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How does it affect the price of gold? Gold investment network news February 24th, on a trading day the price of gold opened at the 1208 position, the stock market fell and sustained ETF buying support, the entire trading days rebounded by more than 1%, the last trading day to recover lost ground, the U.S. intraday bullish momentum is full, constantly refresh intraday high, the highest on the probe to $1232.50 position. The world’s largest ETF on Friday and Monday for two consecutive days of substantial holdings positions about 50 tons, is the second since May 2010 the Greek crisis Masukura most two days, equivalent to 6 days of global gold mining industry production. This year the number of total ETF Masukura more than 2015 years to lighten up, in the strong support of ETF holdings, gold prices rebound, but still not broken on the interval, high, not breaking low, still in shock consolidation rhythm, when gold prices continue to drift, interval operation. On the disk, and 1046 double bottom rebound since rebounded to $1263 at the end of the round position, the international price of gold rose ten consecutive Yang, complete the rally to destroy the Gula rot potential, the overall rate reached $two hundred, in 1263 after the top three yin adjustment disk into the finishing period, has a long and short conversion speed, the shock plate. The shock of the market operation, is the psychological warfare, and unilateral market, technology is the war, when the market is in shock when the shape to form a typical cycle of yin and Yang, and saw the day before the sun, second days to continue to do more, but found the form again fall overcast, and the current day big Yin back to Bo has become the front behind follow, Dayang modified pattern, which allows the interval positioning is very important, which is around the range of shocks, go back and forth. So, for today’s market operation, the international gold price can not go with more, but to counter the road, open, the disk international gold price gives 1230 empty single operation, break 1235 for stop, see the 1221217 position. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

“反其道而行之”对黄金价格影响如何?   金投网2月24日讯,上一交易日黄金价格开盘于1208位置,在股市下跌和持续的ETF买盘支撑下,整个交易日内反弹幅度超过1%,收复上上一交易日失地,其中美盘盘中多头动能十足,不断刷新日内高点,最高上探至1232.50美元位置。   世界最大的ETF上周五和本周一连续两日大幅增持仓位约50吨,是继2010年5月希腊危机以来增仓最多的两天,相当于全球金矿业6天的产量。   今年ETF增仓的数量已经超过2015年减仓的总和,在ETF持仓的强大支撑下,黄金价格止跌反弹,然区间犹在,上不破高,下不破低,依然处于震荡整理节奏当中,黄金价格当随波逐流,继续区间操作。   盘面上来看,至1046双底反弹以来,最高反弹至1263美元位置,国际金价末轮上涨十阳连续,以摧古拉朽之势完成本轮反弹,整体幅度达到两百美元,在1263见顶之后三阴调整,盘面进入整理周期,多空转换加快,俨然一个震荡盘。   对于震荡行情的操作,就是心理战,而单边行情,就是技术战,当行情处于震荡的时候,形态方面形成典型的阴阳循环,而看见前一日大阳,第二日去继续做多,却发现形态再次的回落转阴,而当前一日大阴回撤,去博跟随,后面却成了前面大阳修正的格局,这就让区间定位显得非常重要,而震荡,就是围绕区间走来回。   那么对于今日行情的操作,国际黄金价格就不能再去跟多,而是要反其道而行,开空,盘面国际黄金价格给出了1230的空单操作,破1235为止损,下看122,1217位置。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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[color] baby showers forecast Xiaoxiao Fucai 3D16039 period: small strong Sohu 16038th lottery 3D prize number: 960, size characteristics: large size; features: odd even parity; and value: 15; span: 9. A history review: two and four on the tail and the value of quasi two and 16039 Fucai 3D kill 16038 raindance some Xiaoxiao alone: 1, size analysis: on stage out of large size, this combination of just two will appear again, this period attention to small code strong covering, than the two points focus on reference 1-2. 2, span analysis: the period of span out of 9, nearly 10 large span code probability is higher, the latest pay close attention to small span force, only 3 cross. 3, and the value analysis: nearly 5 out of the value and are 12-18-23-18-15, the marking and values were slightly down trend, locking range in between 9-14. 4, odd even parity analysis: on stage out of form, which is in nearly 30 of fifth appearances, recommended that in the future period the author is optimistic about the continued dominance even code. (source: Color Baby Network)

[彩宝贝]潇潇飞雨福彩3D16039期预测:小码强势-搜狐  福彩3D第16038期出奖号码:960,大小特征:大大小;奇偶特征:奇偶偶;和值:15;跨度:9。   一、历史成绩回顾:   16038期 独胆中 杀二和尾对 定四和值准   二、16039期福彩3D潇潇飞雨提点:   1、大小分析:上期开出大大小,此种组合只隔两期便再度亮相,本期关注小码强势回补,二者的分布比侧重参考1-2。   2、跨度分析:上期跨度开出9,近10期大码跨度的出现概率明显较高,最新一期密切留意小码跨度发力,独一跨推荐3。   3、和值分析:近5期开出的和值分别是12-18-23-18-15,本期盯防和值呈小幅度下滑的趋势,范围锁定在9-14点之间。   4、奇偶分析:上期开出奇偶偶形态,这是其在近30期当中的第5次露面,未来一期笔者的建议是看好偶码持续占优。   (来源:彩宝贝网)相关的主题文章:

with 5 years of coal mining right by conservative valuation 圣皇衍天诀

More and more closed inefficient coal mine advanced production capacity or early release, with the battle to get rid of production capacity, a number of inefficient coal mines or will be shut down one after another. The evening of September 5th, Datong Coal Industry announced that, in accordance with national, Shanxi province to resolve the excess capacity requirements of the overall deployment, 2016 coal mine closed exit 3, to resolve the production capacity of 3 million 750 thousand tons. The 3 exit respectively for the Datong Coal Mine Limited by Share Ltd Tongjialiang coal mine, Datong coal mine group with HTC coal limited company, Datong coal mine group with Bei Xing Zhuang Coal Limited, production time is August 31st, closed well in time for the December 20th. Zhengbao reporter visited Tongjialiang coal mine survey, informed the area for at least 80 years of mining history, left outside mining area in different periods of the traces of mining. At the time of the mine workers told reporters, compared with coal Tashan’s modern mine, the coal mine not only less and the cost is high, the miner’s income is generally low. In 2013, Datong coal industry has announced that the company to maintain good operating performance and financing ability, the overall transfer of assets in Tongjialiang coal mine of Datong Coal and Datong Coal Mine four old ditch to the controlling shareholder of Datong Coal Mine Group (including debt). Shanxi, a large coal group regional director told reporters that the closure of the mine, the degree of difficulty is obvious. Yet the "ruling" enterprises, partly because assume greater social responsibility, on the other hand is waiting for the relevant awards complement measures to implement. Shanxi province is the most complicated province and the biggest pressure of production capacity in domestic coal enterprises. At the end of August, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance announced formally to the Datong Coal Mine Group and other six provincial coal enterprises by 2016 adjust industrial structure of special awards and subsidies totaling 940 million yuan. Among them, the Datong Coal Mine Group won prize money up to more than 310 million yuan. At the same time, the debt restructuring of coal enterprises in Shanxi is continuing to push forward. Led by the Shanxi banking regulatory bureau, Shanxi provincial seven coal enterprises loan restructuring will be completed in September, and is expected to gradually expand to private coal enterprises. In order to promote the coal enterprises financing, Shanxi also to the Datong Coal Mine Group as a pilot, to explore and promote the mining rights income asset securitization. At present, with the coal group has to pay the price of resources, and obtained the right of mining resources is 146 tons, with 5 years of coal mining right by conservative valuation, premium assessment, assets premium 90 billion yuan, securitization can obtain long-term financing of 50 billion yuan, asset liability ratio can be reduced by 15 percentage points to 70%. In addition to the Datong Coal Mine Group under the 3 coal mines in Shanxi Province, another 12 mines will be discontinued during the year, the total production capacity of 10 million 600 thousand tons per year to exit. According to the Shanxi province had signed letters of responsibility, in 2016 the province’s coal industry overcapacity resolve target task is close to exit and restructuring to reduce reduction of 21 coal mines, from the capacity of 20 million tons, 27122 people staffing. Up to now, the country has 23 coal producing provinces have announced the capacity plan objectives and other data, 16 provinces have been clear out of 2016 production capacity of about 1.82 tons. CITIC Securities analyst believes that investment in coal industry, the most important task of Shanxi Province recently announced to production schedule and task decomposition to the industry model and benchmarking.

