jiangxi Xinyu people tongue "big time" [comment] in late August 26th 2016, Jiangxi Rural Tourism Cultural Festival in Xinyu city started the delicacy. The event brings together dozens of features from all over the country as well as local rural tourism food for local people and foreign tourists to provide a cultural feast. The event is divided into three areas of food cooking area, small commodities market, performing arts area, showing the fried, steamed, fried, grilled and other cooking techniques, showing a variety of food products. [] Taiwan businessmen over the same period the people in the city of Xinyu is very warm, very good, our company is the Taiwan side, (run everywhere all over the country is what we are going to), which Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian Province, is to let people taste the taste of our country. [in the same period] this is certainly not the same as the Jiangsu food festival, like us, this is a lot of people, where there are so many people shop, the whole city to gather people together, more lively. [] local people over the same period the meat string, this is what the shrimp, shrimp like not eaten today, taste fresh, (feel) okay, you see my baby’s favorite. [interpretation] it is understood that the food festival for a week, at six to ten points every night, the next month will be in-depth Jiangxi, Nanchang, Yingtan and other places to carry out.相关的主题文章:

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