Bravery and dare to different Crafts heritage, the United States ah pot assessment report –

With different craftsmanship heritage? Dare, AH pot test report – America’s Sohu and Dan · dare different craft inheritance ", is the main idea of this beautiful AH pot, very pleased to participate in this high-end beauty AH cooker new trial. After receiving the AH pot, carefully looked at, is not too small, the volume is large, can be a one-time cooking many ingredients in the kitchen is a beautiful landscape, with cooking, soup, porridge and other basic procedures cover, don’t think that it can only do the cooking stew Oh, it will do everything, also when using a microwave oven, a pot with everything. As long as gently press the button, the lid will open, the computer controls the blue liquid crystal display, cooking procedures, the remaining time at a glance. Come to talk about the AH beauty pot highlight is its liner. Thin eggshell glaze process of Southern Song Guan kiln has been lost for nearly a thousand years. The Southern Song Guan kiln top experts, inheritors of Li Yue Ning core skills "lost repeat glaze" restoration. The beauty of the home appliance industry and the first cross-border cooperation, the beauty of the original ecological AH pot from ore excavation, milling slurry to high-temperature calcination, using a combination of Southern Song Guan kiln authentic forging method. Could someone of Maifan stone is not particularly understand, stone is a kind of natural mineral drugs, eighteen kinds of trace elements necessary to the human body contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus constant elements and zinc, iron and selenium, copper, iodine, fluorine, strontium and metasilicate etc.. Stone is half an igneous rock neutral alkali, close to the volcano rock, which contains natural mineral easy release from the hole stone on the numerous release of oxygen. Purify water by absorbing bleach and other toxic substances. Calcium, iron, sodium and other minerals emit Maifan stone in drinking water can be improved. Equivalent of saying, cooking soup and porridge at the same time, it is a water purifier. The United States AH pot in addition to stone liner, and a circular, a clean, easy to clean, can be put into a glass container for microwave oven, use the "quick heating function, even the microwave oven are saved. The use of beauty AH cooker cooking three dishes, Stewed Beef grain, vegetable and meat grain porridge and health mushroom soup. All ready to cook soup and porridge. Using the AH pot, make cooking easier, as long as the setting program, will display the remaining time, the rest can be brush wash, washing and cleaning, eating seeds and watch tv. End of the program to remind the sound drops, do not have to worry about the overflow pot, paste pot, forget to turn off the fire, burning and other embarrassing things happen. Cooking soup, only need to add some salt, must be very delicious, soup mode can also stew, fast hot sauce, the effect of bang bang da. We love to eat beef, beef and favorite cow tendons, stewed soup can be. We will not put too many braised beef flavor, how does Shanghai version of the braised dishes will put chili pepper like spices, soy sauce and sugar is the main. It is a little like Taiwan braised sirloin practices, after all, older people, especially the people of Shanghai, we will not like young people like spicy food. A thick with the smell of meat braised beef, meat Sulan, thick soup, not only delicious meat, the soup is the perfect meal of the goods. This dish is also available.相关的主题文章:

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