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Cut into the car rental industry in the field of car rental industry fear change? Tencent financial news (Li Siyi) Internet travel platform drops into the car rental market announced that the car rental market can not calm. Is that the existing Internet car platform, contradiction: on the one hand, they want to help the flow effect of large drops to foster the market; on the other hand, they are worried about the brutal competition in the market by car into the car rental industry, market share erode their existing. Drops in August 22nd announced that the official entry into the field of online car rental. The drops will cooperate with small leasing company model, they do not buy a car, not built, the line will be more complex to cooperation with leasing companies, passengers in a single bit, through the store or door-to-door service manner. The service was launched in Shanghai in July. According to the introduction of drops, car rental business in the year will be extended to the country more than a second tier cities. Didi said, things are discussed and a car rental company, cooperate in the source of car and vehicle operation management etc.. At present, travel with drops taxi, car, train, ride, on behalf of the drive, drive and bus services platform, more than 300 million registered users, is the largest travel platform China. In the face of possible devastating disaster, each car rental platform trying to demonstrate their business is not affected, but the pattern of the car rental market is changing, each argument varies. Shenzhou Lu Zhengyao: it is difficult to shake the status of China’s car rental market in the first place is the largest car rental market share of China auto rental. In fact, almost announced the same day car rental business, in August 22nd, China announced that it would have been in the car rental car 12 cities in the trial of the car, to the national scope. China’s car rental market as a whole showed the characteristics of low concentration. According to an earlier survey by consulting firm Roland Begg, the top 10 companies accounted for only about 11% of the market share, but only about $five in the top 8%. Didi officially announced second days into the car rental industry, China excellent car CEO, chairman and chairman of the board of directors of China auto rental car rental business to Lu Zhengyao drops "cold water": "C2C car model is difficult to carry out in China!" Lu Zhengyao said that the reason is that China’s car rental supplier groups are small and medium leasing companies. Provide long rent mode leasing company in addition to China, and no other cars, hey. The short rent mode is often used car dealers in the acquisition and sale of idle time between the leasing business. This leads to the shortage of rental vehicles is, there are often limited source of car and vehicle age long, poor condition and the disadvantages of complex models." "If the scattered source of car, the vehicle can not guarantee the quality; from the leasing company to deliver long rent, fixed capital, mode of heavy and raise the cost of their own; Car Buying, license to operate as a scarce resource to solve, mode will become heavier." Lu Zhengyao said that the vehicle operation, if the recruitment of full-time employees to take the delivery service, the cost of improving the pattern becomes heavier; it may be because the lack of business density led to low efficiency. At the same time, the existence of the market for the risk of loss of responsibility for those who are liable to shift the phenomenon of responsibility. Different from the traditional mode of cooperation with other car rental companies, china.相关的主题文章:

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