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The application of new materials Chinese ice stir billions of graphene (shares) Sina App financial arena: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my weekly Times reporter Yang Jing from Shanghai under the Nobel prize for physics in your aura of graphene, this kind of allotrope of carbon, it is defined as the king of new materials. Graphene as a new material super performance, for all to see. It is now known to be the thinnest, most resilient material. The fracture strength is 200 times higher than that of the best steel, and the tensile strength can reach to its own size by 20%. Graphene down is an indisputable fact that the local government and enterprises are heavily involved in. According to the China graphene industry alliance is expected, the current global graphene production capacity reached 100 tons, the next 5-10 years will reach kiloton. By 2020, the global graphene market size will exceed 100 billion yuan. The former director of the national development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau Xu Dingming praised the quite of graphene, found him in an interview with die Zeit reporter interviewed the day before, "energy revolution to new materials, new materials to promote energy revolution. Energy revolution requires graphene, graphene to promote energy revolution." Based on the excellent conductivity of graphene, the energy storage field has become one of the main applications. In addition, it also has a wide application space in the field of energy storage battery, anti-corrosion coating, functional textiles, rubber products and display devices. However, despite the expansion in the field of application, but how to move towards the general consumer and into the industrial application, is always placed in front of the reality of the problem. Now, this predicament finally ushered in the ice breaking. September 8th, the world’s first graphene based lithium ion battery products launched by Dongxu Optoelectronics (000413.SZ), the king of the state of Shanghai in the global launch of the nano center. Professor Guo Shouwu School of electronic information and electrical engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University media, the weekly times pointed out that the solution of lithium ion battery fast charging is a pressing matter of the moment to be solved at present 3C electronic products and the new energy industry, "aliking" means the release of Chinese enterprises have been the first to solve the problem, and realize the industrialization application in graphene lithium ion batteries, "is a breakthrough in the world of" carbon coated lithium iron phosphate technology "blockade, Chinese fill the gap in this field." "Ene" battery performance, is the "king of the king" trump card. At present, the "King" can be achieved within 15 minutes of rapid charging, but also in the low temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius to a high temperature of 80 degrees. In addition, it has a cycle life of up to 3500 times, with nearly 10 years of service life. However, Dongxu optoelectronic aspects, not the ene king is defined as a charging treasure products. Deputy general manager, Dongxu photoelectric graphene industry leader Wang Zhonghui explained, "aliking" contains graphene materials, graphene based lithium ion battery cathode materials, graphene based lithium ion battery and graphene based lithium ion battery mobile power supply, all of the company’s series of graphene product brand and generation noun, charging treasure just launched the "aliking" series of products相关的主题文章:

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