Yabuli entrepreneurs confidence index survey the development of continuous decline 不屑置辩

Yabuli entrepreneurs confidence index survey: the development of the continuous decline of Sina Financial News "Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum Sixteenth Annual Meeting on February 19, 2016 -21 days held in Heilongjiang province. The theme of this year’s meeting is "entrepreneurs: confidence and motivation."". Yabuli forum released every year China entrepreneur confidence index, confidence index score more than 50 points is relatively optimistic; less than 50 is relatively pessimistic. According to the data of the forum this year revealed that China entrepreneur confidence index since the second half of 2014 continued to decline, but the total index is still relatively optimistic about the economic Chinese display. In the economic environment, policy environment, political and legal environment, social and cultural environment, confidence has fallen below 50 points. Chinese entrepreneur confidence index is the standard system jointly launched by Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum of Tsinghua University livelihood Economy Research Institute of Peking University, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics, University of International Business and Economics, and has been published for many years. The following is the 2016 Yabuli forum China entrepreneur confidence index data. In 2016 China entrepreneur confidence index Yabuli forum data source: Sina Finance 2016 Yabuli forum Chinese entrepreneur confidence index data source: Sina Finance 2016 Yabuli forum China entrepreneur confidence index data source: Sina Finance 2016 Yabuli forum China entrepreneur confidence index data source: Sina Finance 2016 Yabuli forum China entrepreneur confidence index part of the data source: Sina Finance 2016 Yabuli forum Chinese entrepreneur confidence index data source: Sina   Sina statement: all meeting minutes are not finishing the scene shorthand, reviewed by the speaker, sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description . 亚布力企业家调查:发展信心指数连续走低   新浪财经讯“亚布力中国企业家论坛第十六届年会”于2016年2月19日-21日在黑龙江亚布力召开。本届年会主题就是“企业家:信心与动力”。   亚布力论坛每年都会发布中国企业家发展信心指数,信心指数得分超过50分为相对乐观;低于50分为相对悲观。   据今年论坛透露出来的部分数据显示,中国企业家发展信心指数自2014年下半年来持续走低,但总指数仍显示对中国经济相对乐观。在经济环境、政策环境、政治法律环境、社会文化环境信心方面已有部分信心跌破50分。   中国企业家发展信心指数是由亚布力中国企业家论坛联合清华大学民生经济研究院、北京大学、中国人民大学、中央财经大学、对外经济贸易大学共同推出的标准体系,已连续发布多年。   以下为2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据。 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经       新浪声明:所有会议实录均为现场速记整理,未经演讲者审阅,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。相关的主题文章:

[mm] at the end of the year with good skin care to skin products collecting large Sohu 黄淮学院学生处

