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Strict blocking habitual gap belt ban – Yunnan Channel – original title: strictly blocked the safety belt ban habit gap from the beginning of October 1, 2016, Wuhan city will officially begin to capture the electronic police driving traffic violations of safety belt system. An "official", means that this is a real thing, will open a history of the most stringent "safety belt" law enforcement management. Sources said that from the beginning of October 1st, driving in Wuhan is not wearing a seat belt driver, will face the appropriate punishment. Such as: when traveling on the highway, the driver is not required to use a seat belt, a fine of 50 yuan, down 2; traveling city expressway on the road, the driver is not required to use a seat belt, a fine of 50 yuan, down 2; driving on the highway or expressway outside the City on the road. The driver is not required to use a seat belt, a fine of 50 yuan, do not score. Don’t fasten the safety belt points is not fine, what new things. If we are not mistaken, once announced and executed many rounds. Why security zone management a little later always enter the "Bo Yan whose death has not Yan" periodic law? In order to secure a new round of belt management can be effective, I believe that it is necessary to carry out a number of previous experience inventory. It is unnecessary to say the importance of seat belts, and even the setting of the car itself does not allow passengers to wear seat belts. But even if it is for their own safety, it seems that many people don’t want to take a little more security. From the driver’s point of view, perhaps Small Office Casual psychological mischief. Small casually, has long been regarded as easy, straightforward, as a kind of convenient and unrestrained behavior, in the course of time, will inevitably become a habit, even become a "cultural". That is, as the safety belt, the extra tedious make an unnecessary move. Even in relation to the safety of the importance of safety belt height harping on the old tune, people have more patience but also laughed as trembling meaningless, it is difficult to count them as a good reminder and put into practice. From the management perspective, most can not let down the "broken window effect". Don’t fasten the safety belt, said the fine points, but always discount. Say nothing more than such factors. Random enforcement. I said, don’t fasten the safety belt is small, small thing, so why care about? They are not, law enforcement officers also gradually feel shy too tangled up, the original paper ban, and finally it opened and closed freely about that. Such as human law enforcement. The ban will abracadabra; after a period of time, we have lost behind. Or for the ordinary driver, in strict accordance with the ban; for some familiar some momentum some backing of the owner, and may be due to face easily let go. Today, the new ban, although electronic eye capture can avoid the random and human harm, but people’s Small Office Casual psychological not automatically eliminated, and the "broken window effect" of the management risk still exists. The most stringent safety belt ban in place in the history of the implementation of the final, so that the Department of personnel in the heart相关的主题文章:

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