Common in the art auction gold its value mainly depends on what kairui

Common in the art auction gold its value mainly depends on what? Media source: China coin collection online for thousands of years, gold has been the government and the people as a store of wealth, the Chinese nation is the unique symbol of wealth. The silver ingot also known as silver, is one of the most important currency in ancient times. Sui and Tang Dynasties called "cake", "silver Scepter" song, Liao and Jin Dynasties called "silver collar", "silver", known as the Yuan Dynasty "gold", meaning "the treasure", then use "gold" is a word so far. Gold highlights the wealth and status, in a very long historical period, the ingot is indispensable in people’s life. A gold in the art auction with some understanding of the art collection of the people may know that in today’s society, the silver ingot is between money and art across the high-end collections, are included in the art auction transaction category. In the auction market, in recent years, silver ingot turnover rate rising rapidly, often become the representative of high-end art collection. From the development trend of silver ingot Market, the rapid rise in prices of investment and the emergence of hot. Yin Yuanbao because of the reasons for the material itself has the function of investment protection, but also more important than the deep value of its metal, it has a profound cultural connotation. Through the appearance, and the use of specific words, we can not only understand the change of shape, the various historical periods of different official system, historical geography, historical figures, can know its important role in the development of social economy in the. So, in a sense, is actually a collection of gold to be discovered in culture. Two "China auspicious Zodiac gold" as an example, look at the gold value of support in domestic in the Tibetan community have considerable visibility and reputation of the Zhejiang cast gold and silver products Co. Ltd., the continuation of the history of mountains, inheritance and development of modern traditional Chinese gold, issued "Chinese auspicious Zodiac gold" series of pure manual Yin Yuanbao, market access a high reputation. "China auspicious Zodiac gold silver ingot" series, has been able to because he has a A new force suddenly rises., "homage" to the market, can really from the consumer’s needs and aesthetic view to art spirit and connotation of the humanities should have an understanding of the top brand of precious metal. (a) "China panda coins" the father of Chen Jian’s works, worthy of collection. Chen Jian was born in Zhejiang Shaoxing, he has designed China "Panda" a sensation in the world of gold in 1983, won the Gold Award for the best in the world. In 1986 the national arts and crafts award competition, also won the Gold Award in the panda series "gold award". The United States, Newsweek has praised Chen Jian Panda Gold design is indeed glamorous, people have become its fanatical pursuit". The Shanghai Mint senior chief engineer Mr. Wang Daoyi praised the representative Chen Jian, for the light for the country, to achieve "brewing for years to catch up with the international level of desire. As the National Mint community fully deserve guru, Mr. Chen Jian has always insisted on the design of the deep intension of traditional culture into the precious metal casting products to the blending of noble metal relief culture profound understanding of the sea.相关的主题文章:

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