[MM] at the end of the year with good skin care to skin products collecting large Sohu bustling about it to the end of ~ for women, the most important of course is good beauty! Review of the skin care process in 2015 this year, there are always a few super easy to use, and their own favorite single product, a little finishing, and share with you! Are: Kiehl’s high moisturizing cream moisturizing herb Julie Kou Huan Yan the most important Biotherm care oil fountain SPA sleep mask Avene fountain Hengrun moisture lotion fantasy Anne cleansing foam skin care link is clean! Thorough cleansing is the first step in getting good skin! In the cold winter, have dry skin, serious water shortage, plus the weather in the North haze day capping, skin is victimized, large pores, skin cutin, oxidation and other issues are followed. The air is bad, more attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the skin, so the most important thing in the skin care is the need for a warm cleansing products, and it is the dream of Anne cleansing foam. Product packaging from Australia has been very rigorous, there are plastic packaging outside, import logo complete, with absolute ease. Cleansing foam is white paste texture, with a faint fragrance, with the use of foaming network, very intimate oh. Usually choose cleansing products, I will see whether it will produce foam, if there is no foam, it seems that washing is not clean, no sense of security. In the special foaming network, take soybean size cleanser, and then gently rub with water, you can come out of the rich and delicate foam, foam in the palm of the hand is very gentle and comfortable feeling. As a cleansing product, cleaning ability is more important to me. On the back of the hand painted with commonly used liquid foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and eyebrow pencil, and then use the cleanser to clean the back of the hand. The bubble in the back of the hand massage, a miracle happened, hand painted make-up slowly all bubble diluted, after a while back clean, even the most difficult to unload Eyeliner cleaning clean, it seems that the cleansing foam cleaning ability is very good oh. To wash this slightly, dense foam on the face massage up very comfortable. Massage from the inside to outside, oh, these bubbles in massage at the same time deep into the pores, clear the pores of the skin dirt and excess sebum, but also easy to remove due to the aging of the aging caused by dark. Cleansing products contain plant essence can effectively rid of free radicals, brighten the skin color, adhere to the use can effectively improve the skin due to water shortage and appear coarse pores, small fine lines, stains and so on. Finally clean with water, you can use the cleansing foam after washing the face, feel the skin bright white through, feel slippery, tender and tender, very water, not a bit tight! Because there is a natural cleanser which contains mint essence, can thoroughly clean the skin; beet root essence can effectively improve the skin moisture content, purslane extract, can bright color, it is a wash effect oh! Suitable for use throughout the year. Face clean, the subsequent maintenance of the product permeability absorption ability will be twice the result with half the effort. A good cleaning product, not only can clean the skin dirt, or can quickly replenish moisture for the skin. Test of intelligent skin moisture tester: use the front part of the skin _