多地陆续关闭低效煤矿 先进产能或提前释放 随着去产能攻坚战打响,一批低效的煤矿或将接连关闭。9月5日晚间,大同煤业发布公告称,按照国家、山西省化解过剩产能总体部署要求,同煤集团2016年关闭退出矿井3座,化解产能375万吨。这3座退出矿井分别为大同煤业股份有限公司同家梁煤矿、大同煤矿集团同生宏达煤业有限公司、大同煤矿集团同地北杏庄煤业有限公司,停产时间为8月31日,封闭井筒时间为12月20日。上证报记者曾前往同家梁煤矿调研,获知该地区开采历史至少有80年,矿区外部留下了不同时期的开采痕迹。当时该矿的一线工人向记者介绍,相比同煤旗下塔山等现代化矿井,该矿不仅出煤少且成本高,矿工的收入也普遍较低。2013年,大同煤业曾公告,为保持公司良好经营业绩和融资能力,向控股股东同煤集团转让大同煤业同家梁矿及大同煤业四老沟矿的整体资产(含负债)。山西一家大型煤炭集团区域负责人告诉记者,上述被要求关闭的煤矿,困难程度是显而易见的。企业方面迟迟没有“壮士断腕”,一方面是因为承担着较大的社会责任,另一方面是在等待相关奖补措施落实。山西省是国内煤炭企业情况最为复杂、去产能压力最大的省份。8月底,山西省财政厅宣布,正式向同煤集团等省属六大煤企拨付2016年工业企业结构调整专项奖补资金,共计9.4亿元。其中,同煤集团获得奖补资金超过3.1亿元。同时,山西煤企债务重组也在持续推进。由山西银监局牵头,山西省属七大煤企贷款重组将于9月份完成,并有望逐步扩至民营煤企。为促进煤企融资,山西还将以同煤集团为试点,探索推进采矿权收益资产证券化。目前,同煤集团已缴纳资源价款、取得采矿权的资源为146亿吨,按照5年煤价保守估值,采矿权经溢价评估后,资产可溢价900亿元左右,证券化后可获得长期融资500亿元左右,企业资产负债率可降低15个百分点到70%以下。除了同煤集团下属3座煤矿,山西省另有12座矿井将在年内停产,合计退出产能达1060万吨 年。根据山西省此前签订的目标责任书,2016年该省煤炭行业化解过剩产能目标任务是关闭退出和减量重组减少煤矿21座,退出能力2000万吨 年,安置职工27122人。截至目前,全国有23个产煤省已公布去产能计划目标等数据,16个省份已明确2016年退出产能约1.82亿吨。中信建投证券煤炭行业分析师认为,任务最重的山西省近期公布了去产能任务分解及时间进度表,起到了行业表率和标杆作用,下半年去产能有望提速。四川、云南等西南省份的煤炭企业人士也透露,由于资源禀赋、运输、成本等问题,当地大量的矿井在近两年已陆续关闭。贵州省近日提出,从今年起,贵州省将用3年至5年的时间,再关闭退出煤矿510处、压缩煤矿规模7000万吨以上。在落后产能淘汰力度加大的同时,部分先进产能或将释放。随着今年7、8月份,国产动力煤价格大幅攀升,市场不断传出消息称政府部门将释放部分产能抑制煤价过快上涨。国家发改委副主任连维良也多次在公开场合表示,存在这种可能。8月下旬起,多位煤炭市场人士向记者透露,有部分大型煤炭集团已在着手研究先进产能从276个工作日减量生产恢复至330个工作日生产事宜。据估算,符合先进产能条件的重点煤炭企业达76家。若这部分产能在第四季度得到释放,或令煤价走势放缓。由于冬储需求支持,动力煤分析师认为未来煤价仍将稳中有升。相关的主题文章:

Uber in the Chinese year &quot 美少女特工队豆瓣

Evening news: Lyft will look in two or three months by 2016 China market drops into the communications industry situation: expected number of 4G users will reach 600 million 4G network construction continued steadily, coverage from the city to the towns and villages extension. "4G" era accelerated arrival, the three operators will speed up carrier aggregation technology deployed in the country commercial, network speed more than 1 times higher than 4G. VoLTE is accelerating its commercial pace, China Mobile plans to achieve 260 commercial cities in June 2016; China Telecom and China Unicom will also vigorously promote commercial trial. 2G 3G users accelerate to 4G migration, is expected in 2016 the number of 4G users will reach 600 million, accounting for the proportion of mobile users reached 45%, the size of the user will go beyond 2G 3G users. Lyft: the president will use within two or three months Chinese drops into the market since last September announced the acceptance of travel drops of strategic investment, the famous American travel sharing platform Lyft President John · Zimmer (John Zimmer) this afternoon once again came to the Chinese, in a headquarters, John · Zimmer talked about the specific ways of cooperation with drops of Lyft. According to John · Zimmer said, the next two to three months after the United States, Lyft users will be able to travel to the