Chinese gold reserves will continue to rise 说你爱我秋夜雨寒

China’s gold reserves will continue to rise, Liang Hong, Sina’s financial opinion leader (WeChat public number kopleader) columnist, as the world’s largest gold mining country, China does not seem to have enough gold. We expect that China’s gold reserves will continue to climb, but this will be a slow and long process. The central bank can buy gold through two markets at home and abroad. At present, Switzerland, Hongkong and South Africa are the major sources of China’s direct import of gold. China’s gold reserves will continue to rise from the peak of $3 trillion and 990 billion in June 2014 to $3 trillion and 190 billion in August 2016, and China’s foreign exchange reserves will be reduced by 20.2% – although 31.3% of the decline is due to the negative valuation effect caused by fluctuations in the [1]. Over the same period, China’s gold reserves increased by 73.9% to 1833.5 tons from 1054.1 tons, forming an obvious contrast (chart 1). Compared with other countries, Chinese gold hold large measure? What are the policies and market implications of China’s gold reserve increase? Figure 1 although the recent holdings, China is still low distribution of gold. The central bank issued monthly data on gold reserves since June last year. Gold reserves jumped by 57.3% in the current period, and since then it has increased by 10.6%. In the past 14 months, China’s central bank has increased 175.1 tons of gold, second only to Russia’s about 262.6 tons, equivalent to the same period the world’s total gold reserves increased by 48.7% (chart 2 and 3). Figure 2, figure 3. Nonetheless, China’s gold reserves are currently only sixth of the world, equivalent to 75.1% in France (fifth) and 22.5% in the United States (Chart 4). From the ratio of gold reserves to GDP, China is only equivalent to 16.9% of France and 38.5% of the United States; from the gold reserve to population ratio, China is only 3.5% of France and 5.3% of the United states. Gold accounts for 2.4% of China’s reserve assets, far below France’s 66.5% and America’s 75.6% (Chart 5). As the world’s largest gold producer, China does not seem to have enough gold. Figure 4 Figure 5 central bank holdings of gold may help: to achieve diversification of reserve asset investment. China’s 97.1% reserve assets are foreign exchange reserves, accounting for about 29.4% of the world’s foreign exchange reserves. Therefore, the interest rate and exchange rate fluctuations of reserve currency issuers will impact China’s national wealth, not to mention the negative interest rates of a large number of sovereign bonds. The diversification of Reserve Investment naturally requires an increase in the allocation of gold in the portfolio. Supporting the RMB reserve currency. The US dollar’s international reserve currency position is closely related to gold. Under the Bretton Woods system, the dollar is directly linked to gold, playing a positive role in replacing the pound with the dollar as the main reserve currency. After the disintegration of the Bretton Woods system, the United States is still sitting on the world’s largest gold reserve, accounting for 24.7% of the world’s official holdings. The increase of gold reserves can further reinforce the confidence of the market for RMB, while the improvement of RMB internationalization has been reversed

中国黄金储备将继续攀升   文 新浪财经意见领袖(微信公众号kopleader)专栏作家 梁红   作为世界最大的黄金开采国,中国似乎却并未持有足够的黄金。我们预计,中国黄金储备将继续攀升,但这将是一个缓慢且长期的过程。央行可通过国内外两个市场购买黄金。目前,瑞士、香港和南非是中国主要的黄金进口直接来源地。 中国黄金储备将继续攀升   从2014年6月3.99万亿美元的峰值至2016年8月的3.19万亿美元[1],中国外汇储备减少了20.2%——虽然其中31.3%的下降是因为汇率波动带来的负向估值效应。同期,中国黄金储备从1,054.1吨大幅增加73.9%至1,833.5吨,形成一个明显的对比(图表1)。和其他国家比,中国黄金持有量算大的吗?中国黄金储备增加有何政策和市场涵义? 图1   虽然近期有所增持,中国依然是低配黄金的。央行从去年6月开始发布黄金储备月度数据。黄金储备量于当期跳升57.3%,此后至今累计增加了10.6%。在过去14个月中,中国央行增持了175.1吨黄金,仅次于俄罗斯的约262.6吨,相当于同期世界黄金储备总增量的48.7%(图表2和3)。 图2 图3   尽管如此,中国黄金储备目前仅列世界第六,相当于法国(排名第五)的75.1%和美国(排名第一)的22.5%(图表4)。从黄金储备与GDP之比来看,中国仅相当于法国的16.9%和美国的38.5%;从黄金储备与人口之比来看,中国仅为法国的3.5%和美国的5.3%。黄金占中国储备资产的2.4%,远低于法国的66.5%和美国的75.6%(图表5)。