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Chinese film market is full of entertainment?   director personality and the spirit of adventure – media – People’s original title: the market is full of entertainment? Need personality and spirit of adventure at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival, the film China figure quite eye-catching — Zhao Wei served as the Venice Film Festival jury, Zhang Ziyi is the Toronto Film Festival jury, and Feng Xiaogang, Fan Bingbing will bring the new "I am not Pan Jinlian" debut screenings, besides Ge You and Zhang Ziyi starred in "the demise of romantic history" and Xia Yu in "dragon" will be born in Toronto. At the International Film Festival with colleagues around the world over, Feng Xiaogang and Zhao Wei also put forward their views on the current situation of China film market, they agreed that currently on the market too much entertainment and commercial films, the need for further development of diversity, rather than follow the market trend blindly copy, which requires not only the director of the personality. At the same time, a spirit of adventure. The Venice Film Festival ended yesterday, the film Chinese missed the Golden Lion yesterday morning Beijing time, the 2016 Venice Film Festival ended, Mendes led by Sam? The jury will be awarded the Golden Lion Award Philippines director Ralph? Leave the woman’s "DAZ". Tom? "Ford" won the grand jury prize nocturnal animal, Elmar? Stone with "Philharmonic city" won the "best actress", "best actor" reputation flowers burst Argentina film "outstanding citizen" actor Oscar Martinez?. This year there is no Chinese film selected for the Venice film festival main competition unit, missed the "Golden Lion Award" how to make the audience feel regret Chinese. Invited to serve as the judges of the Chinese director Zhao Wei, said in an interview before the end of the film festival, which also gave the Chinese film to wake up". Zhao Wei said that this implies the fact that the current Chinese market, more and more commercial films, art films are less and less. Zhao Wei said that the current Chinese film from both investment and market demand, has not been made in line with the film festival or to meet the depth of the work of the film lovers. But she is also optimistic that watching so many movies, but in the hearts of Chinese movies with them that the gap is not so great, the Chinese film effort one can still. According to the development status, Chinese film Zhao Wei believes that the China film needs further development of diversity, rather than follow the market trend blindly copy, "the development of new type of movie is a risky thing, not only need to have a spirit of adventure director, more willing to support art film investment". "The market will not take the initiative to change, the need for a group of people with a sense of mission, idealism, I believe that the Chinese film industry is willing to do these things." Feng Xiaogang said, "upstream" to take a contemporary story in addition to Chinese film figure of the Venice Film Festival, is held at the Toronto Film Festival is also a judge from China. At the Toronto Film Festival at the opening ceremony of the red carpet, Zhang Ziyi dressed in a blue dress as competition jury appearances. It is reported that Zhang Ziyi in the film festival during the need to see the film’s 12 film, the film was selected for the art film, for me is a new challenge, from the perspective of the review to appreciate相关的主题文章:

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