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Comments: stand the pains to usher in a "really at the box office, the film industry promotion law to regulate male artist occupation moral much attention outside the industry’s film industry promotion bill entered the second process, among other things, the new film practitioners to DeYiShuangXin and making a false transaction, concealed box office income will be fined two is cheerful. As early as last act of trial, careful people had found, was a hot jurisprudence, poison star problem is not in the first instance discussion category, this topic since then almost become a spokesman to the media will answer, many NPC deputies and CPPCC members have in the suggestions included this proposal in motion legislation category. Why is everyone so concerned about the star of jurisprudence, drug-related problems, the reason is very simple, because of these problems and the family got too close. Children open the computer or cell phone, online traps, etc.. And the children love chasing, is easy to act as their own star life scale. With jurisprudence, drug-related stars frequently exposed, star behavior naturally become a sensitive point. In this context, the draft will be the second instance DeYiShuangXin artists included in the legislation can be said to be welcomed. DeYiShuangXin phrase "Mandarin language" · "the week to the Zhao de fragrance", later to describe a person’s virtue and skill has a good reputation. Although this is a genteel DeYiShuangXin vocabulary, to what extent can be without losing the German artist and art? It seems difficult to describe and regulate the legislative level. In fact, in this regard, the law can do more is drug abuse, gambling, Every order is executed without fail., such as prostitution, drunk driving or disturb the public order, the adverse impact of the behavior, your legislation in the film industry access or exit criteria. Of course, opposition is also that the artist as an independent individual behavior, the behavior of other related laws or regulations, don’t trouble repeat. What is that they had no occupation legislation, only some unwritten industry understanding and the martial law in the smashing level do better. In fact, this is not contradictory. All kinds of chaos in recent years to enhance the influence and artist artist layer, by means of legislation to make industry norms is very necessary, the problem is how to refine the part Every order is executed without fail., how to expand in the premise of both artists and Industry under the protection of punishment. Compared to the standard DeYiShuangXin people worried that everyone will be fined for manufacturing false trading issue seems to be more firm undoubtedly, problem is that up to 500 thousand of the punishment is too low? If the fraud can bring hundreds of millions or even billions of revenue, 500 thousand fine is only drizzle. This is like many city banned firecrackers, and offenders fined one thousand yuan, a lot of a festive wedding prepared fine, according to put firecrackers. Fortunately, in addition to the fine means of the draft, as well as serious cases ordered to suspend business for rectification, the circumstances are particularly serious by the revocation of the original license. With heavy penalties, end the chaos point the day and await for it at the box office. Have a busybody pointed out, you see this fraud crackdown, the box office bleak. This is extremely short-sighted intolerable, Chinese film only stand the virus)相关的主题文章:

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