China system, through the direct use of Lyft drops at the same time, Chinese drops users will be able to use the travel system directly through the use of Lyft drops in the United States called to the car. In February 18th, apple officially launched payment guide Apple Pay is Apple’s payment application, fruit powder can achieve credit card payment bound debit card or credit card. In other words, Apple Pay is the Alipay WeChat pay special powder. Pple Pay also supports App payment and store payment, App payment and quick payment similar to WeChat Alipay, can purchase payment for Dangdang, online. Offline payment is equivalent to offline credit card payment. On the device, you need mobile phone tablet with Touch ID or Apple Watch support. On the system side, you need to upgrade to iOS9.2 or above. Apple Pay offline payment using the built-in NFC technology, after the installation of the cloud UnionPay flash pay POS machines consumer businesses, using a mobile phone back touch device can complete the payment payment. Before iPhone 6, those with no hardware are able to pay through Apple Watch watches. Uber CEO: we have a year in China "burned" $1 billion, according to foreign media reports, in a recent interview, Uber CEO Travis Karan Nick said, Uber in the Chinese year "burned" more than $1 billion. "We are profitable in the United States, but we lost more than 1 billion dollars a year in china." Kalanick said, "our competitors are not profitable in every operating city, they are paying for it.".

新闻晚报:Lyft将在两三月内借滴滴进中国市场   2016通信业形势展望:预计4G用户数将达到6亿   4G网络建设继续稳步推进,覆盖范围由城市向乡镇和行政村延伸。“4G ”时代加速到来,三家运营商将加快载波聚合技术在全国部署商用,网速比4G提升1倍以上。VoLTE商用步伐全面提速,中国移动计划于2016年6月实现260个城市商用;中国电信和中国联通也将大力推进试商用。2G 3G用户加速向4G迁移,预计2016年4G用户数将达到6亿,占移动用户比例达到45%,用户规模将全面超越2G 3G用户。   Lyft总裁:将在两三月内借助滴滴进入中国市场   自去年9月宣布接受滴滴出行战略投资后,美国著名出行分享平台Lyft总裁约翰·齐默(John Zimmer)今天下午再次来到中国,在滴滴总部,约翰·齐默谈到了Lyft与滴滴合作的具体方式。   据约翰·齐默透露,未来两到三个月之后,美国Lyft用户来到中国后将能够通过Lyft直接使用滴滴的出行系统,与此同时,中国滴滴的用户也将能在美国使用直接通过滴滴使用Lyft的出行系统叫到车。   2月18日正式上线 苹果支付使用指南   Apple Pay是苹果推出的支付应用,果粉可以绑定储蓄卡或信用卡实现刷卡支付。换句话说Apple Pay就是果粉专用的支付宝 微信支付。   pple Pay同时支持App内支付和店内支付,App内支付和支付宝 微信快捷支付相似,可以为当当、唯品会线上购买进行付款。线下支付则等同于线下刷卡付款。   设备上,需要带有Touch ID的手机 平板或Apple Watch支持。   系统方面,需要升级到iOS9.2或以上版本。   Apple Pay线下支付利用了设备内置的NFC技术,在安装了银联云闪付POS机的商户消费时,用手机背部碰一下付款设备就能完成付款。iPhone 6之前那些没有相关硬件的机型可以通过Apple Watch手表完成付款。   Uber CEO:我们一年在中国“烧了”10亿美元   据外媒报道,在近期的一次采访中,Uber CEO特拉维斯-卡兰尼克表示,Uber在中国一年“烧了”超过10亿美元。   “我们在美国是盈利的,但是我们在中国一年损失了超过10亿美元。”卡兰尼克说,“我们的竞争对手在每个运营的城市还没有盈利,他们是花钱买到了市场份额。”   卡兰尼克关注Uber在中国的扩张,他在去年夏天宣称,中国是Uber“全球优先”的市场。事实上,中国对于国外互联网公司来说却是一个难以突破的市场。   谷歌气球飞抵斯里兰卡 用气球上网即将成真   本周一,谷歌开始在斯里兰卡对“Project Loon”气球互联网项目进行测试。   斯里兰卡信息和通信技术局局长穆亨桑-卡纳吉(Muhunthan Canagey)表示,第一个试验气球已于本周一进入斯里兰卡领空。   谷歌此前放飞了多个气球,这些气球将随风飘浮,并利用算法来确定向何处运动。谷歌希望,通过与电信公司的合作,这些气球能够形成一张巨大的通信网络。相关的主题文章:

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Shenwan Hong: the United States in the third quarter of losing streak concern GDP initial hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The Hang Seng index yesterday opened 21 points, at 23347 points, just 23352 points rose to full-time high open. Subsequently, the selling pressure emerged, HSI down fell, down 322 points up, see the day low of 23002 points. The big trend, lack of direction, the Hang Seng Index in 23100 near the wandering, closed at 23132, down 193 points, or 0.83%; enterprises index closed at 9608 points, down 89 points, or 0.9%. The city’s total turnover is 58 billion 744 million yuan. Market forecast: UK GDP growth in the third quarter rose 2.3%, better than the market expected, with the market generally expected us tonight announced the initial value for the GDP growth in the third quarter rose 2.7%, significantly higher than the previous quarter of 1.4%, investors believe that the Fed will raise interest rates in December, the outflow from the bond market, pushing the U.S. 10 year bond yields to 1.85%. Although the three indexes of the US stock market were soft yesterday, the local stock index will remain in short range in the near future. Today is the local futures settlement date, the days went soft, short term or under the above 23000 level, mainland investors can be released next Tuesday October PMI figures decide whether into the city. Business News: PEAK sports (1968) announced that the high court approved the privatization of PEAK sports sports’s plan, relevant laws and official copies expected in October 31st submitted to the Registrar of director of the Cayman Islands Company. The plan is expected to take effect on the Cayman Islands on October 31st. The stock exchange has approved the cancellation of the listing status of the shares in the stock exchange, which has come into effect since 4 p.m. in November 2nd. China home (0692) announced that it was preliminary consultations on the acquisition of a tourism cultural project, but did not agree with specific terms, and the company did not make any legally binding agreement on the possibility of purchase. Business performance: Chinese life (2628) announced that, as of the end of September for the three quarter results, net profit attributable to shareholders of 13 billion 528 million yuan, down 60.02% year-on-year, due to decline in investment income and traditional risk reserve discount rate hypothesis update. Earnings per share were 0.47 yuan during the period. Operating income of 456 billion 448 million yuan, an increase of 7.65%. Earned premiums of 368 billion 78 million yuan, an increase of 20.7%. In the first year of September, the net investment yield was 4.51%, the total investment yield was 4.43%, and the surrender rate was 3.11%. Shenzhen.

申万宏源:恒指三连跌 关注美国第三季度GDP初值 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   恒指昨日高开21点,报23347点,甫开曾升至全日高位23352点。其后大市沽压涌现,恒指倒跌,最多跌322点,见全日低位23002点。午后大市走势缺乏方向,恒指于23100点附近徘徊,收市报23132,跌193点或0.83%;国企指数收市报9608点,跌89点或0.9%。大市全日成交587.44亿元。   大市预测:英国第三季GDP增长按年升2.3%,较市场预期好,加上市场普遍预期美国今晚公布的第三季GDP增长初值为按年升2.7%,大幅高于上季的1.4%,投资者相信联储局将于12月加息,令资金流出债市,推高美国10年期债券孳息率至1.85%。虽然美股三大指数昨日走势偏软,但在大型企业陆续公布季度业绩期间,当地股指短期可望维持区间横行。今日为本地期指结算日,恒指连日走势偏软,短期或将下破23000点水平,投资者可待内地下周二公布10月份PMI数字后才决定应否入市。   企业消息:匹克体育(1968)宣布,大法院批准许氏体育私有化匹克体育计划,有关法令正式副本预期于10月31日送呈开曼群岛公司注册处处长登记。该计划预期将于开曼群岛时间10月31日生效。联交所已批准撤销股份于联交所的上市地位,自11月2日下午4时起生效。中国家居(0692)公布,正就收购一项旅游文化项目进行初步磋商,惟并未协议具体条款,且该公司并未就该可能收购订立任何具法律约束力的协议。   企业业绩:中国人寿(2628)宣布,截至9月底止首三季业绩,股东应占净利润135.28亿元人民币,按年下挫60.02%,因受投资收益下降及传统险准备金折现率假设更新的影响。期内每股盈利0.47元。营业收入4564.48亿元,按年增长7.65%。已赚保费3680.78亿元,按年增长20.7%。今年首9月,净投资收益率为 4.51%;总投资收益率为4.43%;退保率为3.11%。深圳高速公路(0548)公布,截至9月底止首三季业绩,股东应占利润9.47亿元人民币,按年增长11%。每股基本及摊薄盈利0.434元。期内营业收入31.8亿元,按年增长30.41%。东方航空(0670)公布,截至今年9月底止9个月,归属于上市公司股东的净利润66.94亿元人民币,按年增长25.5%,每股盈利49.28分。期内,营业收入754.08亿元,按年增长4.79%。另外,第三季净利润34.61亿元,按年上升95.54%;营业收入290.76亿元,按年上升5.15%。马钢(0323)公布,截至今年9月底止9个月,归属于上市公司股东的净利润7.59亿元人民币,每股盈利9.86分。去年同期则录得亏损25.75亿元,每股亏损33.44分。期内,营业收入329.91亿元,按年下跌5%。   新股上市:华润医药(3320)公布招股结果,以每股9.1元定价,略低于招股价中间价9.3元,原招股价范围每股8.45元至10.15元,集资净额约136.72亿元。一手500股,中签率为100%。本港发售部分录得超额认购0.9倍,国际配售初步获轻微超额认购。   美国市场摘要   房产股领跌,美股三大指数下跌   加息预期升温,令美汇呈强,美国国债孳息率上扬,打击美国房产股表现,拖累大市向下,而企业业续表现好坏参半,市场未有明显沽压,美股三大指数周四微跌。道琼斯工业平均指数收市跌29点或0.16%,报18170。标准普尔500指数全日在15点波幅徘徊,收市跌6点或0.30%,报2133;其中,房地产类跌2.5%。纳斯达克综合指数跌34点或0.65%,报5216。   谷歌母公司Alphabet(GOOGL.US)公布,第三季净利润按年升27.1%至50.6亿美元。每股经调整盈利为9.06美元,收入升20.2%至224.5亿美元,市场预期为每股8.63美元与220.5亿美元。公司宣布,将斥资70亿美元回购C股。股价昨日跌0.47%。   全球最大电子商贸平台、亚马逊(AMZN.US)公布,第三季净利润为2.52亿美元,按年升2.18倍。每股盈利52美仙,但低于预期的78美仙。收入按年升29%至327亿美元,接近市场预期。公司指出,第四季收入预测介乎420至455亿美元,预期为446亿美元。股价市后急挫近6%。   商品市场摘要   限产协议现曙光,油价回升;金价微升   路透报道指,包括沙地阿拉伯在内的石油出口国组织(OPEC)的海湾国家成员国能源部长向俄罗斯表示,愿意较高峰期减产4%,市场再度重燃对限产协议的憧憬,油价回升。纽约12月期油升70美仙或1.4%,收市报每桶49.88美元。布兰特12月期油升72美仙或1.4%,收市报每桶50.7美元。市场观望周五公布的美国第3季GDP增长,金价微升。纽约12月期金升2.9美元或0.2%,收市报每安士1269.5美元。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: