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The boy was 20 girls romantic confession: meeting you is our little lucky, in November 11th, in addition to shopping carnival, is also a single dog festival. Wang Xingshuai class 102 College of Foreign Language University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Shenyang still single, which makes many people around him feel "unbelievable", after all, the class of 21 people, in addition to his own no "competitors". And on this day, he received a confession from 20 girls in the class. Some netizens said that the "double 11" this day is not cut hands of the girl has not much, advised Wang not picky, hesitant, and quickly start. Zhang Zichuan was the mastermind of the scene. "There are 21 students in our class. There are only one of his boys, he is our class" baby ", he is super good, very honest, usually also take care of us. For four years, look to graduate, we finally want to give him a surprise, hoping to give him leave a good memory, the results of my proposal was agreed by all the girls in the class. Because he is single, so we chose singles day, in front of the boy bedroom building, sprinkle a dog food, hope he will take off as soon as possible." Zhang Zichuan told reporters. On this day, all the girls to the class one boy Wang Xingshuai carefully orchestrated a big surprise, and staged a romantic collective confession". In the face of 20 girls intimate blessing, onlookers boys envy envy hate. At 17 on November 11th, Wang Xingshuai was surrounded by 20 girls holding roses in the center of a heart-shaped candle, and the whole person was trapped. 20 girls surrounded by Wang Xingshuai sang Hebe Tian’s "lucky", singing songs, girls chanted: "Wang Xingshuai, you are our little lucky!" Carter, the girls group will be in the hands of red roses for Wang Xingshuai, her every rose has a small piece of paper, write the girls for his blessing. "My note says," get along for four years, thank you, and hope you can find your little lucky man. "." Zhang Zichuan said. "They are good, they also meet my luck, I will always love them." Wang Xingshuai said. Source: Shenyang Evening News

男生被20名女生浪漫告白:遇见你是我们的小幸运   11月11日除了是购物狂欢节,也是单身狗们的节日。沈阳航空航天大学外国语学院英语系102班的王兴帅至今单身,这让他身边的不少人觉得“不可思议”,毕竟全班21个人,除了他自己之外就再也没有“竞争对手”了。而就在这一天,他收到了来自全班20位女生的告白 。有网友评价称,双11这一天不剁手的姑娘已经不多了,劝小王别挑剔犹豫了,赶紧下手。   张梓川是这一大场面的策划者。“我们班一共有21名同学,只有他一个男生,他就是我们班的‘宝贝’,他这个人超级好,非常地正直,平时也很照顾我们。四年了,眼瞅就要毕业了,我们想送给他最后一个惊喜,希望能给他留下一段美好的回忆,结果我的提议得到了全班 女生 的一致同意。由于他是单身,所以我们选择了光棍节这天,在 男生寝室 楼门前撒下一把‘狗粮’,希望他尽快脱单。”张梓川告诉记者。   在这一天,全体女生给班级唯一的一名男生王兴帅精心策划了一个大惊喜,并上演了浪漫的集体“ 告白 ”。面对20位 女生 的贴心祝福,围观男生无比羡慕嫉妒恨。11月11日17时,王兴帅被20名手持玫瑰花的 女生 簇拥在心形蜡烛中央,整个人蒙了。20名 女生 簇拥着王兴帅唱起了田馥甄的《小幸运》,唱完歌曲, 女生齐声呼喊:“王兴帅,遇见你是我们的小幸运!”   话音刚落, 女生们组团儿将手中的红玫瑰送给王兴帅,每支玫瑰花中都塞有一张小纸条,上面写有 女生 们对他的祝福。“我的那张纸条上写的是‘四年相处,感谢有你,愿你能找到你的小幸运’。”张梓川说。“她们个个都是好样的,遇到她们也是我的幸运,我会永远爱她们的。”王兴帅说。   来源:沈阳晚报相关的主题文章:

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