作为世界最大的黄金开采国,中国似乎却并未持有足够的黄金。 图4 图5   央行增持黄金可能有助于:   ? 实现储备资产投资的多元化。中国97.1%的储备资产为外汇储备,约占全球外汇储备的29.4%。因此,储备货币发行国的利率和汇率波动会对中国国家财富构成冲击,且不说现在大量主权债券的负利率。储备投资的多元化自然要求在投资组合中增加黄金配置。   ? 支撑人民币储备货币地位的提升。美元的国际储备货币地位与黄金密不可分。在布雷顿森林体系下,美元与黄金直接挂钩,对美元取代英镑成为主要储备货币发挥了积极作用。在布雷顿森林体系解体后,美国仍坐拥世界最大的黄金储备,占世界官方持有量的24.7%。黄金储备增加可进一步夯实市场对人民币的信心,而人民币国际化程度的提高反过来又使中国可减少持有外汇储备。   ? 为推动大宗商品人民币定价铺路。今年4月,中国推出了人民币计价的黄金基准价(“上海金”),由上海黄金交易所每日通过两次集中竞价确定。虽然此举目前尚未对全球黄金定价产生实质性影响,但随着人民币国际化的推进,它最终将有助于中国取得更多的贵金属定价权。官方黄金储备是黄金市场的基本安全网。   我们预计,中国黄金储备将继续攀升,但这将是一个缓慢且长期的过程。央行可通过国内外两个市场购买黄金。目前,瑞士、香港和南非是中国主要的黄金进口直接来源地(图表6)。按过去14个月平均增速推算,即使排名靠前的官方机构所持黄金储备不变,中国在2020年以前也难以赶上排名前一位的法国。中国这么大规模的黄金购买可能会推高黄金价格,这要求央行要选择合适的时间窗口渐进地进行增持。除了购买,中国也应会通过收购海外金矿等方式更多地参与黄金生产。 图6   (本文作者介绍:中金公司首席经济学家)相关的主题文章:

Descendants of the sun launched in addition to the song and Song Dynasty CP dog abuse, there are 9 b 重生之崛起在美国极北

"The sun" launched in addition to descendants of the song CP child dog there are 9 main points: lead from start to launch, "the sun" descendants of the limelight can be said to be the highest in korean. Song Zhongji and Song Hye Kyo’s paintings of Gao Yan’s "song, song and CP" can’t be more attractive. Time and again so long, finally is on! As one of the most anticipated Korean dramas this year, if you don’t understand the amazing features of this play, I think you might have no friends. (source: Cosmo content are the descendants of the sun) "the sun descended" is mainly about the special forces troops overseas group leader Liu Shizhen (Song Joong Ki ornaments) and ginger Muyan surgeon (Song Hye Kyo ornaments), a round trip between South Korea and his area of love story. A war as the background, should be a magnificent drama, after all, every minute is faced with death. One aspect: Song Hye Kyo, Song Zhongji, sister and brother love song and song CP is different from the South Korean people do not look good, song and song CP in China is still quite expected. In reality, the difference between the four year old two people in the play is a year old siblings. Had to sigh Joe sister freeze age beauty, chaeKi Obama doll face beside her actually no advantage. Sweet song song CP bursting Trailer both ambiguous interaction makes it look up. Song Hye Kyo was held hostage in the play but not to the end of the drama from the sweet ribbon, Joe sister kidnapped chaeKi Obama, how to choose? Look, you know – two: Song Zhongji’s first work after his discharge from the army. Whether it is "Running Song Joong Ki handsome fried Man" in the lively and clever youngest members, or "the youth" in kind and affectionate zhe show, Song Joong Ki with his unique charm in our hearts to leave traces. As a veteran of the first works, or as a soldier, there is a good opportunity for us to restore so he was in the army look, do not look at it is really a great loss to you. Her sister and Song Joong Ki strength has always been good to let Korean actor show up sister skills, "the sun" in the descendants of chaeKi Obama taught you a new sister up quickly to see the big move, play get up ~ tips: if you want to try it, then please remember to bring a good bank card, after all, not every time can be accurately received. Of course, you can also use this as an excuse to ask her to buy a mobile phone, I eat a meal and watch a movie on what the advertisement advertisement ~ Song Joong Ki so confidently, Yan high value is capricious! ChaeKi Obama also taught a new advertisement skills: first kiss and say for! Three things: Li Guangzhu and Lee Guangzhu as a guest Song Joong Ki chaeKi Obama was good friends, giraffe Lee Guangzhu guest loyalty as a part-time student. Read "Running Man" people know that as long as Lee Guangzhu is smiling smile anyway. Kwangsu Obama and chaeKi Obama’s not adorable height difference, the good friend of a certain chemical reactions is also very interesting, you are willing to miss? Lee Guangzhu sent a sense of joy that comes alive and kicking, the light Zhu Obama features of the GIF, you feel it ~ four things: screenwriter!

《太阳的后裔》开播 除了看宋宋CP虐狗还有9大看点   导语:从筹拍到开播,《太阳的后裔》风头可以说是韩剧里最高的。宋仲基、宋慧乔这对高颜值的“宋宋 cp”在一起的画面不能更养眼。千呼万唤这么久,终于开播啦!作为今年最受期待的韩剧之一,如果你不了解下这部剧的惊人看点,我觉得你可能会没朋友。(内容来源:时尚Cosmo) 太阳的后裔   《太阳的后裔》主要讲了特战部队海外派兵组组长刘时镇(宋仲基饰)和外科医生姜暮烟(宋慧乔饰),在韩国和派兵地区之间往返相爱的故事。有战争做背景,应该会是一部比较雄壮的剧,毕竟分分钟都面临着生离死别。   看点一:宋慧乔宋仲基姐弟恋 宋宋CP   不同于韩国人民的不看好,宋宋cp在中国还是蛮受期待的。现实中相差四岁的两人在戏里是相差一岁的姐弟。   不得不感叹下乔妹的冻龄美颜,娃娃脸的仲基欧巴在她身边居然丝毫没有优势。 宋宋CP甜蜜爆棚   预告片里两人的暧昧互撩让人很期待。 宋慧乔在剧中被挟持   不过,从头甜到尾不是韩剧的丝带儿,乔妹被挟持,仲基欧巴该如何选择呢?看下去你就知道了~    看点二:宋仲基退伍后首部作品。 宋仲基帅炸   不论是《Running Man》里聪明活泼的老幺成员,还是《狼族少年》里善良深情的哲秀,宋仲基用他独特的魅力在我们心里留下痕迹。作为他退伍后的首部作品,还是饰演军人,有这么好的一个契机还原给我们他在部队的模样,不看的话真的是你的一大损失啊。 宋仲基实力撩妹   而韩剧向来擅长让男主角展示各种撩妹技能,《太阳的后裔》里仲基欧巴就教了大家一个全新的撩妹大招,赶快看剧 get 起来~   友情提示:如果你也想尝试这招,那么请你记得带好银行卡,毕竟不是每次都能准确接到的。当然,你也可以以此为借口约她去买手机,顺带吃个饭看个电影什么的~ 宋仲基告白   告白都这么理直气壮,颜值高就是任性!仲基欧巴还教了一个新的告白技能:先吻下去然后说负责!   看点三:李光珠客串 宋仲基和李光洙   作为仲基欧巴的同岁好亲故,长颈鹿李光洙义气客串,饰演一位打工生。看过《Running Man》的人都知道只要李光洙出现一定是笑口常开笑死活该。   光洙欧巴和仲基欧巴的身高差萌的不要不要的,这对好亲故的化学反应一定也很有趣,你舍得错过? 李光洙   送上一枚活蹦乱跳、自带喜感的光洙欧巴花絮 gif ,你自己感觉吧~   看点四:编剧金恩淑   常看韩剧的小伙伴对金恩淑编剧的大名一定不陌生,作为韩国一等编剧,金恩淑写出许多红极一时的剧。   有神秘莫测互换灵魂的《秘密花园》; 《秘密花园》海报   有讲述中年男人们不再被世间任何事物所迷惑的浪漫喜剧爱情故事的《绅士的品格》; 《绅士的品格》海报   还有那部火遍亚洲的《继承者们》。 《继承者们》海报   有这么多优秀作品在前,还需要担心《太阳的后裔》会是劣质品?   看点五:EXO献唱 EXO的Chen献唱OST   作为 KBS 今年的开年大戏,EXO的Chen献唱 OST 。清亮的声音很悦耳呢~正好符合春天的意境,不听一下就太对不起自己的耳朵了~   看点六:军队题材的医学剧 场面震撼   韩国不乏制作精良的医学剧,也有许多让人热血沸腾的军队剧,但却鲜少将这二者合为一部剧。   从预告片里看的出会有一些惨痛的战争画面 ,如此精心的制作不值得你看么?    看点七:KBS电视剧史上第一次采用“先拍后播”方式拍摄的电视剧。 画面唯美   众所周知,韩剧是采取拍一半后边拍边播的模式,为了应和广电要求,《太阳的后裔》才采用了先拍后播模式,开创了 KBS 电视台的拍剧先河。这么有意义的改变,不做个见证人多可惜啊~   看点八:剧中80%的戏份都在海外拍摄 80%的戏份在海外拍摄   故事背景设定在战争硝烟弥漫、疾病蔓延的乌鲁克,80% 的戏份都是在这里,终于告别了看韩剧感觉场景都一样的尴尬时期。虽说战火纷争,但是请相信韩剧一定会给你一个美好的景色。不用亲临就能感受异国风情,这么好的机会绝对不能错过!   看点九:以每集23万美元的价格出口至中国 高价出口   《来自星星的你》让韩剧在中国开启了史无前例的热潮,于是都叫兽的回归之作《制作人》以每集 20 万美金的高价出口中国,当时你就惊呆了是不是?But,《太阳的后裔》以每集 23 万美金的出口价完胜《制作人》,创下韩剧出口中国价格的新高。我大天朝真是有钱任性啊~为了对得起我如此下血本的收购,你能不看么? 宋仲基健身   最后给乖乖看剧的你们送上一个重磅福利:健身的欧巴!   准备好纸巾擦鼻血,拿走不谢!相关的主题文章:

Ma Yun I’d like to have a cup of tea with Deng Xiaoping 徐州财经高等职业技术学校

Ma Yun: I want to have a cup of tea and Deng Xiaoping (speech dry cargo version) Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors of Ma Yun Sina Financial News 2016 Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum Sixteenth Annual Meeting on February 19, 2016 -21, held in Heilongjiang province. Because Alibaba group director of the board of directors Jack Ma gas field is too strong, the organizer to arrange a special speech for it. The following is the scene view excerpt: most want to have a cup of tea and Deng Xiaoping when asked if there is a chance, and most want to the world a living or dead person to have a cup of tea?" Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun said, "if I can, I want to have tea with Deng Xiaoping, he had the courage to reform, their generation has the courage to reform, how to grasp the key point to win in the chaos, one eye closed forward." Whether men or women are competent, Ali will be promoted. In my eyes, competent people will be promoted, regardless of men and women. Ma Yun said, the reason why white hair Alibaba executives a little faster, because the "choose to do this industry, choose the company, be prepared to endure high pressure, pressure to enjoy". China must become the largest buyer market in the world, and China must become the largest buyer market in the world, which is the future of china. China is backward production capacity surplus, high-tech production capacity is not enough, pulling within the needs of enterprises as the guide, consumption and domestic demand need to be redefined. The panic of the Chinese economy than the more serious economic problems now fears of economic Chinese than the economic problems more serious. Judging the quality of the economy is not related to the speed of GDP, but the employment opportunities of young people. Today, the employment opportunities of young people in China have not yet had problems." Dare to consume to have confidence in the future, do not encourage the consumption of the people, do not encourage young people to spend money, there is no confidence in the future of china. He explained that consumption is something that can be consumed and wasted, and dare to consume and waste so that it can see more long-term and maintain confidence in the future. For today and tomorrow the timid are full of confidence in the future for China economic confidence in the future is to see young people, more young people to join the industry, consumer services, technology industry, today’s Internet Co found demand, creates demand, lead the demand. BAT is not monopoly, is a temporary lead BAT, not monopoly, is a temporary lead. Now the cloud technology, "hit the Internet start-up companies often have to become the next BAT, but a few Internet Co can persist for five to ten years? "There are landlords in the village, not to destroy the landlord, you will be rich."." Chinese need dozens, hundreds of BAT BAT also have their own difficulties, everyone is very careful, "BAT again, but none of the companies can not fall." But China, as the world’s second largest economy, China needs dozens of, hundreds of BAT, this is the true meaning of China’s economic prosperity. Ali will do community Tencent in the future to do social networking, Ma Yun in response to competition with Tencent in social media tools, "shopping malls, for example."

马云:最想和邓小平喝杯茶(演讲干货版) 阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云   新浪财经讯 2016年亚布力中国企业家论坛第十六届年会于2016年2月19日-21日在黑龙江亚布力召开。由于阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云气场太过强大,主办为此给其安排了专场演讲。   以下为现场观点节选:   最希望和邓小平喝杯茶    当被问及“如果有机会,最想和世界上哪位活着的或者已逝的人共进一杯茶?”阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云说道,“如果可以,我最希望和邓小平喝茶,他勇于改革,他们这一代人具有改革勇气,掌握如何在乱局中赢得关键点,眼睛一闭往前冲。”   不论男女 能干的阿里人就会升职   在我的眼里,能干的人就会升职,不论男人女人。马云透露,阿里巴巴高管的头发之所以会白得快一点,是因为“选择做这个行业,选择这家公司,要准备好承受大的压力,要享受压力”。   中国必须成为全世界最大的买方市场   中国必须成为全世界最大的买方市场,这才是中国的未来。中国是落后产能过剩,高科技产能不够,拉动内需要以企业为导向,消费和内需需要重新定义。   人们对中国经济的恐慌比经济本身的问题还要严重   如今人们对中国经济的恐慌比经济本身的问题还要严重。“判断经济好坏和GDP速度关系不大,而是年轻人的就业机会,今天中国年轻人的就业机会还没有出现问题。”   敢于消费才能对未来有信心   不鼓励百姓消费,不鼓励年轻人花钱就是对中国的未来没有信心。他解释到,消费就是可以消耗,可以浪费的东西,敢于消耗浪费了,才能看得更长远,对未来保持信心。   对今天和明天胆小谨慎 对未来充满信心   对于中国经济未来的信心是看年轻人,更多年轻人加入消费行业、服务、技术行业,今天的互联网公司发现了需求、创造了需求,引领了需求。    BAT不是垄断,是暂时领先   BAT不是垄断,是暂时领先。如今的云技术、“双创”下的互联网创业公司动不动就要成为下一个BAT,但有几家互联网公司可以坚持五年到十年?“村里面有地主,不是把地主灭了你就能富起来。”    中国需要几十个、几百个BAT   BAT也有各自的困难,每个人都是如履薄冰,“BAT再大,但没有哪家企业不可倒。”但中国作为世界第二大经济体,中国需要几十个、几百个BAT,这才是中国经济繁荣的真谛。   阿里未来要做社区 腾讯在做社交   马云在回应与腾讯在社交媒体工具上的竞争,“商场如战场,我已经放弃了你死我活,但腾讯在做社交,我们未来要做社区,社区做的是共享,如何打造更加广泛的社区,是我们感兴趣的,不是模仿微信,要超越微信。”   要是没有抢敬业福 有几个人会对春晚感兴趣   对于客户在猴年春晚抢“敬业福”的心塞,马云回应称,阿里的出发点是纯粹希望大家过一个好年,“如果不是那天晚上抢红包,有几个人会对春晚感兴趣?”春晚被人们说了十几年,自己也被人说了十几年,不要在乎一时的看法。   未来要看科学家和实体企业家怎么做 不要听经济学家怎么讲   中国有巨大的消费市场,中国在电商、社交领域有更大的机会,今天的中国创业者,未来要看科学家和实体企业家怎么做,不要听经济学家怎么讲。   客户需求应与企业文化使命价值观一致   马云在亚布力论坛上回应“客户是否永远第一?”问题称,客户、员工和股东,判断这三者谁应该在第一位,就把谁放在第一位,“你的文化使命价值观要清晰,必须坚持,客户需求不应与之相违背。”   新浪声明:所有会议实录均为现场速记整理,未经演讲者审阅,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

BFS Huimei Cattle Fed’s stance doves non US generally rose unexpectedly 燕山大学体育学院

BFS Niu Hui: the Fed position, unexpected pigeon non American generally rose, the client to see the latest market BFS cattle Hui February 4th hearing – Thursday (February 4th) Asian period, the U.S. dollar index continued overnight weakness, the U.S. dollar against the U.S. currency generally weak consolidation. Commodities rebounded sharply under the leadership of crude oil, iron ore, zinc and other eye-catching performance, commodity currencies have been strongly supported. Overnight, Federal Reserve figure three, New York Fed chairman Dudley said that since December, the financial environment has significantly tightened, if this trend continues, will bring pressure to the Fed’s monetary policy. A stronger dollar will hurt the U.S. economy, the global economy will be a major decline. The dollar index hit a new low of three months – 96.88. At the same time, the American Association for supply management (ISM) announced that the United States in January ISM non manufacturing index 53.5, less than expected 55.1. Although still higher than the ups and downs of the line 50 shows that the service industry is still in growth state, however, the non manufacturing growth rate obviously slowed last month, and the number of sub index fell sharply. As the service sector accounts for as much as 90% of the U.S. economy, the Fed usually pays attention to the ISM non manufacturing index and the subsequent employment data in the interest rate decisions. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov quoted Russian Foreign Minister on Wednesday that Russia would be willing to talk with OPEC’s major oil producing countries if the OPEC member states could reach a consensus on the meeting. Lavrov said when visiting Oman, "we think it is important to understand the current situation of the market.". The market is affected by many factors, and the old mechanism is unlikely to work. I think we all know that." In the United States that the weakening of the driven oil bulls strong counterattack, at 4 pm EDT at 50 WTI, 3 month crude oil futures rose more than $2.8, rose in after hours trading days up to more than 9.5%, refresh $32.73 a barrel barrel. Brent’s crude oil futures rose more than 8.2% in April, up to $35.48 a barrel. China’s domestic commodities continued to rebound in early morning trading Thursday. Iron ore main 1605 contract, Shanghai zinc main 1604 contract intraday growth of over 4%, the overall performance of industrial products beautiful. BFS cattle remittance analysis, commodity money driven by this, the performance is also very eye-catching. On the daily line, the Australian dollar against the dollar has touched the previous break up trend line, the exchange rate has callback finishing demand, it is suggested that more than one temporary departure. On the daily line, the dollar fell below the end of the dollar – 1.38, the window of large-scale decline has been opened, the next target to see 1.35, empty single holding. Other currencies, the euro dollar shows 20 day moving average exchange rate index, the current rapid reverse break above the 20 day moving average, showing the kongfangliliang weak in multi force; Sterling KD index 80, today if breaking yesterday highs, a short squeeze may start; USDJPY 4 hours chart shows the technical indicators to maintain downward. In the extreme oversold levels in 61.8% since the exchange rate between 115.96 and 121.68, rising trend line retracement,.

BFS牛汇:美联储立场意外鸽派 非美普遍上涨 客户端 查看最新行情   BFS牛汇2月4日讯――周四(2月4日)亚洲时段,美元指数延续隔夜弱势,美元兑非美货币呈现普遍弱势盘整。大宗商品在原油带领下大幅反弹,铁矿石、锌等表现抢眼,商品货币得到强力支撑。   隔夜,美联储三号人物、纽约联储主席杜德利表示,12月以来金融环境显著收紧,若这种趋势持续下去,将给美联储货币政策带来压力。美元走强将伤害美国经济,全球经济将出现重大下滑。美元指数受此影响刷出三个月来的新低――96.88。   与此同时,美国供应管理协会(ISM)公布,美国1月ISM非制造业指数53.5,不及预期的55.1。尽管仍高于荣枯线50表明美国服务业仍处于增长状态,然而,非制造业的增长速度明显较上月放缓,并且多项分项指标都出现大幅下滑。由于服务业在美国经济中的比重高达90%,美联储在利率决议中通常会关注ISM非制造业指数以及此后发布的就业数据。   俄新社周三引述俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫称,若OPEC成员国能够达成举行会议的共识,俄罗斯愿意与OPEC主要产油国进行会谈。   拉夫罗夫在访问阿曼时表示,“我们认为,了解市场当前情况是很重要的。市场正受到许多因素影响,旧机制不太可能管用,我认为这一点我们都清楚。”   在美指走弱的带动下,原油多头强力反击,截至美东时间下午4点50分,WTI 3月原油期货上涨逾2.8美元,涨幅在盘后交易中超过9.5%,刷新日高至每桶32.73美元 桶。布伦特4月原油期货涨逾8.2%,刷新日高至每桶35.48美元。   周四早盘,中国国内大宗商品延续反弹力度。铁矿石主力1605合约、沪锌主力1604合约盘中涨幅超4%,工业品整体表现靓丽。   BFS牛汇分析,商品货币受此带动,表现也十分抢眼。日线上看,澳元兑美元目前已触及前期下破的上升趋势线,汇价有回调整理需求,建议多单暂时离场。   日线上,美元兑加元跌破末升低――1.38,大规模下跌窗口已开启,下一目标看到1.35,空单持有中。   其他货币,欧元兑美元20日线移动平均线指标显示,汇价目前快速逆转突破20日均线上方,显示空方力量弱于多方力量;英镑兑美元KD指标上80,今日若收破昨日高点,轧空行情可能启动;美元兑日元4小时图显示技术指标维持向下,处在极度超卖水平内,汇价自115.96 和121.68之间日上升趋势线的61.8%处回撤,汇价有望延续下行。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

受到市场关注 兔死狗烹的意思

Since the merger of COSCO shipyard China subordinate third major shipbuilding enterprises or surfaced with COSCO Shipyard under China third shipbuilding enterprises or surfaced COSCO and China Shipping Group, has been integrated in the container shipping, ports, oil and gas transportation and comprehensive shipping finance business section four; at present, the integration of equipment manufacturing industry in the shipbuilding and marine engineering equipment mainly has put on the agenda. After nearly a year of restructuring, COSCO ocean shipping group (hereinafter referred to as COSCO Shipping) has been focusing on the process of manufacturing equipment manufacturing business mainly for ship repair and ocean engineering equipment. COSCO Shipping by China Ocean Shipping Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to COSCO Group) and China Shipping Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Shipping Group) two major central enterprises reorganization, has been listed in February this year. Relying on the listed companies, COSCO Shipping plans the integration program of container shipping, port terminals, oil and gas transportation and the four major business sectors of the integrated shipping finance, which takes the lease business as the core. COSCO Group and China Shipping Group plans to merge 11 shipyards into one entity by the end of next year, the Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter on October 6th. If the shipyard is merged, the newly established enterprises will become the third largest shipbuilding entity in China, and the other two largest shipbuilding enterprises are China State Shipbuilding Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corp respectively. The merger will provide a sample of the merger plans of two of China’s largest shipyards. COSCO Group owns 6 shipyards, China Shipping Group owns 5 shipyard, COSCO Shipyard has two joint venture with Japan’s Kawasaki heavy industries was founded; however, it is unclear whether these two joint venture shipyard involving mergers. COSCO Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. includes COSCO COSCO Shipping Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (COSCO Shipping), COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COSCO shipbuilding) and Zhonghai shipping industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China shipping industry). The above three companies are mainly engaged in shipbuilding, marine engineering, repair, modification, supporting and other services, total shipbuilding capacity of 11 million 550 thousand tons of capacity, ship repair capacity of 1500 years, the year can be completed delivery of marine products 20. In mid August, COSCO holding industrial plate reorganization and integration site will start, the establishment of industrial sector reorganization and integration project planning work leading group and the working group; September 12th, integrated management office formally submitted to the "industrial sector business integration overall proposal", suggested that COSCO shipbuilding restructuring of the limited liability company, as the integration platform; the COSCO Group the COSCO investment holding company (Singapore), COSCO and China Shipping Group’s original equity industrial equity transferred to new COSCO shipbuilding company; at the same time, in the far new shipbuilding company will acquire China shipping industry in the Jiangsu sea Changxin, hold equity in cash. An interface news agency analysts to reporters, the formation of COSCO is the background of the international shipping market downturn, and there may be long-term downturn; the original groups overlap in the industrial chain configuration with high degree of homogeneity phenomenon is obvious, is not conducive to the formation of force on.

中远海运合并下属船厂 中国第三大造船企业或浮出水面   中远海运合并下属船厂 中国第三大造船企业或浮出水面   中远集团与中海集团重组以来,已经对集装箱航运、港口码头、油气运输以及综合航运金融四大业务板块进行了整合;目前,以造修船及海洋工程装备为主的装备制造产业的整合也已经提上日程。     在重组确定近一年后,中国远洋海运集团(下称中远海运)以造修船及海洋工程装备为主的装备制造业务的整合进程,受到市场关注。   中远海运由中国远洋运输集团总公司(下称中远集团)与中国海运集团总公司(下称中海集团)两大央企重组而来,已于今年2月挂牌。中远海运依托所属上市公司规划了集装箱航运、港口码头、油气运输以及以租赁业务为核心的综合航运金融四大业务板块的整合方案。   《华尔街日报》10月6日援引知情人士透露,中远集团与中海集团计划在明年年初前,将把11处造船厂合并为一家实体。如该船厂合并成行,新成立的企业将成为中国第三大造船实体;另外两家最大的造船企业分别为中国船舶工业集团公司和中国船舶重工集团公司。上述合并交易将为中国两家最大造船厂的合并计划提供样本。   中远集团拥有6处造船厂,中海集团拥有5处造船厂,中远集团还与日本川崎重工业成立了两家合资造船厂;不过,尚不清楚上述两家合资造船厂是否涉及合并交易。   中远海运的造修船业务包括中远集团的中远船务工程集团有限公司(下称中远船务)、中远造船工业公司(下称中远造船)以及中海集团的中海工业有限公司(下称中海工业)。   上述三家公司主要从事造船、海工、修理改装、配套等业务,合计拥有造船产能1155万载重吨 年,修船产能1500艘 年,年可完工交付海工产品20个。   8月中旬,中远海运召开工业板块重组整合现场启动会,成立工业板块重组整合项目制定方案工作领导小组和工作小组;9月12日,整合管理办公室正式提交《工业板块业务整合总体建议方案》,建议将中远造船改制为有限责任公司,作为整合平台;将原中远集团所持的中远投资(新加坡)公司、中远船务股权及原中海集团持有的中海工业股权,划转至新的中远造船公司;同时,新的中远造船公司将以现金收购中海工业持有中海江苏、中海长兴股权。   一位机构分析人士向界面新闻记者表示,组建中远海运的背景是国际航运市场不景气,并且有可能长期低迷;原有两大集团在产业链配置方面重合度高,同质化现象明显,不利于形成合力参与国际市场竞争。   目前,在中远海运已整合的四项业务中,中国远洋将成为全球第四大集装箱航运公司,集装箱将占全球运力规模的8%;中远太平洋在全球控股和参股运营的码头数量将达到39个,泊位数达到172个;中海集运的装箱租赁业务规模将排名世界第三;中海发展旗下的油运船队控制运力规模则将居全球第一。   上述分析人士认为,船舶工业板块的整合延续了中远集团与中海集团重组的既定思路,即原有重叠业务整合后交由单一实体经营;同时,由于造船业的景气度受航运业影响明显,航运业低迷背景下对集团内造船业务进行整合梳理有利于优化资源配置,压缩过剩产能。   上述方案规划到2017年底,工业板块整体商船建造产能将由1205万载重吨压缩至1060万载重吨;到2020年底,商船产能进一步压缩至960万载重吨,中海江苏(老厂区)将关停。   “盈利依然是目前摆在船厂经营者面前的难题;通过合并,产生的协同效应将可减少原本分散的企业的营运成本。”上述分析人士向界面新闻记者表示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: