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BMW released a new energy strategy in China imported five cars to victory there is an old saying: "those who do not seek Jesus Christ, seek temporary shortage; those who do not seek a global lack of a domain plan." Has been deepening localization strategy in China BMW group clearly understand this. In the next 100 years "in the starting line, BMW group has shown a series of cool future technology, focused on the current. The evening of September 1st, BMW new energy automotive conference held in Chengdu, BMW group announced in Chinese provides 5 cars of 9 new energy vehicles; BMW also announced, BMW eDrive from BMW I electric drive technology innovation platform will be extended to all BMW main models, and the future BMW I will integrate more digital interconnection and automatic driving technology. So far, BMW brand strategy and product layout, has been fleshed out. BMW I3 upgrade new BMW 7 plug-in hybrid BMW I8 limited edition red proton event, BMW’s new energy vehicle collective appearance, which BMW I3 upgrade, the new BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid and BMW I8 limited edition red Proton car announced the listing, BMW X1 plug-in power as a domestic new car will debut at the Chengdu auto show. Seek a global rainy day in March this year, BMW group proposed a new "first strategy", "brand" was promoted to the company’s strategic. In addition, according to this strategy, BMW group will focus on scientific and technological innovation, expand the digital connection between adults, vehicles and services, and actively promote sustainable travel. The release of the new energy strategy and products, can be said to be the first strategy, a real landing. According to the planning of the BMW group, the future of the entire vehicle BMW will introduce plug-in hybrid technology, unified named BMW I electric performance, models will have BMW iPerformance logo. In Chinese, BMW group to provide 5 cars of 9 new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which is the most widely used luxury brands and most advanced technology of new energy vehicle lineup. Kang Siyuan, chief executive officer of BMW group Greater China (with reference to, pictures, inquiry) and chief executive officer, "sustainability, automation and connectivity will be the characteristics of future travel. We are striding forward in this direction." BMW group Greater China president and CEO Kang Siyuan said, as the world’s largest single market BMW group, China will play an important role in the future. We have the responsibility to contribute to environmental protection in the field of travel." The event, a total of 3 models of the Department of BMW 6 new energy vehicles listed. Among them, the BMW I3 upgrade section mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to 200 km, by the program models up to 330 km; BMW I8 special edition red proton brought changes in color and appearance, highlighting the exclusive sense; the new BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid sDrive (rear wheel drive) and xDrive (four wheel drive) version two, also marked the BMW eDrive electric drive technology is introduced for large precision technology.相关的主题文章:

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