【毛毛MM】年终护肤 好用美肤单品大搜罗-搜狐 忙忙碌碌又到年底啦~对于女人来说,最重要的当然是美美美啦!回顾2015这一年的护肤历程,总有那么几件超好用并且自己也超喜欢的单品,小小整理了一下,和大家分享一下! 分别是:科颜氏高保湿霜 茱莉蔻草本焕颜滋润护理油 碧欧泉活泉SPA睡眠面膜 雅漾活泉恒润保湿精华乳 梦幻安妮洁面泡沫 肌肤保养中最重要的环节就是—清洁!彻底清洁,才是获得好皮肤的第一步!正值寒冷冬季,本来就肌肤干燥,缺水严重,再加上北方的天气整日雾霾压顶,肌肤更是饱受其害,毛孔粗大、角质堆积、肌肤氧化等问题都接踵而至。空气糟糕更要注重肌肤的清洁,所以当下护肤的重中之重就是需要一款温洁净的洁肤产品,而它,就是梦幻安妮洁面泡沫。 来自澳洲的产品包装一直都很严谨,外面都有塑封,进口标识齐全,用得绝对安心。 洁面泡沫是白色的膏状质地,有淡淡的清香,配的还有装用的起泡网,很贴心哦。 平时选择洁面产品,我一定会看一下是否会产生泡沫,如果没有泡沫就好像洗不干净没有安全感一样。在专用的起泡网上取黄豆粒大小的洁面膏然后加水轻轻揉搓,就能出来丰富又细腻的泡沫,泡沫在掌心很温和很舒适的感觉。 作为一款洁面产品,清洁能力是我比较看重的。在手背上涂上常用的眼线,粉底液,口红和眉笔,然后用洁面泡沫来清洁手背。泡沫在手背稍加按摩后,奇迹发生了,手背涂的彩妆慢慢的全部被泡沫稀释溶解了,一会儿功夫手背就干干净净的,就连最难卸的眼线笔也给清洗的特别干净,看来这款洁面泡沫的清洁能力很棒哦。 开始洗脸咯,这绵密的泡沫在脸上按摩起来舒服极了。由内向外打圈按摩哦~这些泡沫在按摩的同时能深入毛孔深层,清除肌肤毛孔内的脏污和多余的皮脂,还能轻松去除因暗沉所造成的老化角质。洁面产品里面蕴含的植物精华能够有效赶走自由基,提亮肤色,坚持使用能有效改善肌肤因缺水而出现的毛孔粗大,小细纹,色斑等。 最后用清水清洗干净即可,用洁面泡沫洗完脸后感觉肌肤亮白通透,摸起来滑滑嫩嫩的,很水润一点也不紧绷!因为洁面泡沫里面蕴含有天然的薄荷精华,能够彻底洁净肌肤;甜菜根精华可以有效提高肌肤含水量,马齿笕精华,能够明亮肤色,真可谓是一洗多效哦!一年四季都适合使用的。脸清洁干净了,后续的保养品渗透吸收能力一定会事半功倍的。 一款好的清洁产品,不仅能清洁肌肤污垢还是能为肌肤快速补充水分。 用智能肌肤水分测试仪测试:使用前面部肌肤含水量32.7% 明显处于干燥缺水状态 使用后面部肌肤含水量飙升到67.0% 肌肤滋润,喝饱了水的状态哦,补水效果很明显 第一步洁肤工作做好了,后面的护肤效果才会事半功倍! 不知道大家发现没,2015年好多大牌都相继推出了面部护理油,我选择了来自澳洲的茱莉蔻草本焕颜滋润护理油。 这款护理油是100%天然植物油萃取,能够全面焕活与修护肌肤,帮助肌肤抵御初老痕迹。 滴管设计使用起来非常方便,不仅能有效控制用量,还能防止直接接触肌肤带来污染。 滴一滴在手背上,清泉般的透明液体,有淡淡的怡人芳香,触感极为细腻,感觉很温和,轻轻推开的时候又感觉比较轻薄,延展性非常好,稍作按摩很容易就被肌肤吸收了,使用过的肌肤看起来细腻光滑,还很有光泽感,仿佛又恢复了年轻状态一般。 这款护理油可以单独使用,也可以混合面霜使用。在手背上试了一下混合面霜的效果,不用多说,看图片就知道效果不是一般的好!细腻滋润光滑于一体!一般到了秋冬干燥季节我会在每次使用面霜的时候加入一两滴护理油,这样,面霜的保湿效果会更持久。 清洁肌肤爽肤水过后,取3-4滴在手心,稍加摩擦加热一下,这样吸收效果更好哦 轻轻涂抹整个面部的时候,可以搭配按摩手法,充分调动面部的血液循环,然后涂抹于面部、颈项与胸口至完全吸收,最后按压捂热面部加速吸收,简单几步,在家也能给肌肤做SPA。 一段时间的使用后,肌肤变得光滑细腻,紧实柔软,就连之前的细纹,暗沉,小瑕疵也都有了明显的改善,上妆前的卡粉现象也再没有出现过,肌肤容光焕发了,就算是素颜出门也特别有自信。 整日在家空调暖风吹得久了一不小心肌肤问题就会暴漏出来!原本光泽感十足的肌肤变得不再健康,肤色暗沉,干燥起皮敏感等通通不请自来,让整个人都显得萎靡不振。想要打破肌肤的亚健康状态,就要从肌底进行补水保湿,在这里要说的就是一款补水超好的精华乳。 雅漾活泉恒润保湿精华乳 雅漾的每一款产品都有有防伪标签,都可以到网上去查真伪的,品质有保证,用起来更安心。 精华乳是白色的乳液状质地,轻轻推开,能感觉到的丝滑和水润,一点也不厚重哦,还挺清爽的,很钟爱这种质地的精华,给肌肤提供补水保湿的同时也不会增加肌肤负担。轻轻按摩后很容易就被肌肤所吸收了,用过的手背看起来滑滑嫩嫩的,轻轻摸一下手感极好。 这款精华乳是以天然活泉水为基础的天然配方,能有效缓解敏感肌肤的脱水、干燥、刺激、疼痛等不适;能给干燥的肌肤提供充足的水分,无防腐剂的温和配方还能够有效的促进皮肤对保湿精华的吸收,补水保湿的同时,更能抚平因为皮肤干燥脱水而引起的皱纹细纹,舒缓干燥引起的肌肤紧绷。 使用后的肌肤看上去细腻有光泽,肤色也提亮了,没有任何干燥的迹象,吸收后肌肤很清爽也够滋润,长期使用能够有效改善肌肤干燥粗糙的状态,修护肌肤天然屏障,降低肌肤的敏感度,让肌肤日渐健康亮泽。 科颜氏这款保湿霜是我一直在用的一款,陪伴我有好几年时间了,越来越离不开了。 限量版的高保湿霜盖子颜色特别美,看起来就让人心情舒畅。 打开盖子后,有一层防护盖,可以有效阻隔污染,打开防护盖后,闻到的还是熟悉的味道,自然的清香。白色的面霜,质地看起来很浓郁,轻轻推开后又感觉顺润丝滑。这款保湿霜蕴含的有珍贵的角鲨烷、白茅提取物等物质,非常细腻,很容易被肌肤吸收,而且清爽不油腻的。 稍加按摩,很容易就被肌肤吸收了,使用过的肌肤看起来水润柔滑,还很有光泽。 这款明星高保湿霜独特的冷冻保护蛋白,能滋润肌肤,同时特别抗冻,就算冬天在大东北肌肤也能HOLD住。有了高保湿霜的陪伴,再寒冷的冬天肌肤都不怕了! 急救肌肤,我的选择是敷面膜。白天,除了忙工作还要照顾宝宝,真的没有闲工夫去敷面膜,所以只有晚上来用,众多面膜中,睡眠面膜当然是最佳选择,一来是因为方便,二来效果也好。包装还是碧欧泉的一贯风格,简洁大方,水蓝色渐变玻璃瓶身,单从视觉上就感觉很清新很舒适。 