China Yahui Mario Draghi feint, over the empty Euro stand by me shinee

China Yahui: Mario Draghi feint, over the empty Sina Euro fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Wen Liu Yingjie the European Central Bank on Thursday announced a review of the latest economic policy decisions, did not change the stance of monetary policy, only make small adjustments in economic growth expectations, not making waves to the market. Delaki decided to keep interest rates unchanged at -0.4%, said the bond purchase plan will be maintained until 2017, March. Yen hold up, due to Japan’s two quarter GDP growth rate of 0.7%, is expected to be $0%. Naka Sohiro, deputy governor of the Bank of Japan hinted that interest rates need to be further reduced in the negative range, but the relevant remarks failed to cause market volatility. EURUSD jumped to a two week high of $1.1326, Indra Ki said at the press conference that there was no additional stimulus. But then he opened up more space for action, and called on the European government to help, suggesting that the euro zone needs financial stimulus policies. The 4 hour chart, the euro dollar in 1.124050 to find support that the recent decline in the 50% retracement rate in all above the moving average, although the technical field since the overbought retracement down in the long field. The downstream direction, the euro $1.121020 initial support, just hold the support, the downside risk will be controlled, buying interest at the top of 1.1300, after the break on August high of 1.1366. The pound sterling dollar US dollar Thursday to continue to decline, intraday low of 1.3283, as investors buy back dollars. Britain does not have the relevant economic indicators, will be released on Friday July trade data, the expected deficit narrowed last month. The dollar was steady near 1.3300 pounds, is located below the 1.3320 Fibonacci resistance level in the short term, short kinetic energy continue to accumulate. The 1 hour chart, the pound dollar fell below 20SMA, technical indicators into the short field, since the rebound in oversold territory. The 4 hour chart, below $20SMA to accelerate the decline in sterling, technical indicators in the field of short decline, if below 1.3285 support, will mean a further decline. The dollar yen dollar yen remain weak, even after the European Central Bank monetary policy statement, but in the end the dollar demand of higher inflation, closed Thursday at 102.50, now slipped to around 102.16. Technically, the dollar yen cuts a week increase, the short-term outlook for long, 1 hour chart, technical indicators to restart the rebound in the overbought area, has just experienced a period of consolidation stage, the exchange rate is still at 100SMA (102.60) below, if we can break through the means to further confirm the rally. The 4 hour chart, USDJPY 100 200SMA and above, technical indicators from the oversold territory rapid decline, maintain rapid bullish form, but in the short field. Australian dollar Australian dollar rose to 0.7相关的主题文章:

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