China has built 8 national oil reserve bases with a total of 31 million 970 thousand tons of crude o-cibi

China built 8 national oil reserve base of oil reserves of 31 million 970 thousand tons – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 2 (Xia Bin) China Ministry of Commerce official website 2 news release, the construction of Chinese national oil reserve has made important progress. To the beginning of 2016, China built in Zhoushan, Dalian, Huangdao, Zhenhai, Dushanzi, Lanzhou, Tianjin and Huangdao national oil reserve depot for a total of 8 national oil reserve base, the reserve and social enterprise capacity of 31 million 970 thousand tons of crude oil reserves. Release dates back to December last year once the data, then China National Bureau of statistics released data, as of mid 2015, Chinese by using the 8 reserve and social capacity of 26 million 100 thousand tons of crude oil reserves. China to build oil reserve base began in 2003, according to China’s national development and Reform Commission, plans to use 15 years time in the period of three to complete the construction of a total of 70 million cubic meters of oil strategic reserves. Among them, Zhoushan, Huangdao, Zhenhai and Dalian four base is the first phase of the project. Industry insiders believe that the China as an oil importer, in the current political sensitive period of commodity market volatility, geopolitical, strategic petroleum reserve is to prevent oil supply and set up the first line of defense, but the real effect is not to make up for the loss of imports, and is released to reduce the psychological pressure to the market of oil reserve market the rise in oil prices, inhibit. Chinese Energy Research Association vice chairman Zhou Dadi said earlier that the publication of the national oil reserves data to improve market transparency, and improve the Chinese petroleum oil consumption transparency are of great significance, which shows the Chinese openness in the crude oil market gradually strengthened." (end)相关的主题文章:

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