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Carina Lau why Tony Leung? After the kidnapping was moved by his words – Carina Lau micro-blog screenshot. In new network on 30 September, according to the "Taiwan times" reported China, Hong Kong star Carina Lau is not only a successful career, feelings of some people also admired. Actor Tony Leung and her love for 20 years long, until the 2008 wedding in bhutan. The outside world knows the couple belongs to the "complementary", Carina Lau love a group of friends together to play, Tony Leung love at home and enjoy the comfort. But the two people of such different decisions for life, Carina Lau admits, are husband years ago a sentence touched. Carina Lau recently on the chat show "Venus" show, to the depth of field dialogue between the woman and host venus. Surprisingly, Carina Lau put the heart in the program, and talked about the feelings of history, and that she filed past rare old businessman Julian. She said that from Suzhou to Hongkong, then Julian gave her great confidence and support, this feeling about 3 years, the outside world have guessed Carina Lau sooner or later became too many, but in the end they regret breaking up, therefore she is back "was abandoned giants" rumors over the years. Carina Lau said the two sides were a peaceful break, the reason is very simple, that is, I chose the Tony Leung". As for the identification of the key one of Tony Carina Lau, the biggest crisis of career, is kidnapped by a year, her physical and mental suffering, and the cause of the very influential Tony, was willing to stay beside her, for she said: "this world is so complicated, we will go where you want to go, I accompany you go, so she moved, so that her husband Tony Leung the right person is lifelong".相关的主题文章:

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