Classification fund or into the shuffle phase of the transformation of mini products

Classification fund or into the shuffle phase of the transformation of the mini products Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Wu Xiaojing, editor of the forthcoming Longbow classification fund, or "new rules" will promote the process of a complete classification of the fund market survival of the fittest. Many industry insiders expect the classification of B share as bull weapon has long been known for the characteristics of the market, the advantages of capital by profit will not change. The classification of the fund has officially entered the era of the stock "," new rules "once landed, the future classification of the fund market" Matthew effect "or will become more prominent, part of the market focus on high species will become a popular tool of the game market size, contrarian growth, and a large number of deep liquidity lack the plight of the" mini "grading fund to seek the way, even the winding up of the situation facing the transformation. About the size of the rate of contraction of A stock market continued low volatility, and the classification of the fund will usher in investment to enhance the threshold, the number of people in the industry expected, in the long term, the size of the market will probably grading rate decline. As of June 30, 2016, the account balance of 300 thousand yuan in the number of customer accounts and hold a grade B about 12 thousand households, accounting for 78% of grade B holdings account; account assets in more than 300 thousand and holds a number of grade B customer accounts only about 3000 households, accounting for about 22%. This means that, once the formal implementation of the new regulations, only 20% of investors in line with the access threshold. The sharp decline in the number of participants in the market, there will be no doubt that the liquidity of the fund will bring a great test. Societe Generale Securities believes that although most investors do not meet the classification of the fund’s access threshold, but they actually hold the scale or only small part of the size of the market, so in the short term, this part of investors even with redemption also affect the overall size of the market is limited. It is worth noting that this year, many institutional investors in grade A and grade A rised in the situation, the overall sustained premium rare. In a large fund company, it seems that the classification of A and grading B is not easy to match the volume of mergers and acquisitions to withdraw funds caused by the scale of the scale of the fund will not be cut faster. However, the medium to long term, the size of the market will probably grading rate decline. Societe Generale Securities believes that the logic lies in that, after the formal introduction of the new regulations, the number of investors in the classification of B sharp decline in liquidity will be greatly affected. If the market continues to maintain the shock, does not appear the trend of rising prices, so the foreseeable future both grade B strength is poor, that is less than buying selling, which will lead to the classification of B discount rate widened further. With the discount rate of grading B pull large, grading fund is likely to continue to occur as a whole discount phenomenon, attracting arbitrage funds approach. Arbitrage funds through the purchase of A, B share, the merger of the redemption of the fund to get the proceeds of arbitrage, the arbitrage process will be accompanied by a gradual reduction in the size of the venue. Although the overall size of the classification fund market相关的主题文章:

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