China’s weak fed interest rate hike is not busy oil to reduce oil prices closed up-mkdv-02

China’s weak interest rate hike FED refined oil to reduce the price of oil rose Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network October 14th hearing – Thursday (October 13th) as the market hot fed years Shengxi prospects, trade balance data China weak poured cold water on the market, China economic slowdown worries may still make the Fed’s slowing the pace of rate hikes, the pressure on the dollar Thursday fell down. Although the EIA crude oil, crude oil inventories recorded increased significantly, but refined oil and gasoline inventories are significantly reduced, and the China for crude oil demand outlook, oil prices on Thursday closed up a concussion. The specific market, the dollar index since the seven month highs, by Chinese weak trade data weighed on the euro against the dollar; volatility rose above 1.1050, the world’s major central banks that eased the European Central Bank may gradually reduce monetary stimulus concerns; gold price volatility rose slightly, by the weaker dollar and the stock market decline to support the gold price volatility slightly; close up, by the weaker dollar and the stock market decline; oil price shock up, refined oil and petrol stocks plunged to offset crude oil inventories increased pressure. Dollar index fell from seven month high, suppressed by China’s weak trade data. China’s September trade data show a sharp decline in exports, triggering renewed worries about China’s growth prospects in the global market. On Thursday, U.S. economic data mixed effect co.. Chinese released a series of bleak trade data, the dollar rally on Thursday to stop completely. Data show that the decline in exports in September at an annual rate of 10% China, far lower than expected, imports fell unexpectedly, that the economy has stabilized China may only be temporary. FXTM chief market strategist Hussein Sayed said, China’s exports fell 10% in September, not only to the world’s second largest economy to grow gradually lose kinetic energy issued a warning, but also implies that global demand is fragile. China is making investors nervous again. Because they thought they didn’t have to worry about china." The market is still concerned about the Fed’s policy outlook. FOMC’s September meeting records support market expectations for the Fed’s interest rate hike in December. But analysts said the U.S. bond yields and the dollar may be reaching the limits of the recent trend, the U.S. presidential election results will not be much change before the release. ThinkMarkets chief market analyst Naeem Aslam said, the meeting minutes released on Wednesday confirmed that there are differences in the views of monetary policy makers, a split Fed is not good for the market. The Fed’s signal from the complex is unknown, the dealers to make trading strategies." An economist at Royal Bank of Canada said that although the hawks and doves increase the differences in the weeks before the signs, but the Fed’s September meeting to make this argument more figurative; one of the key differences is the labor market employment level; doves with some indicators show that the labor market is tight, but in the non-agricultural employment of more than 200 thousand month the theory of emotion相关的主题文章:

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