Central Australia floods 181 residents or trapped for a month – Sohu news mmc.exe

Australia central flood 181 residents or trapped in a month – Sohu news in new network on 30 September, according to foreign media reports, a 50 year flood swept the Midwest state of New South Wales recently Australia, causing local roads, communication interruption, shortage of materials. Residents are expected to be trapped for 181 months. It is reported that the floods have ravaged Central Jersey for a week, the town of Forbes severely damaged. The 181 residents are still surrounded by the flood, the NSW emergency service center every day for the residents trapped airdrop meat, bread, fruit and vegetables. September 29th, emergency service center and the installation of temporary communications equipment to facilitate disaster relief workers and residents affected. Military trucks continued to ordinary vehicles can not reach the disaster area transports sandbags and supplies to help stranded residents daily needs to maintain. Forbes chamber of Commerce official said Roy Lance, great flood of local economic losses, especially the local dairy industry, is expected to hit during the 350 thousand liters of milk has been drained, and due to the continued before the date of extreme weather, shortage of materials in dairy cattle food supply tension. It is understood that the road is interrupted by the main lines of communication between Brisbane and Melbourne, local enterprises can not carry out the goods, the sharp decline in trade income. Tourists to the nearby town of play, the tourism industry fell. The NSW government said, will seize the time to repair the road to allow local residents to resume normal life as soon as possible.相关的主题文章:

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