Businesses under the original capital started popularity battle for the bus is really not money!-winbook

Businesses under the original capital started popularity battle for the bus is really not money! The public can take the 603 bus free of charge, Zhong Zhibing, chief reporter of the free bus ride, do you believe it? It’s true! From October 28th, 603 road line and the interval between the 689 lines, along the way can get off the site, not a penny. Yesterday, reporters found that the two free bus is a commercial complex in cooperation with the bus company’s charter business, first two months of operation, mainly to the mall to consider giving customers the convenience of transportation, but also brings popularity, is a win-win thing. The first time not to travel by bus yesterday, 9 am, Ms. Xu Guanyin Bridge ready to take the bus back to Yubei Hing service. "Back to the general Hing Road 603 to sit, sit to transfer to other lines." She said, in Guanyin Bridge, Jiangbei Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Station waiting for a few minutes to see a new 603 bus arrived. Her car ready to punch, the driver was told not to buy tickets. "I think it wrong, also paused again asked the driver, the answer is still without a ticket." Ms. Xu said, sitting for more than and 10 years of the bus, or the first time do not buy tickets. Subsequently, he also specialized to sit in the first row, observe whether other passengers buy tickets. The results showed that the passengers on the initiative to want to swipe the card, were rejected by the driver. Really do not have to buy the whole thing really like Ms. Xu said so? At 10:30 yesterday, the reporter also came to Guanyin Bridge Jiangbei hospital station experience. In more than and 10 minutes, a blue and white, a new bus in front of the front with 603 shuttle bus line card, line from Guanyin Bridge (Jiangbei hospital) to the name of world trade city. The reporter found after the car, the car is equipped with a credit card machine, but when ready to brush card, the driver waved his hand, said the bus is free, not to buy tickets. Then, the car driving to the temple, California garden, rail road station, Xinpaifang Jiazhou stations are passengers, are told not to buy tickets. Then, the car left Xinpaifang station, went straight to the airport expressway, not through the Gulf of Sanya market, Hua Tianyou dairy, animal husbandry, two port Avenue, Yubei Taiwan Industrial Park Station, but the name of the company to end point station. We received the notice is to allow passengers to ride free, specifically what is not clear, as long as the passengers can get off the bus station on the normal." The driver told reporters. Passenger lift more than 2 thousand people daily "this is the name of world trade city contracted charter business, by the bus company, the public can free ride." Yesterday, in charge of Chartered Business Liangjiang airport shuttle bus, responsible person, in October 28th, the 603 road section free bus opened on the same day, traffic only more than and 100 passengers, operating 6 days, the daily traffic reached more than 2 thousand passengers. With the increasing understanding of the people along the way, is expected to increase traffic. According to reports, the interval transit mall also contracted another 689 road track back Hing Station – the city of the holy name of the wto.相关的主题文章:

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