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UnCategorized Celebrities enjoy the status of fashion idols also. All of us like to follow the trends being set by them whether it is regarding dressing, hairstyling or even exhibiting the glittering jewelry items while attending different award shows and showbiz ceremonies. Celebrity jewelry has be.e that genre of jewelry that has added attraction attached with it. It is always fun to look what these Celebes are wearing. There are many of us who take pride in wearing the same design of their favorite actors engagement ring, elegant and classical earrings or a vintage beaded necklace being worn at particular functions. The jewelry being worn by the celebrities is highly expensive and most of the times it is designer made. Moreover, they do not have to buy those pieces that they wear at certain occasions. They are either the gifts or given as loans by designers and jewelers for the publicity of the brand. But an ordinary person can not get theses items on loan or as valuable gifts. It is also not possible for everyone to buy such expensive jewels. The fashion or costume jewelry is an inexpensive substitute for celebrity jewelry. There are many jewelry shops that offer the look-alikes of the celebrity jewelry. You can get them on your personal requirements also. Whether you want the gold bracelet being worn by Sarah Jessica parker, the engagement ring on the slender fingers of Lindsay Lohan or the diamond hoops of Meg Ryan, you can ask the jeweler to copy the same design for you in .paratively less expensive materials. Such jewelry products are available in the market as well. The designs get copied and there .es a whole series of these items with the title of celebrity inspired jewelry. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, all types of celebrity jewelry get imitated and be.e reachable for everyone. Movie jewelry is also gaining a lot of importance. It has be.e a latest trend that actors or actresses wear the same jewelry articles, at the premier functions of their movies, that is being displayed in the movie. It is availed as a chance to promote the fashion trends being showcased by a certain movie. If the movie is a hit then the jewelry and dressing trends of that particular hero and heroine be.e the must haves for the die hard fans. The jewelry trends also get to be determined by whatever celebes wear while making public appearances. Certain stones, particular patterns, specific metals for the .ing season get to be established by these stars. Though you can replace Diamonds with Cubic Zirconia and platinum with sterling silver in order to gain the same bling bling effect while considering what your wallet has to offer. Online jewelry stores along with the locally operating ones offer an extensive catalogue of their celebrity inspired jewelry from where you can choose your favorite piece worn by your favorite actor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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