拿下防护盖,冰蓝色的面膜呈现眼前,看到的第一眼,虽然还没使用就仿佛已经感觉到了满满的水润,淡蓝色的?喱状,犹如一汪湖水,但从视觉上,已经征服了我。 使用前先在手背试一下,清爽透明的?喱状质地,特别温和,滑滑的很容易推开,延展性不错哦,稍加按摩后吸收效果也很好,使用过的肌肤看起来明显水润饱满。 夜间是肌肤修复的最佳时期,睡眠面膜可以在面部形成透明的薄膜,防止水分过度蒸发,同时把营养成分牢牢地锁在肌肤内,从而更好地促进肌肤在夜间的新陈代谢,一般在夜晚临睡前,精华护理后开始涂面膜。我一般都会取一元硬币大小的分量均匀的涂抹全脸,然后进行按摩,手指由内向外安抚按摩,激活细胞内循环,确定面膜完全吸收进皮肤为止。 经过一整夜的滋养,第二天早上醒来去照镜子,不由得惊喜万分,肌肤看上去充盈饱满,细腻柔滑,还很有光泽呢,宛若新生一般,效果真的可以媲美SPA效果了,不由感叹,面膜的治愈力简直太神奇了! 好啦~今天的分享到此结束啦,新的一年希望大家一起美美美!更多精彩微博@毛毛MM___相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong stocks bottomed out yet, the Hang Seng Index 7.7 times earnings, the net rate of less than 孤单枪手2隐藏点

Hong Kong stocks bottomed out yet, the Hang Seng Index 7.7 times earnings, the net rate of less than 1 times the sina finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through Sina News February 18th news agency’s Hong Kong stocks according to the surging news reports of the external market seems to have come to an end the reign of terror. In February 17th, the Nikkei 225 index fell 1.86%, South Korea Seoul composite index and Taiwan index edged down 0.27% and subdued, respectively to close by 0.03%. Hongkong market also went out of the shadow last week, the Hang Seng Index rose by 3.27% in February 15th, also rose by 1.08% in February 16th. In February 17th, the Hang Seng index opened slightly higher after continued to rise, but soon fell by up to, the fall of 19000 points, the afternoon decline in the expansion, to close the day recorded 18924.57 points, down 1.03%, surging news reporters found that Hong Kong stocks year start trend is an unusual day amplitude is very small, but always started in the 19000 point mark over, and the formation of multiple cracks. The Hang Seng Index valuation has dropped to historic lows. As of February 17th closing, the Hang Seng Index 7.7 times reported earnings, net rate is 0.91 times since 2008, and in 1984 two financial crisis respectively refresh the lowest level in history. Hong Kong stock market because of institutional investors, retail investors less, so the valuation is cheaper than A shares, is not new, but the valuation is low, so far, is still very rare. Especially, the net rate, namely PB (Price to Book Ratio), refers to the ratio of the price per share and net assets per share, net rate fell below 1, means that the current stock price has been lower than the net assets of the stock, investors are now only HK $0.91, you can buy $1 worth of assets. In January 21st, the Hang Seng Index for the first time since 1998 has broken the net, city net rate to new lows. A number of agencies have sound, think it is very worthwhile to buy Hong Kong stocks, the Hang Seng index is expected to bounce back. Haitong international global investment strategy beam guanye said in February 17th, the market valuation is so low, not close to a reasonable level, reflecting the overly pessimistic market, Hong Kong stocks have been oversold". If the Hang Seng index continued down to 18300 points, is the best opportunity to enter the market investors. According to Bloomberg News reported, Franklin Resources Inc., chairman of fund managers in emerging markets Mobius believes that the recent H-share was panic selling over hit appear buying opportunity. But he also pointed out that the market reaction is usually greater than expected, so it is still hard to see the bottom. Morgan Stanley in February 15th sounded flute, said even during the Asian financial crisis and global economic downturn, HSI valuations have never tried so low. The bank has been split in January 11th to 20454 points the target again lowered the minimum point forecast at 16500, equivalent to the city net rate of 0.88 times. However, Goldman Chinese chief strategist Liu Jinjin said that if the other party, remove the lowest valuation plate bank stocks, HSI price earnings ratio is still super theory

港股见底了吗:恒指市盈率7.7倍 市净率不足1倍 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪港股讯 2月18日消息 据澎湃新闻报道 外围市场的腥风血雨似乎已经告一段落。2月17日,日经225指数走低1.86%,韩国首尔综合指数及台湾加权指数波澜不惊,分别以微跌0.27%和微升0.03%收盘。   香港市场同样走出上周暴跌阴影,恒生指数2月15日大涨3.27%,2月16日亦走高1.08%。2月17日,恒指小幅高开后继续上扬,但很快由升转跌,失守19000点,午后跌幅扩大,至收盘录得18924.57点,全日下挫1.03%,澎湃新闻记者发现,港股猴年开局走势并不寻常,日内振幅很小,但始终在19000点大关争持不休,且形成多个裂口。而恒指估值已经跌至历史新低。截至2月 17日休市,恒指市盈率报7.7倍,市净率则为0.91倍,分别刷新2008年及1984年两次金融危机以来的历史最低水平。   港股市场因机构投资者多、散户投资者少,所以估值较A股便宜,已经不是新鲜事,不过,估值低残至此,仍然十分罕见。尤其是市净率,即PB(Price to Book Ratio),指的是每股股价与每股净资产的比率,市净率跌破1,意味着目前股价已经低于该股的净资产,投资者如今只需要0.91港元,即可买入价值1港 元的资产。   1月21日,恒指自1998年以来首次破净,至今市净率再创新低。多家机构纷纷发声,认为现在买入港股已经非常划算,恒指有望触底反弹。   海通国际环球投资策略梁冠业2月17日表示,市场估值如此之低,接近不合理水平,反映市场过分悲观,港股已出现“超卖”。如果恒指继续下行至18300点位时,就是投资者最好的入市时机。   而据彭博新闻报道,Franklin Resources Inc.基金经理、新兴市场业务董事长麦朴思认为,近期H股被恐慌性抛售过度打击,出现买入机会。但他也指出,市场反应通常会比预期的幅度更大,因此目前仍难言见底。   摩根士丹利也在2月15日吹响魔笛,表示即使是在亚洲金融风暴及全球经济衰退时期,恒指估值也从未试过如此低位。该行将1月11日已经劈至20454点的恒指目标再次调低,最低点位预测在16500点,相当于市净率0.88倍。   不过,高盛中国首席策略分析师刘劲津另执一词,称如果除去估值最低的内银股板块,恒指市盈率仍超过9倍,其实不算便宜。   到底港股是否已经达到底部?澎湃新闻记者专访招银国际投资管理投资董事郑磊,以及农银国际证券研究部联席主管林樵基,为港股投资者指点迷津。   招银郑磊:18000点位有支撑   “技术上看,恒指构制出了类似双底的图形,虽然形态还不是特别理想,我的看法是,18000点的支撑比较大,因为港股还是有价值锚的,有很多权重股。”郑磊这样告诉记者。   他认为,港股市盈率通常在11、12倍较为正常,目前水平已经严重偏离,即使是距离正常水平,也还有约50%的空间。“不过,有空间不代表一定会有大的反弹。”   为何?郑磊解释道,此前港股不断走低,主要因为投资者对中国经济看法负面,加上国际市场做空港币,外围市场不配合,自然形成一波短线冲击。正因为之前砸得太猛,现在一时半会儿也消化不了,因此,郑磊预计,后市将在18000点到19000点之间反复震荡。“会有反弹,裂口好多,积累了很多买盘,没有这么大的 力度冲过去,到了裂口的位置可能就会往回走。所以可能会形成一个震荡的可能性。”   值得注意的是,目前港股成交量仍然低迷,猴年开市以来,港股日均成交量仅有675亿港元,恰恰印证了郑磊所说的无力消化。   而对于投资策略,郑磊表示,震荡市中,关键还是选择个股,亦可以抓住机会做高抛低吸。他看好医疗和环保板块,誉之为美丽中国+健康中国概念,相信防守性与进攻性可以兼得。而2月份因美韩军事演习,或会在全球市场造成恐慌情绪,他劝吁投资者不妨回避,同时注意控制仓位。   农银林樵基: 成交超800亿才算见底   港股是不是足够便宜了?对此,林樵基表示认同。他说:“大家看到PB跌破1,外围市场如果配合,那么港股会回升,直到回升到一定阶段,再去看PE。因为买公司,不是说单单看它够便宜,还要看盈利增长情况,而这就是PE告诉你的东西。”   “现 在的情况是,低估值的公司好划算,所以大家应该买蓝筹股,因为蓝筹股可以很清楚地看到它的盈利增长,那现在又便宜,自然要买。但在这种时候不能碰细价股,因为细价股的uncertainty(不确定性)比较大。既然现在龙头股这么便宜,为什么还要买细价股呢?只有当市况稳定了,大家才会转向中小股,现在还没有去到这个阶段。”   那么,现在港股已经见底了吗?林樵基谨慎回应,目前这样讲还为时尚早,他同样关注到大市成交量不够活跃的情况,认为成交量起码需要超过800亿港元,才可以说见底。   他补充,有信心见到内地政府在两会召开之前出台利好政策,提振市场情绪,届时港股也有望稳步上扬。   对于选股策略,林樵基主张投资者关注派息比率高的股份,及内地龙头企业,尤其是互联网行业。他解释:“老实讲,经济环境不好,对互联网公司的影响也不会很 大,因为仍然会有很多人上网,会有很多人用它的服务。”此外,他亦看好香港放租写字楼的地产股,认为这一市场供不应求,表现较为稳定。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

KDJ market index downward divergence above the 51 resistance level 吉田辽子

Du Liangyu: October 10th market analysis and spot oil release ideas clients view the latest market World Energy Congress began to hold meeting in Istanbul this weekend, OPEC members of OPEC plan and non OPEC members held an informal meeting on the organization of the preliminary plan production cut to 32 million 500 thousand barrels per day to 33 million barrels a day to discuss the payrolls data as expected, the unemployment rate increased, gold and silver prices soaring, but the increase in December the curse still exists, and not because of the influence of non farm data and inversion, but fell after the first rise, present V trend, after all the data can only affect the moment; Russian energy minister Novak next week will not reach an agreement on the price of speech. The Russian Ministry of energy said that Russia will hold consultations with the Minister of petroleum OPEC in Istanbul next week. But Russian energy minister Novak Novak said on Friday that he expects to reach an agreement with OPEC members at next week’s Turkey energy conference. Next week will usher in the oil city of super week, OPEC and non OPEC producers 10 8-13, plans to convene an informal meeting, discuss the implementation of production agreement; in addition, IEA, EIA and OPEC will be released monthly, the price of crude oil can continue to maintain such a good rally next week will be determined, but for now the crude oil market, is always good news when the pupil descends, a back will be a bad news, so a friend set empty can wait for the arrival of bad news; crude oil market analysis from the daily chart, early already formed 7 Lian Yang, MACD market indicator MACD divergence, red kinetic energy column KDJ market index increment, running in the overbought zone. Brin rail mouth, K line running on the rail track near Sergey, combining the four hour chart, Bollinger rail necking, K line running on the rail and the upper Bollinger rail near the MACD green column kinetic energy increment, KDJ market index downward divergence above the 51 resistance level, attention, attention under the 49.7 line support. Du Liangyu recommended callback to do more. 1. operation of crude oil in the vicinity of the 50.8-51.0 into the empty, stop 0.3, target 49.8-50 2. in the vicinity of 49.5-49.7 into, stop 0.3, target 50.8-51 crude oil release yesterday in the 50 set of ideas under the empty one, suggesting a loss is not much, can be directly out of 0.5 dollars, the loss is not large, the 50.30 line set many friends. Suggest a rebound in 50.5-50.6 line, half warehouse, or directly out. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense.

杜良玉:10月10日现货原油行情解析及解套思路 客户端 查看最新行情   世界能源大会本周末开始举行伊斯坦布尔会议,欧佩克OPEC成员国计划与非OPEC成员国召开一次非正式会议,就该组织将其总产量削减至3250万桶 日到3300万桶 日的初步计划展开讨论   非农数据不及预期,失业率增加,金银价格直线上升,但是12月加息的魔咒依旧存在,并没有因为非农数据的影响而反转,反而先涨后跌,呈现V型走势,毕竟数据只能影响一时;   俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克下周不会达成协议的言论施压油价。俄罗斯能源部的消息称,俄方下周将在伊斯坦布尔与数位OPEC石油部长举行磋商。但俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克Novak却在周五称,预计在下周的土耳其能源会议上,不会与欧佩克成员国达成协议。下周还将迎来油市“超级周”,OPEC及非OPEC产油国计划于10月8-13日召开非正式会议,讨论减产协议的实施情况;此外,IEA、EIA、OPEC均将发布月报,原油价格能否继续维持如此良好的涨势,下周将会确定,不过就目前原油市场而言,从来都是多空均沾,当利好消息出过之后后面必定会有利空消息出现,所以有套空的朋友可以等待利空消息的到来;   原油行情分析   从日线图来看,前期已形成了7日连阳,MACD行情指标金叉向上发散,红色动能柱增量,KDJ行情指标运行于超买区。布林轨张口,K线运行于布林轨上轨附近,结合四小时图来看,布林轨缩口,K线运行于布林轨中轨与上轨附近,MACD绿色动能柱增量,KDJ行情指标向下发散,重视上方51阻力位,重视下方49.7一线支撑。杜良玉建议回调做多为主。   原油操作建议   1.在50.8-51.0附近进空,止损0.3,目标看49.8-50   2.在49.5-49.7附近进多,止损0.3,目标看50.8-51   原油解套思路   昨日在50下方套空单,建议亏损不多,可以直接出局,0.5个美元,亏损并不大,50.30一线套多的朋友,建议反弹在50.5-50.6一线,减半仓,或直接出局。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

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WeChat change cash charges dispute – Sohu financial news that triggered the end users of the strong Internet platform "free lunch" and that WeChat to pay fees to expand last night announced next month to change the withdrawal fees "(see table), intended to retain users of funds and to stimulate consumption. However, the charging strategy still caused a large number of customer dissatisfaction, and caused disputes within the line. Although WeChat paid the fee is not paid by the third party’s first charge fees to the user, but to change the withdrawal fees for the first time, sparked strong Internet platform and expand the end of free lunch fees worry. At present, WeChat’s move to "kill two birds with one stone" in red WeChat paid positions, but in addition to the financial business but few results, the implementation of the withdrawal fees also reflects WeChat payment and no good to the social networking users successfully converted into financial users. Spring Festival just passed, many WeChat users receive red packets also lie in WeChat account system "change". Next month WeChat announced the withdrawal fees, can be described as "kill two birds with one stone" intended to retain users of funds, stimulating consumption. On the one hand, users’ WeChat payment scenarios and consumption scenarios can be cultivated imperceptibly. At present, WeChat paid online usage scenarios have been very rich, the line of the more than 30 industries, 300 thousand stores now supports the non cash payment, while online, WeChat is also a large number of online consumer payment platform preferred payment method. For those who do not want to pay the current fee, it has to be used in WeChat payment, the user will think "earn 0.1% again."". On the other hand, the huge silence of WeChat accounts can be precipitated. If the user does not want to mention the present, will let the amount of precipitation, or buy financial management, these precipitation funds to WeChat’s income is also very high. In addition, WeChat is expected to short-term card volume will increase, can be expected to take cash card tied until March 1st were WeChat will have an explosive growth, such a move could be higher than the Spring Festival to enhance the red card. Dispute 1: is the fee charged by the bank or WeChat? WeChat said, every transaction from WeChat to pay just a bank debit card based on, regardless of the amount of size, the banks have to pay WeChat charging transaction fees. These costs have always been paid by WeChat. The strategic adjustment is also expected to subsidize some of the huge cost. However, there are also some bankers who say that the user’s money from the payment account to the bank card is equivalent to save money, the bank will not, will not charge. A family of third party payment sources said the money from the bank card to the bank to collect payment account, fast payment fee, but the money from the account to the payment account and payment from the account to the bank card, the bank is not money. In this regard, WeChat also said that the charges on the third party payment platform interface bank platform should bear the cost, and through different ways to fill, transfer to PC terminal charges such as some payment companies and WeChat for cash excess charge. Controversy two: why other companies do not accept? WeChat said that the bank charges the third party payment platform is the industry standard, the bank will not be on any payment platform exception. Micro.

微信零钱提现收费惹来争议-搜狐理财 消息一出即引发用户对强势互联网平台终结“免费午餐”和扩大收费的担心   微信支付前晚宣布“下月起零钱提现收费”(见表),意在留住用户资金和刺激消费。不过,该收费策略仍引发大量用户不满,并引起行内争议。   尽管微信支付该收费并非第三方支付向用户收手续费的首例,但对零钱提现收费还是首次,引发了人们对强势互联网平台终结免费午餐和扩大收费的担心。   微信此举“一石二鸟”   目前,红包在微信支付的地位不可小觑,但是除此之外的金融业务却鲜有成绩,实行提现收费也反映出微信支付并没有很好地将社交用户成功转换成金融用户。   春节刚过,不少微信用户收到的红包还躺在微信账户体系“零钱”中。微信宣布下月提现收费可谓“一石二鸟”,意在留住用户资金,刺激其消费。   一方面,用户的微信支付场景和消费场景可潜移默化地培养。目前,微信支付在线下的使用场景已经非常丰富,线下的30多个行业,30万家门店现已支持无现金支付方式,而在线上方面,微信支付也是众多线上消费平台的首选支付方式。对于不想支付提现手续费的人来说,只好在微信支付上用掉,用户心里会想“又赚了0.1%”。   另一方面,微信账户上的庞大沉默资金可得以沉淀。用户如果不想提现,就会让金额沉淀下来,或者购买理财,这些沉淀资金带给微信的收益也很高。此外,短期预计微信绑卡量也会剧增,可以预见,为了提现,3月1日前微信的绑卡量会有一个爆发式的增长,这一举措对绑卡的提升可能还大于春节红包。   争议一:手续费是银行收还是微信收?   微信方面表示,基于微信支付的每一笔交易只要从银行卡扣款,不论金额大小,银行都要向微信支付收取交易手续费。这些成本一直都由微信支付承担。此次策略调整也是希望能补贴一部分巨额成本。   不过,也有一些银行人士表示,用户钱从支付账户到银行卡相当于存钱进来,银行巴不得,不会去收费。一家第三方支付人士说,钱从银行卡到支付账户,银行是要收快捷支付手续费的,但钱从支付账户到支付账户以及从支付账户到银行卡,银行是不收钱的。   对此,微信也表示,银行对第三方支付平台接口收费,平台都要承担成本,并通过不同方式填补,比如有些支付公司对PC端转账收费,而微信对提现超额收费。   争议二:为什么其他公司不收?   微信方面表示,银行对第三方支付平台收手续费是行业标准,银行不会对任何一家支付平台例外。微信向用户收取的提现费率为0.1%,而微信支付给银行的手续费是平均高于0.1%,不同的支付平台在承担成本同时,采用不同的平衡成本的方式(比如向商户收取0.6%手续费),支付宝早在2013年12月通过电脑转账就进入了收费时代。   不过,有行内人士对记者说,支付宝大多是交易型转账,而微信则是单纯的转账,没有产生消费。交易型转账可以通过其他方式消化掉,不存在回流提现,但是微信不是,这些钱都在微信内部像血液一样自由流转,最后还要回到银行卡里去,这个才是最要命的:微信不仅只做了过路财神,还要搭上手续费。   争议三:会继续免费还是扩大收费?   目前,通过电脑端的支付宝进行银行卡转账,实时到账和2小时内到账的收费为最低每笔2元,上限为25元。次日到账的收费标准较低,为0.15%,同样也是最低每笔2元,每笔上限25元。不过,目前支付宝手机客户端免费,支付宝提现手机和电脑端都是免费。   有专家表示,互联网支付必须免费是误区,第三方支付通道前期处在自掏腰包招揽用户阶段,现逐渐回归第二阶段:收费。预计互联网基础服务仍以免费为主。有人士质疑:微信直接向用户收费没有技术含量,有一天微信收使用费,是不是也理所当然呢?   记者了解到,支付宝暂未跟进,提现转账仍可使用支付宝免费通道。不过,商业银行迫于网络支付压力逐渐放开收费标准,实行免费政策,因此对于用户来说有多种选择,不会有太大影响,而微信迫于压力之下,有可能取消提现收费。   用户:无可厚非VS难以接受   对于该举措,用户们反响不一。有用户认为,微信支付应用场景目前已经十分丰富,很多线上线下商铺已经在广泛使用零钱功能直接进行消费,因此对于个人直接消费和商业支付都不会有太大影响。还有用户说,我每月转账提现都在5000元以上,如果真的收一点手续费也无可厚非,难道还为了几毛钱不提现了吗?   也有用户反对说,从每月两万元的转账额度内免手续费,到现在1000元的提现额度免费,每笔100元交易收0.1元,看起来没什么,话费通话一次多扣1角的感觉如何?心里肯定不舒服。   一位腾讯互联网金融人士说,这主要是习惯问题。现在要用户交费给支付平台有些天方夜谭,百度钱包还是实行返现呢,支付完了返钱1%。中国用户,哪个环节让他给钱,都不大乐意。   行内预测,虽然微信凭借社交优势积累数亿支付用户,但此举不可避免失去部分用户,转投其他支付方式。相关的主题文章: